Report: Trent Dilfer likely out at ESPN

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Will the last person to leave Bristol please sing the Don Meredith song?

On Sunday, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reported that ESPN’s Trent Dilfer “is likely headed out the door.” The change, if it occurs, will be triggered by money.

On Monday, Richard Deitsch of reported that, while Dilfer is still at ESPN, a separation is likely. All ESPN would say on the matter, per Deitsch, is that “[w]e are in the process of determining our NFL assignments for this fall.”

As Deitsch notes, Dilfer not long ago was regarded as the most likely replacement on Monday Night Football for Jon Gruden, if/when Gruden ever scratches the itch to coach again, man. Matthew Hasselbeck is expected to assume some of Dilfer’s Monday night responsibilities at the game site.

The fact that it’s not done yet but that it’s pointing in that direction suggests that someone has leaked this to show the other side that there’s no bluffing going on. It could be ESPN, it could be Dilfer. Regardless, if this move doesn’t cause someone to blink, we’ll all be looking at another bald-headed former quarterback on Monday nights and otherwise during the 2016 season.

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  1. Good move, four letter network. Get rid of most of your intelligent football people, and keep most of the blow-hards.

  2. Maybe the Bengals can convince Dlifer to come out of retirement. At least he has proven he can win a postseason game

  3. Anyone watch ESPN lately they need to change back to what they originally was. I have(and neither do they) no clue what they are doing. Their set up now makes me think im watching the Today Show or Good Morning America.

  4. Every Gruden moment on tv:

    “This QB here, I love his arm and his intensity, a great play-”
    *QB throws INT*
    “Just a tremendous break on the ball by this CB, I love this guy”

  5. Count this as a loss for ESPN– Dilfer will drive you crazy every once in a while, but in the end he is knowledgeable and passionate about the game and the league.

  6. I”m glad Dilfer is gone. He irritates me when he talks with such authority like he was a good QB.

    He was a game manager and has no right saying which QB is great and which is garbage.

  7. Dilfer never should of been on ESPN.. Those positions are typically reserved for players who were stars. Having Dilfer is like trotting out Brad Johnson.

  8. He’s terrible. The dramatic squeeling, hysterics, and player-he-likes-homerism are all nauseating features of his style.

  9. Dilfer seems to hate every QB that isn’t named Manning, Brady or Rodgers. He was overly critical of the other 28 QBs when he was broadcasting last season. For a guy who has a Super Bowl ring thanks in large part to Ray Lewis, he certainly believed he was a lot better than a majority of the current crop of NFL QBs. He may be a nice guy off screen, but I personally wouldn’t be heartbroken if he left.

    I will miss Mike Tirico though. Helluva dude there.

  10. Will always remember him for the following quote about Brady and the Pats following Monday Night loss to KC:

    “They’re not good anymore.”

    The Pats then went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

  11. I hope Aaron Rodgers takes his place when he retires since they are always compared to each other and will retire with the same amount of rings…

  12. Dilfer is one of the few analysts who really knows his stuff. Of course he doesn’t get it right all the time, but he’s better than most.

    No doubt someone will point to his average NFL career, but being an analyst has nothing to do with physical ability and lack of elite talent ON the football field.

  13. Worst “Overreaction Monday” panelist ever. Physically uncomfortable to watch what should be just a playful segment.

  14. Dilfer is one of the few former players on ESPN that isn’t horrible, so of course they’re letting him go. ESPN sucks.

  15. People will like Hasselbeck. His personality is way more fun than Dilfers. I couldn’t help but role my eyes when Dilfer would break things down like a know it all and I’m thinking to myself this guy was a garbage QB. It’s like George Bush Jr. telling you what it takes to be a successful President.

  16. As a Patriots fan, we need Dilfer saying the Patriots are “done” and “not good anymore” so we can win the Super Bowl and assure that he sucks almost as much as an analyst, as he did first round draft pick of the Bucs.

  17. I know it’s been many years, but I still can’t take any of Trent Dilfer’s “expert analysis” seriously after watching his level of play for my Buccaneers. He was a truly awful yet somehow arrogant QB. He was a cross between Tebow’s accuracy and Ryan Leaf’s ego.

    Yes, I realize he “won the Super Bowl” with the Ravens in 2000, but I strongly believe that Ray Lewis and company would have won that Super Bowl with any backup QB. That’s probably why the Ravens didn’t re-sign Trent and he went on to struggle with the Seahawks, Browns, and 49ers.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Trent’s ego is the big problem driving this separation. He’s always been a legend in his own mind.

  18. huh – kind of a shame since they were really made for each other. Now where will I turn to get my second most inane comments about the sport of football.

  19. Why would anyone think he is relevant. He rode the coat tails of the Ravens defense to a Super Bowl win and then remarks that he keeps his Super Bowl ring in his underwear drawer. That’s about were his career should be kept.

  20. dilfer is one of the most insightful football analysts around. he is excellent for the more knowledgeable fan base in discussing what is happening on the field. wherever he ends up, he will be just fine.

  21. Dilfer’s problem was he was honest. When he talked negative about a team, like when he was saying the Patriots were “done” after the KC game, he really thought that. As the season went along, and the Patriots proved him wrong, he essentially admitted he was wrong. Most of the rest still haven’t acknowledged that misstep. At ESPN, its “bash the Patriots whenever you can” because the Patriots, despite being the home team for the ESPN homebase, don’t kiss up to ESPN, and the suits at ESPN despise it.

