Todd Bowles: Right now, Geno Smith is our starter

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The Jets picked quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the second round of last night’s draft and the team says they still want to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, but it is their 2013 second-round pick who currently sits atop the depth chart at the position.

As long as Fitzpatrick remains out of the picture, coach Todd Bowles said Friday that Geno Smith is will occupy the No. 1 spot in the pecking order.

“Without Fitz being on the team right now, Geno’s first-team and then we’ll go from there,” Bowles said. “Obviously we’re still working on a deal if we can get Fitzpatrick back. So until that’s addressed and we take care of that situation right now, Geno will go into OTAs as a starter.”

General Manager Mike Maccagnan confirmed that Hackenberg’s selection does nothing to change the team’s interest in bringing Fitzpatrick back. He also explained some of what the team saw in Hackenberg to make them pick him with the 51st overall selection despite two uninspiring years at Penn State.

“Obviously, Christian has a lot of physical ability in terms of arm strength, athletic ability, size — he’s sort of prototypical from that standpoint,” Maccagnan said. “We worked him out, had a private workout with him, we spent time with him, we had him in for a visit. We think he has a lot of potential, from a mental and aptitude standpoint. We think there’s a lot of ability to work with there.”

Hackenberg had a strong freshman year at Penn State under Bill O’Brien, but did not play well after James Franklin took over in Happy Valley. On Friday night, Hackenberg said he believes a player is defined by “how you react to not success but failure and adversity” and that his experiences in college have set him up to succeed in the NFL.

The Jets would seem to agree, although that does little to settle the situation under center at the moment.

33 responses to “Todd Bowles: Right now, Geno Smith is our starter

  1. I think it’s time the Jets got a new GM. Please have someone get Bowles something to work with besides Geno Smith and Hack-in-sack.

  2. Geno Smith will be the starter for OTAs. After they sign Fitz, Hoyer, or some other vet he will be cut. No way he’s on the opening day roster. It’s a vet, Petty, and Hackenberg in 2016. Geno will be lucky to make another team as a #3.

  3. “I’m totally serious, Bro! If we had a game, today, at 1pm, April 30th…then yeah, Geno would totally be our QB! What? AFTER that? Ohhhhh…all bets are off…”

  4. I’ve always thought Geno had the potential to be coached up had he not been thrown to the wolves as a rookie. I’m not sure where his head’s at now though. I think he’s still got some of that potential.

  5. “Geno Smith is our starter” tell me this is an effin joke, that guy should be a back up in the CFL, if he could even make it there. If the Jets start this idiot, they might as well think about last place in the AFC East. ” Mr. Deer in the headlights”

  6. If this is supposed to be a tease to worry Fitz, Pleeeeeeeese! If anything it gives him more confidence. Jets and or Jet fans will NEVER go to war with Geno.

  7. TheDPR says:
    Apr 30, 2016 10:50 AM

    I’ve always thought Geno had the potential to be coached up had he not been thrown to the wolves as a rookie. I’m not sure where his head’s at now though. I think he’s still got some of that potential.

    Who would’ve figured the jets to take a qb in the second. He’s not a guy to step right in at that level. It says more about what they think of Petty because they would both be ready (or not) at about the same time.
    Fitz is the starter if he signs. If not, then what? No starters available at rational skill and price? Start Geno. NOW is when you had hoped he would be ready. At one point, he looked to be ready early! He may do poorly. He may pull a Fitz. In a year you hopefully have a starter and a backup on the existing roster and get to stop this second round qb carousel.

  8. Every once in awhile a GM comes around that makes you just scratch your head. The Jets are there now. Bowls has let the QB position become personal with him. Instead of working with Fitz a Qb that has proven he can win, and can be a great mentor for a young Qb for a couple years, he has decided to offer him the same salary as the Quarterbacks make on teams desperate for a FranchiSe QB! Fitz is embarrassed and insulted. Even an 11 or 12 million
    contract would be something they can work with.
    I look for Ryan to cut communications with the Jets, Walk away from them, winning in his mind, and be starting for a different team before the 3rd game of the year!

  9. Geno the starter…again? Didn’t we already do this? I’ve been a Jets fan for 31 years, but I got a feeling that Geno will find a way to screw up a screwed up even situation more. I can see it now…picture it in your mind…Geno runs for a game winning touchdown as time expires. The problem is that with that win the Jets are bumped to the number 2 spot in the 2017 NFL draft. The Jets take a QB in the draft at #2 which turns out to be a bust, but thankfully the Jets still their backup QB…Geno Smith…the fun continues…

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