Condon’s concern on Bradford: “There’s not really a competition”


The most common response to the effort by Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford to get out of Philly after signing a two-year, $35 million contract has been to say that Bradford should simple embrace the opportunity to compete. Indeed, former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn (who was represented during his playing days by Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon) explained last week on PFT Live that Bradford simply isn’t accustomed to having to compete.

Condon has addressed the notion that Bradford should simply compete and, if successful, keep Carson Wentz on the bench. Condon explained on The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt that the circumstances suggest that the deck is stacked in favor of Wentz.

“There’s not really a competition,” Condon said. “You’re holding the card until you’re replaced, and as far as the club is concerned, and I would guess the fans, the sooner, the better.”

Condon has a point. The last time the Eagles took a quarterback in round one, current coach Doug Pederson was the starting quarterback. He started nine games before yielding to then-rookie Donovan McNabb.

Rookie quarterbacks routinely are installed at the bottom of the depth chart, giving them a chance to accomplish something by working their way up the ladder — regardless of whether they objectively deserve to be elevated from No. 3 to No. 2 to, eventually, No. 1. The bigger the investment, the sooner the player ends up on the field.

“I know people say, ‘Well, why doesn’t he just compete and win the job?'” Condon said. “There is no real competition. If you’ve given up the draft choices [to trade up] and he’s the second pick in the draft, he’s playing. That’s all there is to it.

Condon reiterated that Bradford will continue to stay away in the hopes of having a chance to get to a team that wants him. Will Bradford offer to pay back any of his $11 million signing bonus to make that happen?

“I think I better hold off on any questions with regard to the cash,” Condon said.

Buried in that non-answer could be a message to the Eagles that perhaps Bradford would be willing to, for example, sacrifice all or part of the second installment of $5.5 million. (The first half already has been paid.)

Still, it’s one thing for the Eagles to eventually decide to move on from Bradford. It’s another for a different team to want him. Barring a season-ending injury to an entrenched starter, Bradford may not find another NFL team that is willing to give him the keys for, at a minimum, all of the 2016 season.

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  1. The true nightmare for the Eagles is if Bradford lights up the NFL this season.

  2. Condon must have a crystal ball.

    Statistically he’s right, the shiny new kid on the block WILL win the job.

    But tucking tail like a coward isn’t the professional or respectable way to handle this.

  3. Obviously they don’t intend to start the rookie right away, so why not compete for all you are worth while you have the shot?
    True, they intend to put the kid in ASAP, but probably not until next year unless Bradford screws it up royally. So why doesn’t Bradford give it his absolute best to show himself worthy of a great contract from another team when he has that option?
    Right now his behavior looks whiny and weak.

  4. A question to Babyford and Condon,

    Which team has any real openings at the QB position at this point who would trade?

    Babyford’s response:

    “…nah…nah…nah…..I can’t hear you !!!!!!! “

  5. If only there was someone dumb enough to trade Nick Foles, a second round draft pick, and a fourth rounder for Sam Bradford.

  6. Total nonsense. Bradford signed a one year deal; $18M + $4M guaranteed next year. So it was a prove it contract for him, no matter what.
    If he has a good 2016 and the Eagles release him, he can sign a long term contract elsewhere. If he has an extraordinary year even better. Then even the Eagles may reconsider who their qb should be. There is nothing like a proven commodity.
    But if he sits, or if he stinks–and no practice will lead to stinking–no one will want him next year.
    So Bradford (and Condon ) is shooting himself.
    On the other hand he has already collected (not earned) $65M plus the Eagles guaranteed $22M. $87M isn’t bad for someone who has yet to do anything.

  7. Condon is absolutely right. It’s not a real competition. Coach Pederson and Howie Roseman already said how many times that Bradford is the starting quarterback and that he’s their number one. For now is irrelevant because Bradford willingly signed a 2 year deal structured in a way that makes it easier for the Eagles to get out after the first year. It seems Bradford’s own arrogance is the only thing that kept him from seeing all of the signs. Just pay back your $11m signing bonus that you did absolutely nothing to earn and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  8. It was a two year prove it deal Glass Joe signed in the first place. Wentz will probably need at least a season to develop and will only see the field if Bradford plays like crap. That is what Bradford is so afraid of, playing like crap.

