Tunsil’s lawyer says stepdad had nothing to do with hacking

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As Laremy Tunsil dropped in the draft as a result of embarrassing information being put on his social media by a hacker, suspicion turned to his stepfather, who recently filed a lawsuit against Tunsil. But Tunsil’s lawyer says he and his client don’t think the stepdad had any involvement.

Tunsil’s attorney, Steve Farese, said on SiriusXM that initial assumptions about Tunsil’s stepdad being involved proved false.

“Initially, that would be the low-hanging fruit,” Farese said. “Now I’ve drifted away from those thoughts and don’t believe he had anything to do with it.”

Interviewing Tunsil on NFL Network immediately after the Dolphins drafted him, Deion Sanders flat-out accused Tunsil’s stepdad of being behind the hacking. Whatever has gone on with Tunsil and his stepdad to lead to the lawsuit, it’s unfortunate that his stepdad was accused of doing something he didn’t do.

Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post reported that the Dolphins believe Tunsil’s former financial advisor was behind the hacking. Farese said he has heard that but doesn’t know it to be true.

“There’s rumors out there about some financial agent, but that’s only something I read, and until we get to some facts of the situation, who can say?” he said.

Farese said Tunsil will consider a civil lawsuit against the hacker. Just as soon as he finds out who it was.