Antrel Rolle wants to play Bears, “bust their a–“

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After being cut by the Bears, longtime NFL safety Antrel Rolle said he wanted to return to the Giants.

But the more he talks, it sounds like he’d like to play with anyone who plays the Bears next season.

“Like I said, I like the Chicago franchise and the organization,” Rolle said, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “I had a great relationship with all the coaches and players and the general manager. So there’s no hard feelings. I don’t take anything personally. This is a business. This is a performance-based business. And due to my injury, I wasn’t really able to perform that year and really show what I can bring to the table. So I wasn’t shocked by anything.

“But at the end of the day, I am who I am. I’m still a human being. And I definitely have a chip on my shoulder. And like I said, whatever team I go to, I hope Chicago’s on the schedule. Because I’m coming to bust their ass. And that’s that.”

Of course, part of Rolle’s grudge may stem from some dissatisfaction with the playing surfaces there, saying his knee injury was a result of the poor practice field conditions.

While coming back from a high ankle sprain, he suffered a torn MCL on the final play of a practice, and would finish the season on injured reserve.

“Obviously my ankle was taped up to the max,” he said. “There was so much tape on my ankle where it could barely move. There were a lot of restrictions. I was just pretty much shuffling. I wasn’t even running. I was just shuffling. And I just tried to change direction and I slipped on the surfaces. . . .

“Yeah, I think the surface had a whole lot to do with it. Ya know, it happens man. … The facilities are good in Chicago. The fields are just not as good. I don’t know the reason behind it. I’m a down south guy. I don’t know the soil level or how the maintenance and the upkeep works in the Chicago area. But, yeah, it’s really hard to maintain and just be stable under those conditions. I’m sure that they’ll try to work and fix it.

“I always knew that Soldier Field was bad. I just never knew that the facilities were just as bad.”

Rolle had a reputation for durability before getting to Chicago, so it’s understandable that he’d be upset about missing so much time. And complaints about Soldier Field are nothing new, but it’s surprising to hear such a direct complaint about the practice field.

17 responses to “Antrel Rolle wants to play Bears, “bust their a–“

  1. Huh?

    “ … The facilities are good in Chicago.”

    “I always knew that Soldier Field was bad. I just never knew that the facilities were just as bad.”

    Well…which is it? Good facilities or bad facilities?

  2. First time I’ve heard anybody complain about the turf at the practice facilities. Bears keeping things like they are for game conditions?

  3. How long until ex Niners take a similar tact to the field they are forced to play on in Gotham, er, Levi’s Stadium?

  4. ‘Facilities’ are usually everything BUT the fields.
    Offices, locker rooms, weight rooms, film rooms….

  5. It could be that you are 33 years old. Chicago is trying to get younger and drafted 3 DB’s this past weekend. Your time was up in Chicago regardless.

  6. Then why don’t you repay Chicago for contributing absolutely nothing.

  7. Hope Rolle comes back to NYG, I miss his leadership with the Giants.

    Chicago fields are same problems as alot players complaining since, but I guess Rolle want somebody to be thrown under the bus… Let him vent and forget.

  8. Antrell , your a great player but the numbers are all against you. You only played in 6 games last year and father time is starting to close in. Sorry to see you go but that’s life in the NFL I guess. Make your money while you can…….

  9. That’s interesting. As a Bear fan watching him last year, I hope he signs with a team the Bears play too.

  10. Rolle, along with Eddie Royal, burned Ryan Pace pretty badly. Lots of money, lots of time out with injuries and little to no impact whenever they did make it onto the field.

    Pace doesn’t strike me as a guy who repeats his mistakes so I believe the 1- and 2-year, low guarantee “prove it” deals he’s been signing with FAs more recently are going to be his standard M.O. going forward. If his draft last weekend plays up to the grades they’ve been getting, he won’t have to shell out for other team’s talent to plug holes very much longer.

  11. spartyistheclassofthenationinfootballandbasketball says:
    May 2, 2016 4:14 PM
    Come to Detroit we bust their a– twice a year every season

    Chicago Bears lead series 96-71-5

    Matt Stafford 42 Wins vs 53 Losses

    Twice a year every season, well except they lose FAR more then they win.

    Math is hard for a detroit fan, great school system and crap a– town .

  12. I often forget this dude was on the Bears last year. This is basically the most noteworthy thing he did during his tenure in Chi town

  13. Turns out to be a $5 million knee injury, that’s the money he gets to keep. Hell, I know a lot of people who blew out their knee and all they got was a constant fight from their insurance company.

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