  9. “Still, it’s one thing for the Eagles to eventually decide to move on from Bradford. It’s another for a different team to want him.”

    Exactly. Beyond the absurdity of making his desire not to compete hissy fit publicly known, who does he think is chomping at the bit to trade for him? .

  10. Bradford should pay his salary back to the Rams also. The guy hasn’t done Jack in the NFL.
    And way to go Eagles, you really know how to build a roster. Next week will be new drama from somewhere in that organization. Maybe they sign TO out of retirement.

  11. See Drew Brees – Phil Rivers.

    Brees held off Rivers until a devastating rotator cuff injury put his entire career in question. I remember the talk toward the end of that season being about how much was Rivers worth in trade.

    It happens. If Bradford wins you cant sit him down, period.

  12. This is getting silly. I believe that more than 100 of the 2016 NFL draft picks were traded – obviously so a team could move up and take a player they thought was better than a current member of the team (69 picks were included in trading down if the CBS site is correct). Using Condon’s logic at least 69 of the existing veterans should be having a hissy fit and refuse to participate in honing their craft in the off season. Bradford is making himself the poster boy as a spoiled child – for a city renowned for its toughness and competitiveness. If he plays well and the Eagles are winning no one will replace him. He wants insurance against his own failure! Does any fan respect Bradford after this? He’s forfeited his chance at millions of dollars in commercial endorsements which explains Condon’s attempt to twist the story. Philadelphia fans will be vocal when he does report and has the mysterious “soft tissue” injuries that will let him sulk on the sidelines.

  13. Hey SAM: WELCOME to the NFL.

    Tell me Sir, who did YOU replace as a rookie, and where is that QB today?

  14. The Eagles picked 2nd, but weren’t 2-14. They were second in the east and kept everyone they wanted and got rid of the dead weight. Improved their line and got rid of Distraction Murray. They have a chance to compete in the east. When McNabb was drafted they were awful. They earned the 2nd pick not traded for it. If Bradford keeps them in the hunt there is no way he loses his job to a rookie.

  15. Ok, I will answer: Bradford replaced Marc Bulger. It was fair back then, so it’s fair now, WEENIE. I’d say, Sam, by pulling this move you are hurting your legacy, but YOU DON’T HAVE A LEGACY, have you ever led a winning team in the NFL – thru an entire season? Nope. THERE’S YOUR LEGACY!

  16. ‘Improved their line and got rid of Distraction Murray’
    Are you on drugs? He was not a distraction, he was hardly ever used.

  17. Look, I get that it is easy to call a player a diva or brat because he is asking for a trade, but think about this for a second:

    We all know he is right, there is no competition, and we all know he will have to renegotiate his contract to make a trade happen so he would be walking away from a lot of money.

    Sounds like a guy who would rather play, and make less, than hold a clipboard and collect a paycheck. You can’t hate him for that.

    I am a Jets fan, so I have no skin in the game and actually used to root against Bradford, who I always thought deserved as much scorn as Sanchez got, but never did. But in this instance, I can’t hate on him, he wants to play.

  18. Sanchez signed a 3 year extension last season to remain with the Eagles. After he did, the trade was made for Bradford with Bradford being installed as the automatic starter. Neither Bradford or Condon had a problem with that scenario. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and Bradford doesn’t like it. Bradford had no empathy whatsoever for Sanchez. Now he wants what he could’ve given to somebody else, and didn’t.

  19. Bradford is 25-37 as an NFL starter and is set to make $12.5M this year. What in the he’ll is he complaining about?!

  20. What I would worry about if I were Condon and Bradford is not only how your teammates are looking at you right now, but how EVERY PLAYER IN THE NFL is looking at you. Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins hit the nail on the head when he said, “Every player has someone behind them that is after their job.” If he is having a fit about this and playing the prima donna, HOW MANY PLAYERS IN THE NFL will want him as a teammate?

