Giants draft no linemen, on either side of the ball

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When the Giants won their last two Super Bowls, they had very strong line play, offensively and defensively. Currently, they don’t have a very strong offensive or defensive line. During the 2016 draft, the Giants drafted no offensive linemen and no defensive linemen.

As pointed out by Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, it’s the first time in franchise history that neither line was addressed in the draft.

“[W]e weren’t going to force anything,” Giants V.P. of player evaluation Marc Ross said after the draft ended, via Vacchiano. “You always want big bodies, but you want the right big bodies.”

Ross noted, per Vacchiano, that the Giants have a pair of former first-rounders (Ereck Flowers and Justin Pugh) and a second-rounder (Weston Richburg). Tackle Jack Conklin was a possibility, but he was gone before the Giants selected. The Giants also spent millions on defensive linemen Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon.

“There were discussions here or there,” Ross said regarding the possibility of drafting a lineman. “But nobody at the time who was the highest-ranked player on our board, or close to that.”

The question now becomes, as Vacchiano points out, whether the Giants will end up with 49ers tackle Anthony Davis. Unretired for now, he wants to play in 2016 but not in San Francisco. G.M. Jerry Reese (wisely) declined to talk about Davis, but said that the team will “continue to upgrade our roster every day.”

The ceiling is high, so that shouldn’t be hard. At some point, the hay will be in the barn. As to the process of obtaining talent with the involuntary process of calling digs on incoming players, the hay (or lack of it) is already there.

18 responses to “Giants draft no linemen, on either side of the ball

  1. When they won XLVI they were the first team in the history of the league to win the championship with the last ranked rushing attack. And their quarterback was routinely planted on his back.

  2. I know they had a tough choice to make w/Tunsil, and I for one am happy that they chickened out when they learned that the young, American college male would partake of marijuana, oh the horror. What a nightmare that would have been, having tackle penciled in for the next 8 years. I wonder where McAdoo was on that decision? Thanks, chief!

  3. Mara’s is as dumb as Laurie as Irsay as Biscotti as Jones as Ross etc etc… If you are a fan of any of these teams cancel your season tickets & take your families on a nice vacation. Unless you like banging your heads against a wall.

  4. Maybe the giants had their draft sheet sorted alphabetically by accident and that’s why they drafted Apple in the first.

  5. Sorry Giants weren’t touching Tunsil. Front page of all Friday’s newspapers would have been a picture of him with the gas mask over his face and accompanying zinger headlines excoriating the Giants for selecting him.

    Reese is on very thin ice due to his shaky drafts. Scenario above would’ve led to John Mara having him escorted out of the building.

  6. Reese is a certified moron and so is Mara. They fired the wrong person and they will be in cap jail for a few years. Unless of course Mara can find a new way to screw some more teams regarding cap spending.

  7. The Giants don’t have a strong defensive line? I’m sure about 25 teams wish they had JPP, Hankins, Snacks and Vernon being their core four.

  8. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    May 1, 2016 8:44 PM
    Giants own the cheats

    Buffalo fans. Does Mom have to come down to the basement and make sure the Evil Hoodie isn’t under the bed for these guys every night?

  9. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    May 1, 2016 8:44 PM
    Giants own the cheats

    What’s sad is foridiots has ragged on the Giants in the past but since his team can’t beat his boogieman now their his boys.

  10. Our draft class was stellar. Best since 07. Watch… At least 4 starters, a ROY candidate (shepard) and 2 future pro bowlers (Perkins and Adams). My buddy is a top knee surgeon (right there with Andrews). Says jaylon smith needs a miracle. I feel bad for him. But I laugh at Dallas.

  11. The Giants will split with the Redskins but fight for the basement with the Eagles.

  12. Currently, they don’t have a very strong offensive or defensive line.

    I stopped reading there.

    Pierre-Paul, Hankins, Harrison, Vernon. If that’s not a very strong defensive line, I don’t know what is.

    Sure, they could have drafted Tunsil and the “experts” would have graded their draft an ‘A’ instead of a ‘B+’, but they needed a CB just as badly as they needed an OT, and Tunsil had more than a few red flags.

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