    Trent is often positive about the Patriots, and he is on the way out. Keyshawn Johnson was not shy about praising the Patriots, despite being a Jet as a player, and he is out. But a guy like Tom Jackson, who is unwatchable, will never be out at ESPN until he decides to leave on his own, cuz he just loves giving it to the Patriots whenever he can

  22. The marketing makes some of these talking heads seem much worse. Dilfer, at times, had competent analysis. Those ridiculous Dilfer’s Dimes segments were horrid, as were Hassleback’s brother’s Prime Tim(e) Dimes (the e is silent). Segments like those are unwatchable. Some of that is the analysts but much of that is ESPN marketing trying to make the network seem hip. NFL network is no better. Those clowns are all about their buddies and something their on air relationships are compelling. I stopped watching their garbage when every segment had a sponsor that was mentioned every 2 minutes. TV is full of thoughtless garbage now. Always has been but the stupidity is more prevalent.

  23. Ever since he gave a glowing report on Tebow progress before the Philly tryout and we learned later that Tebow was a participant in his QB camp which he didn’t disclose, I will not trust anything that comes out of his mouth….

  24. Is Matt getting bumped ahead of his brother Tim just because he had a better playing career? Tim is really good, one of the few listenable analysts at ESPN.

  25. I wish more analysts would discuss their honest opinion.

    How come leading up to the draft, all we heard from Mayock, McShay, et al was how great each prospect was.

    Then when they don’t go on day 1 or 2 and are taken in rd 4 or 5, they start saying all the reasons this prospect wasn’t good enough to go on Day 1 or 2.

    Give us this insight BEFORE the draft…

  26. Good riddance! Never was a there such a mediocre QB that won a SB & would never admit that it was his defense that carried them through that season cause that’s what got them to the big game !..Mr 1 Time Pro Bowler…he was average as a player – his resume say’s it all & worst as an announcer ! And lets not forget the fact the Giants played like a bunch of 3rd graders in that Super Bowl…

  27. therealraider says:
    May 2, 2016 11:53 AM
    Dilfer never should of been on ESPN.. Those positions are typically reserved for players who were stars. Having Dilfer is like trotting out Brad Johnson.
    Kind of ironic that you bring up Brad Johnson, since it was Brad Johnson that beat your Raiders in the Super Bowl.

  28. …liked Dilfer…won a SB, think he either holds the record or is in the top 3 of QB’s winning the most consecutive games as a starting QB…wound up with above a 55% record as a starting QB despite some absolutely early years (pre Dungy) in Tampa…not bad for a “game manager”…there are a lot of QB’s who have done worse…also, Hasselbeck acknowledged that Dilfer helped his career development…kind of ironic him replacing Dilfer…

  29. Perhaps a little douchey, but not unwatchable like Trey Wingo. Please euthanize that man for the sake of all people who enjoy NFL coverage. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching NFL Live, he lives in clown shoes and can’t even speak in coherent sentences anymore. Sorry Trey, but it’s fact, not opinion.

  30. He will be missed. He was one of the voices that I enjoyed. He was intelligent but not as egotistical as may of the other announcers. His insight was more than just from a former player perspective.

    I hope what caused the divorce becomes public info. Probably just another one in the growing list of employees that had differing opinions on how the truth should be reported.

  31. The fools trolling Dilfer are laughable. He does a good job and yes, he has the ring. You morons can speculate all you want about the SB being the result of the murderer, Ray Lewis and the Raven’s D, but you can’t deny who was the QB on that team…it was Trent Dilfer. The only ring you clowns have is the one around your shirt collar.

  32. Dilfer does a nice job. Talks about the “launch point” a little often, but he’s someone that actually knows the game and communicates effectively.

    Live sports and 30 for 30’s are the only reason to watch ESPN.

  33. It’s ridiculous that some of you people think that because Dilfer wasn’t a great quarterback, he has no business being an analyst. Hasselbeck wasn’t a HOF QB either, but no one seems to have problem with him. Gary Kubiak was a career backup, and he is now a Super Bowl winning coach. Just because he didn’t have the greatest physical ability doesn’t mean that he didn’t know what was going on.

  34. Gruden is an over-priced blowhard. If they got rid of that clown and keep Dilfer, they would save a boat load of money. Other, over-priced, NFL talking heads that NEED to get axed are: Mike Ditka, Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Chris Mortenson, Steve Young, Keyshwan Johnson and John Clayton.

  35. I think with the money saved here, ESPN should put more big red Pee Wee Herman clown chairs on the Mike & Mike show. Man, stuff like that really makes me want to watch the show!

  36. Well, he wasn’t a key witness in an open murder investigation so he just didn’t fit with the culture on MNF.

  37. Wherever Dilfer lands will be an asset to that network, he does an excellent job breaking down the hows and why’s of plays. If Dilfer ends up at FS1 then great, they are adding a lot of talent to FS1, FINALLY! Whether it’s FS1 or another channel, I just want a viable alternative to ESPN, which basically has a monopoly on sports, and they know it, and act like it. Millions of sports fans have been waiting patiently for an alternative to ESPN.

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