    When Pederson was hired, he said how many times publicly they were going to draft a QB? I don’t think they expected to be able to go from 13 to 8–that was they key to the whole deal. If they hadn’t been able to swap picks with Miami in the deal they made this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

  21. Does he think that acting like a colossal baby will endear him to a lot of other teams? Maybe if he shows some spine he will be more attractive to other quarterback deficient teams.

  22. Please. If through Week 10 Bradford has the Eagles in the playoff hunt at 6-4 and has 20 TD passes against 6 INTs, Wentz ISN’T playing, and Bradford will get offers.

    Just play, and stop whining.

  23. Really Condon? What Bradford needs is some straight talk. As his agent, you’re just doing his public whining for him–this is not helpful.

    What’s the matter Bradford? Afraid you can’t cut it?

    Get in there and show them how a starting QB plays…if you even can.

  24. The funniest part is that if he was good, there wouldn’t be any drama.
    He knows he can’t compete with most competent quarterbacks.
    He’s got the deer in the headlights thing going as soon as the ball is snapped.
    He and his agent both know he can’t compete.
    His agent is trying to get him another free ride. As he should. It’s his job. And it’s all Bradford can do.

  25. Bradford was anointed with $50M “Guaranteed” before ever even putting on a Rams jersey. He thinks he’s a Golden Boy who shouldn’t have to compete because he knows he’ll get burned, just like Timmy Tebow burned him in the National Collegiate Championship Game, years ago lol Just a poorer-for-the-wear Carson Palmer, is all Bradford is and ever will be.

  26. Yeah Distraction Murray the guy who was trying to get the coach fired midseason. The guy who did everything he could to not practice. The guy who leaked stuff to the press. He wasn’t used cause he didn’t fit and expected everything (I guess it’s Oklahoma thing). The guy who slid to avoid contact from a cornerback. YEAH DISTRACTION.

  27. famundacheese says:
    May 3, 2016 5:40 PM

    The Eagles picked 2nd, but weren’t 2-14. They were second in the east and kept everyone they wanted and got rid of the dead weight. Improved their line and got rid of Distraction Murray. They have a chance to compete in the east. When McNabb was drafted they were awful. They earned the 2nd pick not traded for it. If Bradford keeps them in the hunt there is no way he loses his job to a rookie.

    Actually, the 1998 Eagles (3-13) earned the 1999 #1 pick but the Browns got the #1 pick by virtue of being an expansion franchise, so while the Eagles made out better than the Browns, the Eagles were screwed out of having the #1 pick because the league gave that privilege to an expansion team.

  28. This isn’t hard to figure out Condon. Your boy can show up, practice hard and play his heart out to show he deserves to be a starting QB somewhere in this league. Or he can pout, whine and sit at home and show that he doesn’t deserve to be a starting QB.

    This isn’t about Bradford versus Wentz. It’s only about Bradford. And right now he’s losing.

  29. If Bradford was better, the Eagles wouldn’t have been looking for a QB.

    Point 1

    If I was losing my job in the future, the last thing I’d do is start causing a stir for my employer and allow my work product to decline even further, particularly as the only other places that CAN hire me can see all of it.

    Point 2

  30. To Condon: Less of you the better.

    Everyone already knows what he said, even if it wasn’t on the front of the brain. It doesn’t change the situation to complain about it. The only benefit I see in Bradford’s camp by doing this is the thinking that he absolutely can’t hold of Wentz even for 1 season. Which means he shouldn’t be their starter anyway.
    Man up Bradford…after a longish holdout to maximize the overall damage to the Eagles.

    0 for 50 and counting.

  31. “Brady Quinn explained last week on PFT Live that Bradford simply isn’t accustomed to having to compete.”

    Quinn should tell that to Landry Jones who pushed Bradford at OU.

