Bidwill helped Cardinals feel comfortable about Nkemdiche

One of the biggest boom-or-bust prospects in the 2016 draft landed in Arizona, where he’ll beef up their pass rush if he doesn’t fall out of a window while trying to get away from a large house cat who has developed a taste for man meat.

To get to the point where the Cardinals felt comfortable scrawling “Nkemdiche” on a draft card, they relied on an in-house resource with a skill set that most of his ilk don’t have.

Michael [Bidwill] is a former federal prosecutor, and so his BS-meter is pretty good,” Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim told Peter King of regarding the team’s owner. “Sometimes, we’ll be at the combine and we’ll interview a guy who’s had some problems in college and the scouts will say, ‘Well, he sounds pretty good,’ and Michael will say, ‘Oh, he’s full of crap. Don’t trust him.’”

Bidwill spent 90 minutes last Monday with Nkemdiche, and Bidwill decided to trust Nkemdiche. Which means that, ultimately, Nkemdiche will either confirm the quality of Bidwill’s crap filter or show it may need further calibration.

4 responses to “Bidwill helped Cardinals feel comfortable about Nkemdiche

  1. These GM’s and their comments are so ridiculous. Just tell us it’s a risky pick, but you took a chance anyways. Instead we get the story of the former federal prosecutor.

    My BS meter is really high now with this idiotic statement.

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