Condon: Teams were interested in Peyton Manning for 2016


It’s now known that Peyton Manning won’t be doing two things in 2016: Playing football or talking about it on TV. It’s unclear how close he came to the latter, but it’s now clear that the former was a more viable option than anyone realized.

Appearing on The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt, agent Tom Condon said that: (1) Peyton Manning told Condon, “I really like to play”; and (2) teams were interested in having Manning play for them.

It’s unclear why a match wasn’t made between Manning and a new team. Condon, who made it clear that Denver wasn’t a consideration, mentioned the amount of love and respect Manning has for the game, and that Manning doesn’t view himself as a guy who would “hopscotch” from one team to another. Condon also pointed out the physical toll that playing 18 years of pro football has on the body, citing Peyton’s four neck surgeries and the experiences of Peyton’s father, Archie, during his NFL career.

It also could be that no one was willing to clearly commit to Peyton Manning being the unquestioned starter in 2016 and that, in turn, no one was willing to pay him the kind of significant money that reflects the level of respect with which Peyton Manning is accustomed.

Frankly, it sounds a little like the Sam Bradford situation. Bradford wants to play, but he also wants to be “the guy.” Just as no team apparently is willing to make Bradford “the guy” at this point in his career, no team apparently was willing to make that same commitment to Peyton Manning.

Here’s the point where the dog starts chasing its tail. No one was willing to make Peyton Manning “the guy” in 2016 because it was painfully clear in 2015 that he’s not capable of recovering from the week-to-week pounding that the body absorbs when playing against men you seemingly get a little bigger, faster, and stronger with each passing year. So the spirit was still willing, the flesh had become weak, and no NFL team was willing to provide the kind of offer that Peyton couldn’t have refused to play one more year.

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  1. “Condon: Teams were interested in Peyton Manning for 2016”

    No, they weren’t. This is an agent talking about one of his clients. What’s he going to say “Nobody was interested?”

    Do you believe Peyton Manning would keep that agent and/or his agency to help him find post-career work if the agent admitted “Nobody wants Peyton.” Pure self-preservation by Condon.

  2. What we learned = Great defense can overcome terrible QB play…

    I would love to see him play and struggle again..

  3. If Mrs. Manning was still receiving weekly shipments of HGH at their various addresses, I’m sure Peyton’s week-to-week recovery periods would be significantly easier. With that said, why aren’t federal prosecutors taking a close look at those shipments? If Brady’s getting crucified for PSI, Manning certainly deserves equal treatment for possible HGH use, doesn’t he?

  4. The only “teams” that were interested were professional cycling teams who wanted to tap into his HGH connections for their Tour de France riders

  5. They were interested in his ability to deliver pizza to practice within 30 minutes.

  6. You cannot even compare this to the Bradford situation,….Manning earned and played at a high level for years and is due his respect, Bradford has done NOTHING. Bradford should never have never been traded from the Rams to the Eagles,…

  7. If the Panther had won the SB, my guess is there’s a pretty good chance Peyton would have gave it one more go in a different uni. He seemed pretty desperate for the second ring.

  8. I think Manning could have played one more year. Manning proved this year his brain is far more valuable than his arm.

    You think the Broncos running game will be as good with Sanchez or Lynch as their QB?

    Hell nah! Hell nah! Hell nah nah nah!

    Go Raiders!

  9. Peyton’s last game was a Super Bowl victory with him starting under center. “Nuff said”.

  10. Manning playing another season, after having just been an observer to a Super Bowl win, would have been the saddest thing ever.

  11. He could easily play Three More Years at a High Level if Healthy! No Question!

  12. Stay retired/HGH investigation proof. During the SB it looked like you were filming a Weekend at Bernie’s sequel.

  13. weepingjebus says:
    May 3, 2016 2:30 PM
    Stay retired/HGH investigation proof. During the SB it looked like you were filming a Weekend at Bernie’s sequel.

    At least he made it through his career without a suspension.

  14. thetruthstings says:
    May 3, 2016 2:24 PM

    He could easily play Three More Years at a High Level if Healthy! No Question!

    There’s no way his wife could have received enough HGH to make that happen.

    His high water mark was that season immediately preceding the Super Bowl where he was utterly humiliated.

  15. Johnny U was benched for a young Dan Fouts.
    Joe Montana lost a bitter battle with Steve Young to be the 49ers QB from 1992 on.
    Dan Marino lost his last game 62-0, with a head coach that didn’t let him call audibles.
    Brett Favre…okay, we all know Brett Favre’s story.

    When the great ones leave, it usually isn’t pretty. Peyton Manning left with class and dignity, and even if he had a foolish itch to play one more year, he more than earned the slight bit of “ugly”.

    Comparing this to the Sam Bradford situation isn’t apples and oranges; it’s apples and, uh, something way more different than apples. This comparison is way off.

  16. He outplayed Brady in the 2nd biggest game of the year by scoring twice as many TDs. This despite Brady having a better offense and more weapons. So it is possible teams were interested.

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