As expected, Jets pass on Dee Milliner option


After trading cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers in 2013, they used a first-round pick on former Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner.

The bad news is that it hasn’t worked out. The good news is that Revis has since returned.

Per multiple reports, the Jets won’t be picking up the fifth-year option on Milliner’s contract, qualifying him for free agency after 2016. He’ll need to do a lot more than he has in three NFL seasons to maximize his earnings on the open market, especially after playing in only 20 career regular-season games.

Because Milliner was a top-1o pick, it would have cost $11.9 million to keep Milliner for a fifth season. So the decision was a no-brainer regarding a guy who has to date been among the 40 percent or so of first-round picks who don’t work out.

23 responses to “As expected, Jets pass on Dee Milliner option

  1. He looked like a 6th CB at the combine. The pick stunned me and I’m sure a bunch of others.

    The Jets have made some great front 7 choices over the years but their back end picks have been horrible.

  2. Oh dear, the “Sub-Par Ex-Jets Player Available” alarm must be blaring over at 1 Bills Drive.

    I’m sure Rex Ryan has already called Doug Whaley to beg for the Bills to get him somehow.

  3. Actually the bad news is that Millner hasn’t worked out, and the worse news is that the Jets overreacted to Revis’ SB win with the Pats and overpaid in bringing back an aging/slower/less effective Revis which has contributed to major salary cap issues for the team!

  4. Man, don’t get me started with all the 1st round flameouts of the Pats. Didn’t you just cut one two-three seasons into his rookie deal?

  5. How much better would it have it have been if the Jets had just kept Revis all along…

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but all they got was 20 games ‘participation’ out of Milliner.

    Revis eventually got a ring out of the deal.

    The real crime was not in trading Revis for a #1 but using it on Milliner. Thank the Idziot.

  6. You know it’s bad when the ‘good news’ is that you have a grossly overpaid aging vet whose skills are disappearing faster than you can say ‘whoops’

  7. @nyjfan111

    I didn’t forget about the “shoulda picked Chandler Jones” Coples pick.

    I did forget about Gholston. Full circle, though. At the time I thought the Jets should have picked Clady. BPA but they had no need.

  8. nehxas13 says:
    May 2, 2016 12:22 PM
    Man, don’t get me started with all the 1st round flameouts of the Pats. Didn’t you just cut one two-three seasons into his rookie deal?
    What? Yes, the Pats have missed on a couple but overall they’ve drafted very well in the first round, and remember they are usually picking late in round one as well. The Jets haven’t done terribly, but blowing high picks on the likes of Gholston, Millner and Coples is just BAD-to state the obvious.

  9. He’ll be on the Bill’s roster before we know it. Rex is a good coach, good motivator, but a terrible talent evaluator.

  10. Another outright bust, which is why Goodell didn’t punish the Jets similarly as the Chiefs for Revis last year.

    What a scumbag.

    His former employer, a team he is a fan of, watches the arrogant Woody Johnson try to get PSL sales by having trendy draft picks taken that everyone knows will blow, but the Jets.

    Here are the 1st rd busts for the Jets since 2008 since Revis was taken:

    1. Gholston (8th overall)
    2. Sanchez (traded up to the top 5)
    3. Kyle Wilson
    4. Coples (16th overall)
    5. Milliner (9th overall)


    And you wonder why you can’t even get a sniff of the Pats in the division and need to cheat the Pats behind the scenes with Goodell in tow, huh?

  11. @tylawspick6

    Coples was a pretty good run stopper at DE from what I recall, the switch to OLB ruined him. Kyle Wilson had a few above average years at slot CB he just never turned his head and got destroyed on the outside but he’s a bust in the fact that he only amounted to a slot CB. The Jets weren’t fined nearly as much as the Chiefs because there was no direct contact with Revis and it was just Woody acting dumb during a press conference, it even took them a day or two to work out a deal with Revis. The Chiefs had direct contact with Maclin and a contract already in place which he signed on the first day of free agency. I’m sorry to DEFLATE your well thought out rant over the Jets.

  12. @tylawspick6

    Ps: be careful what you wish for because we were right on the doorsteps of winning the AFCE last season. One more win in the division and the Jets would of been sitting pretty at #1 🙂

  13. ryann252013 says:
    May 2, 2016 2:47 PM

    Ps: be careful what you wish for because we were right on the doorsteps of winning the AFCE last season. One more win in the division and the Jets would of been sitting pretty at #1:)
    I wouldn’t put too much stock in last season’s win total for the Jets. Literally everything went their way, no injuries, easy schedule, you even got two neutral games to count as away games vs the Giants and the Dolphins in London. On the other hand the Pats had the most injuries in the NFL and still won the division by two games. Not saying the Pats are a lock to win it again this year, but let’s pump the breaks on the jets…no playoffs for them in 5 years and counting.

  14. I can guess why Pat fans always rages against NYC teams, since Babe Ruth, and Mangini whistle blower.

    Hey Pat Fans; ALL the NYC teams doing bad to your teams, was LEGIT, if you don’t like it, then do better. Instead of whining for YEARS, and look like to continue for next millennium. I ain’t surprised about any of it.

  15. Here Patriot’s 1st rounder busts that you don’t see often…

    Andy Katzenmoyer, Daniel Graham, Ty Warren, Benjamin Watson, Laurence Maroney, Brandon Meriweather, Dominique Easley…

    Sooo, what your point on Jet busts? Patriot aren’t any different.

  16. Millner was Defensive Rookie of the month in December of 2013. Week 17 he won AFC Defensive player of the week for 2 picks(one spectacular)and a couple of PD v Mike Wallace. 2014 Yanked hammy preseason, rushed back pulled quad week 2 then blew out achilles pushing off to block a punt v. Denver week 11. Achilles take more than a year so flash to 2015 and training camp rips ligaments in his hand during a seemingly innoculous event. Teams made offers last year hoping to get him cheap. For all you historians Millner was progressing just fine but he clearly has connective tissue disorder. For all you biologists a gene has been located that makes you more prone to certain types of connective tissue injuries.. That’s why Prince Amukamara only got a 1 year deal. Torn pecs and biceps are ringing bells to teams that that gene may be present. Millner also had a couple of shoulder surgeries in college.

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