Browns say every QB on the roster is competing to start


No one in Cleveland is promised the starting quarterback position, and no one is ruled out.

That’s the word from Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown, who said this morning on PFT Live that third-round draft pick Cody Kessler will compete with Robert Griffin III, Josh McCown, Austin Davis and Connor Shaw.

“We’ve got four guys here who are going to have an opportunity to try to lead this team from the quarterback position: Josh, Robert, Austin and Connor, and Cody obviously comes now into the mix and we feel like we want to play the guy who gives us the best chance to win,” Brown said.

Most people assume Griffin will emerge as the winner of the competition, but that’s only the case if Griffin proves he’s the best of the bunch.

“There’s no question with the investment in Robert, we absolutely feel like he has the opportunity to become the starting quarterback,” Brown said. “There’s still a competition there, and we haven’t named a starter yet, and Cody will get into that mix.”

The decision will be coach Hue Jackson’s, and the head coach has made clear that he will give the rookie every opportunity to prove he can play.

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  1. They don’t have the QB situation figured out, but you can’t say the Browns are doing things the right way. Haslam has turned things over to a very analytics driven crew who are trying to maximize expected value on each personnel decision. Likely over the next few years the Browns will turn into a consistently competitive team.

  2. If “starter” is defined as being on the roster and walking out onto the field for the first offensive series.

    Then yes, all them are capable starters.

  3. What’s the over/under on games before an offensive lineman, humiliated after being thrown under the bus publicly by RG3, “misses” a block by a blitzing linebacker?

  4. Cody Kessler is their Moneyball QB. they’re going to give this kid every chance to try to prove they knew something no one else did, since they should’ve taken Connor Cook or hometown boy Cardale Jones

  5. I don’t understand why the media is so fixated on this. This is Hue Jackson’s first Browns team and he does not want to give anything to anybody before they even put pads on. The message is everyone must compete. Next year would be another matter at least for QB. By then RGIII should have established himself.

  6. With the 1st pick in the 2017 draft the Cleveland Browns select………..
    No one, they’ll trade back again!

  7. I think I know what the Browns are planning, and I like it. It appears that the Browns don’t want to risk getting their QB of the future injured while they rebuild, so they are probably planning on these guys taking some lumps, and then draft a real QB in the next year or two. It’s a great long-term strategy, plus nobody gets fired for at least 4 years because you’re grooming a young QB. If you can delay getting that young QB for a year or two, that’s genius. So it’s smart for a couple reasons. And you thought these Harvard guys were dumb. Lol.

  8. They really ought to try to get some sort of draft pick for McCown when someone in another team’s training camp gets hurt or something. At least get something for the guy who you know isn’t your future.

  9. With the 1st pick in the 2017 draft the Cleveland Browns select………..


    Wow! So Philly is going to be that bad next year? Makes this year’s trade down so much better.

  10. They need to at least pick a guy before training camp and tell him, it’s his job to loose. That way it minimizes the QB controversy and still has the competition factored in. None of the QB’s will play all 16 games, so they have to get them all ready. I still think, as I did before the draft, the Browns QB of the future will be in next years draft.

  11. Seeing as how they’ll about only have one starting O-lineman left (albeit a very good one), they’ll need 5 QBs next season.

  12. As much positive press as they have gotten for their draft, they are going to look like the same old “factory of sadness” if 3 years from now Wentz turns into a top 10 QB, and they are still starting seasons with 5 guys in a competition for the most important position on the team

  13. Unless Kessler turns out to be a steal, it’s hard not to feel bad for browns fans… The best of that bunch is likely not good enough to get them into the playoffs!

  14. For this team in its current state (and the last decade) this is something that needs to be said. None of these quarterbacks have proven themselves as the long-term starter for the Browns.

    McCown is probably within the last 2-3 years of his career and he knows he is a mentor at this point. I personally hope he remains on the roster.

    RG3 has a chance to revitalize his career. He also has a chance to act as a mentor and teacher for Kessler in the role of the 3rd QB (much as RG3 was humbled down to in Washington).

    To tell all the players that they have to work for their positions is huge. Pettine said it, but was held in check by Farmer and Co. I think the final word rests with Hue and he will have no qualms starting the best QB – no matter who it is.

  15. The only analytical method going on here is the same numbers game used by drunken men at bars as they approach closing time.

  16. They’ll take DeShaun Watson #1 overall next April and he’s gonna be a complete bust in the NFL

  17. gohawks7 says:
    May 3, 2016 10:52 AM
    When you have 5 QBs competing for the job of #1….you really have none.


    When you have a QB who can’t throw a 1 yard slant to win a SB, you really have none.