  32. Bradford earns $22 million even if he never plays a down this year. If he’s thinking of retiring after this year it doesn’t hurt him to watch football games from the best seat in the house while collecting the biggest check on the team.

    Never sign a guy to big money who had to be talked out of retirement to come play for you.

  33. Ironic that Brady Quinn calls someone else out about not being accustomed to competing since he demanded to be traded from Cleveland since he felt he should be the teams only starter and then when they did trade him pitched another fit in Denver when he got leapfrogged on the depth chart by Tim Tebow.

    Quinn wrote the book on not being accustomed to competing.

  34. Condon is right. Bradford was brought in by Chip and only Chip. He signed the deal not thinking the eagles would draft a QB. he is not wanted as a starter in philly. He’s not afraid of competition, hes just doing whats best for HIMSELF!

  35. Andy Reid had every intention off letting McNabb sit all year but Peterson was so horrid he forced Reid’s ha and. If Bradford is as terrible as Peterson was he’ll deserve to get benched.

  36. I wonder if the Eagles told Bradford they were going to add a quarterback or they were going to move up in the draft for a QB.

    If they didn’t make it clear they were trying to move up for one of those QBs, I can see why Sam would be mad. The Eagles had a great deal of OL problems last year. Bradford is a fragile quarterback, so I can see why he would be angry.

  37. Is it almost time for the NFL to stop babying Sam Bradford? The guy is a colossal bust. Stop throwing money at this guy.

  38. It might not look like Bradford will be wanted by any team in the league, but just wait. A team like the Dolphin, Falcons or even the Texans is just one injury away from making that call. Bradford can afford to wait.

  39. When I was a senior in HS I had to compete for my weight class on a varsity wrestling team, I was a light kid so I was competing with a freshman. The kid could have gone down a weight class but his dad didnt want him to cut weight, (I already was to get to our class, and he had to cut less to simply move down). Anways, we also had a new coach so it irked me because I thought I had earned the right as a senior and as a guy who had significant matches the year before with our old coach and because the kid could have lost the weight. The thing is I had potential but I wasnt very seasoned and instead of using the offseason to become a better wrestler, I spent time with my girlfriend, partied, and did what seniors in HS did. I ended up quitting on the team at the beginning of the season (Part of it was I needed money and had to work at our local grocery store and the other part of it was I felt I deserved that spot to myself). I came back and quit again (I just didnt want to wrestle anymore). To to this day regret quitting on the team, I should have just put in the work to be a better wrestler and not a complete baby. Moral of the story is quitting is never the answer and Bradford is bascially being like I was in HS, except getting paid a lot more than I was at my grocery store job.

  40. Something tells me that after the way Bradford has handled this situation (like a baby) he has signed his last NFL contract. No team is EVER going to want him again. Never mind that he sucks and is injured all the time. This pouting about not being guaranteed to be the starter for the life of his contract is ridiculous. He’s still making a ton of money for being a terrible QB–and he’s whining about it. Too bad the Eagles gave him all that money. Now they’re stuck with him. It would be interesting to see if Bradford is willing to cancel his contract. I doubt any team will be lining up to sign him except as a backup. Sounds like Bradford needs a diaper change.

  41. Why would there be a competition? Wentz is the future. He should start week 1. I don’t care if Bradford is the better QB today.

    It’s bizarre how Bradford acts like he’s still important.

  42. Picture this… they trade Bradford and he goes on to have an awesome season with some other team. Meanwhile Wentz comes in and becomes the next Ryan Leaf. Who will be laughing then?

  43. Sam won’t be the starter after the preseason. He’s never thrown for more than 21 TDS in a season. Hard to make a playoff drive with that effort…

  44. Pederson was benched in 1999 for McNabb, because Pederson went 2-7 before being benched. If Bradford went 7-2 this year in 9 games, I don’t think Pederson would pull Bradford for Wentz. He’d probably stay with the hot hand and let the rookie continue to stay fresh and learn.

  45. Not sure what Bradford’s really thinking, but I think he should look to Alex Smith for an example to follow. Bad luck & timing led to Smith finally hitting his stride when his successor was already chosen, but then he moved on to being the #1 QB for a different great team.

    Bradford may not be able to keep Philly from moving to Wentz at some point, but he can guarantee that he’ll be starting for someone if he plays and plays well for Philly.

    Though, as a Cowboys fan, part of me hopes it all blows up. 🙂

  46. Yes. Obviously Wentz is going to play. I mean, it’s not like Bradford only has one year left on his contract, giving Philly the luxury of letting Wentz redshirt for a year with no further obliga–.

    Oh wait…

  47. Finally a post that actually tells, you know, the truth. It is not in fact a competition. Fans and Philly media are demanding Bradford, who was lied to, now basically tie himself to a brick wall and have rocks thrown at him to save Wentz.

    For those outside Philly, this is the story. There is a rampant psycho ex-girlfriend angry stalker thing going on with fans and media who just can’t let Chip Kelly go. They’re STILL mad. And since they don’t have Kelly to beat on, they’re taking it out on his football-son, Bradford. Honestly, it’s getting kind of sick.

    No one who is in their right mind would say the things they are about Bradford and what just happened to him if he were anyone else.

    Bradford was told there may be a qb drafted “at some point”. That means because it’s deep with B-level talent and the future classes don’t look too good, and there’s new leadership in town, there will be a guy in the later rounds as a developmental prospect.

    Notice how no one points out when Chase Daniel was brought on board there was no ill reaction from Bradford, and that would be a real competition? Ohhhh that’s right isn’t it. So that there tells you it’s these people who are going psycho stalker on Bradford that are the fake ones.

    So basically it’s being told that Bradford should just accept being lied to and has no right to act back, and he should get beat up for 16 weeks because he somehow owes Wentz something. But all it is is psycho angry stalker Chip Kelly hate with a new target.

    Like I said, seriously it’s kind of sick. This is Philly: we’re not happy unless we’re mad. And even if we have to invent phony things to be mad at, we’ll do it. And we are.

  48. The last time the Eagles took a quarterback in round one, current coach Doug Pederson was the starting quarterback. He started nine games before yielding to then-rookie Donovan McNabb.

    The Eagles season was over when they brought in McNabb. It’s a good place to give a rookie some NFL game speed snaps and get a feel for what the future holds.

    THIS season has yet to start.

  49. There’s zero trade market for Bradford. He’s stuck on the Eagles this year. His best shot at a starting job is the one he has.

  50. It’s a two year contract. How does that say you’re my guy for the next 5 years? He had a chance to sign a deal last year and didn’t. He gambled and lost. If anyone offered anything of value, he would probably be gone. He either doesn’t want to play or has to build his value up this year.

  51. After the issue of money (2yr/36mil) is resolved, conduct is about being professional and not looking like a little B. Fail on last two. Get him out of here. No one wants that attitude on their QB.

  52. Im sorry, was there a clause in Bradfords contract that said the eagles cant draft a qb since their starter has missed about half of his career with injuries to his shoulders and knees? Good lord.

  53. tombradysdeflatedballs says:
    May 3, 2016 10:16 PM

    Who? The guy that’s been showing up to pick up his check with a gun and ski mask since he came into the league?


    HA!!! Awesome comment.

  54. Here’s the REAL sad thing… Bradford started to play well as the year wore on and he became comfortable with his teammates on field, and his knee stayed healthy for the whole season… and now, you have to add “but acts like a premadonna coward who quits and asks for a trade when his team drafts a player they think will be good that plays his same position, even though they are paying him 15 million dollars, so I’m not sure how to think about that…” to any fair analysis of him.

  55. you’re right TOM! There is NO COMPETITION… B/C they already told SAMMIE that HE WAS THE STARTER!! At least for this season.
    Like others have said, Sam needs to tear it up so Howie and Dougie have a tough dec to make next season.
    I say let the kid sit for a while if Bad Samford is doing well, ala Favre/Rodgers.

    Tell Sam to get to work, TOM, your DOOF!

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