  18. Looking at the Brownies schedule for 2016, they should start RG3 for at least the game against the Redskins. And then they can start whomever they want after they scrape what’s left of RG3 off the turf.

  19. Cody announced that he is giving Browns fans a gift of a brand new custom designed by Adidas personal Cody Kessler logo.

  20. On the Browns it’s realistic for all five of these QB’s to be competing to be the starter.

    On almost any other team, they would be competing for a slot as the 2nd or 3rd string.

  21. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 3, 2016 12:07 PM

    gohawks7 says:
    May 3, 2016 10:52 AM
    When you have 5 QBs competing for the job of #1….you really have none.


    When you have a QB who can’t throw a 1 yard slant to win a SB, you really have none.


    Just say thank you for the gift and shut up.

  22. Start Josh for the first 8 games, if somehow the team is rolling, stick with him. If not give the keys to The rookie. Josh, don’t let Cody out of your sight for the next 9 months, you’re key to the kids development.

  23. Not sure why people knock the Browns for doing their due diligence regarding the QB situation. When you make a multi-million dollar decision at your job, do you explore all available avenues or pick one and hope it works out? I would like to hear which QB you would have in place if you were in Sashi’s place. Remember that there is a reason you and I are watching the draft from our couch and not a war room.

  24. rcali says:
    May 3, 2016 11:09 AM
    Is that what the analytics machine said?


    These are teams using analytics. Chances are your favorite team is on this list too.

  25. RGIII won’t be the starter… He’ll be lucky if he’s 3rd string…

    And great job picking 5 WRs.. lmao

  26. 49ers- suck
    Patriots – good
    Bills – suck
    Jags – suck
    Cowboys – suck
    Browns – suck
    Hawks – good
    Ravens -suck

    Not a ringing endorsement of analytics.

  27. jjackwagon says:
    May 3, 2016 1:10 PM
    49ers- suck
    Patriots – good
    Bills – suck
    Jags – suck
    Cowboys – suck
    Browns – suck
    Hawks – good
    Ravens -suck

    Not a ringing endorsement of analytics.

    Not endorsing analytics. Many think the Browns are the pioneers of the analytics wave. How does your team measure their player’s worth? Do the team’s who use your team’s strategy all have winning records?

    Not a ringing endorsement of opposing strategies.

  28. It’s sad how many people use the “if you have more than one QB you have no QB’s line” that was made famous by a blowhard TV analyst that has 0 team building experience.

    Literally every year that line is proven wrong not that it should even need to be because the logic is beyond stupid anyway.

    Example of a team that functions with 1 good QB was the Colts during the Manning era. Number of games they won when Manning went down = 2.

    Examples of teams that function with the “every QB should be starter quality” mindset include the Patriots and Steelers. Two teams who have the most superbowl wins during this Millennium and winning records with backup QB’s starting games. Ron Rivera in Carolina also has that team mindset and the Panthers also have a very good record in games where Newton is out.

    Heck the reason the Browns are never terrible enough to get the 1st overall pick in the draft is when their starter goes down during the first few weeks of the season like he generally always does their backup and third string are capable of pulling out 3 to 6 wins. Clevelands last two winning seasons saw the #2 guy on the depth chart getting significant game time. They made the playoffs with Kelly Holcomb coming in for Tim Couch and went 10-6 with Derek Anderson coming in for Charlie Frye. Having multiple good QB’s is a MUST especially in the AFC North where backups are guaranteed to start at least one game.

  29. “How about a 5 QB formation where you then snap the ball backwards 20 yards to a fullback?” — Chuck Pagano

  30. Well Browns fans their good and bad news with this latest development.

    The Good News: You haven’t overpaid for any of these QB’s.

    The Bad News: You have a log jam at the QB position which is never good in the NFL.

    It should work itself out unless a QB rotation develops. That always spells doom in the NFL.

  31. It’s predicatable that the people who insist that the starting quarterback spot is far and away the most important position on any team are the very same numbskulls who claim that an open competition for the job is a sign of weakness or incompetence in the team’s management. Their implied argument is that the most critical spot on the roster should be filled on the basis of subjective evaluation or internal favoritism.

  32. If the Cleveland Dog Piles think that the Great Gimmick will compete for his job, they are bigger fools than he is.

    The Great Gimmick must be given his starting job – that is how the universe works – he never has to earn anything – when he gets sacked, that is someone else’s fault. I am predicting that the Great Gimmick will be sacked over 90 times if he starts and finishes a ful season (something he has never done in the pros).

    If you thought Cleveland was bad last year, just wait until the Great Gimmick runs his infamous hurry up and punt offense.

  33. Lots of criticism but no one says what the Browns should have done. With all of those franchise QBs out there just waiting for a contract, why didn’t the Browns just pick up one of them instead of trying to create one?

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