Don Shula hospitalized, released

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Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula was released from a hospital Tuesday after receiving overnight treatment.

A statement released by the family said Shula, 86, was hospitalized due to fluid retention and sleep apnea and said the family “is looking for a speedy recovery.”

NFL Network confirmed that Shula was treated and released.

Shula is the NFL’s winningest coach. He won two Super Bowls with the Dolphins and guided them to a perfect record in 1972.

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997. His son, Mike, is the offensive coordinator of the Panthers.

29 responses to “Don Shula hospitalized, released

  1. I wish him the best and also really wish he had stayed a Lions coach back in the early 60’s.

  2. Whether you’re a Dolphin fan or not you have to respect this man. Get Well soon Coach.

  3. I am sure if anyone can kick sleep apnea’s butt, it’s Shula. Get well coach!

  4. pafinfan72 says:
    May 3, 2016 6:21 PM

    Get well Soon Coach!!
    This simple “get well soon” message got 6 thumbs down marks so far. There are some sick morons on this web site.

  5. Great to hear it wasn’t a lengthy stay. Get a CPAP machine and get back to living the good life as one of the GOATs.

  6. This simple “get well soon” message got 6 thumbs down marks so far. There are some sick morons on this web site

    I don’t thumbs down anybody’s health, but I’ll tell you this. He lashed out at Belichick when he had no reason to do so. It appeared bitter.

    Don’t be surprised that everybody isn’t all kumbaya.

  7. I was a die-hard Dolphins fan as a kid and young adult–until Wayne Huizenga ran Coach Shula out of town. The greatest coach EVER. The worst owner EVER. Get well, Coach, and outlive Huizenga.

  8. The fluid retention part is what is most troubling- could be heart or kidney failure. Hopefully not.

  9. 17 Years with one of the best QB’s ever and couldn’t get it done.

    THATS why he called out Belichick’s, because he knows Belichick’s is better than him. And it’s clear he wasn’t liking all of the attention Belichick’s received for winning four SBs with the GOAT QB of all time. An obvious case of Mercury Morris syndrome. Hey everyone! remember me?!?!?

    I think the Jets have forgiven you for letting the field get soaked before the 82′ AFC championship game by now….

    Get well soon, coach.

  10. Second greatest coach ever to one Bill Walsh….4 time SB winner and creator of the West Coast Offense

  11. Get well and stay well Coach. I went to Hialeah High, class of 1961, and when the jets where in the super Bowl against the Baltimore Colts I was flying to Miami from Washington National and setting in first class next to Ted Hendricks ( 1966 ) that the coaches told him that the Jets would beat the Colts, I had a good laugh, then after the game I said Don future will be short, you never know, glad to see Don home and doing better. I did not return for my Senior year, I join the US Navy, then came home and went to work with Eastern…Go Dolphins

  12. God bless, Coach. Hope you’re feeling better.

    John Madden once wrote, “Don Shula represented everything that was good about football, everything that was good about being a coach, and everything that was good about being a man.”

  13. The article is about an NFL icon hospitalized and released. Not about Belicheaters etc.,, He and a handful of others shaped the game you find time to post about. Thumbs down, really? In his heyday, about 25 or so teams would love to have him on their sidelines today. SMH…

  14. jag1959 says:
    May 3, 2016 11:32 PM
    smokehouse56 says:
    May 3, 2016 7:25 PM
    This simple “get well soon” message got 6 thumbs down marks so far. There are some sick morons on this web site.

    Don Shula is a human being and someone’s husband, father, grandfather and friend as well as a warmly remembered representative of the Dolphins glory days. As such he merits get well wishes without the sorry venom of the small minded.

    Shula is also a venerated NFL coach from a simpler time. A time when things like flooding a field to win a playoff game against a finesse opponent was called gamesmanship instead of cheating. Likewise the creativity of the sainted Bill Walsh with headsets or Parcells with the tunnel doors at Giants stadium. Of course Walsh and Parcells never called anyone other than each other cheaters and even then said it to each other rather than the press. A certain measure of enmity towards him from other fan bases for his hypocrisy is understandable, this just isn’t the time or place to express it. Even if the aforementioned enmity is magnified by the current crop of Phins fans that also hypocritically point at other teams and scream cheater.

    Get well Coach Shula,
    A Giants Guy

  15. I remember that game. The stadium (not Shula) didn’t own a tarp that could cover the whole field. Yeah, Shula liked it that way, but it wasn’t like you could go to Home Depot in those days and pick up 5000 square yards of tarp. And one other coach quoted in Sports Illustrated said that Bill Ansparger “had the Jets offense so wired he could have beaten them on a billiard table.” Ease up. Let a good man (not perfect, but good) enjoy his retirement.

  16. Whoever thumbs down the well wishes are probably the types who wouldn’t even think of signing a sympathy or get well card even for their own mother.

  17. Feed him a bunch of pills like he did his players and get him back out there.

  18. No one whined more and berated officials than Shula. He was on the competition committee to get things his way. I smile every time I think of the snow plow game in Foxboro in 1983..just the mention of it would make Shula crazy!

  19. The sleeping disorder is probably from him wanting to take the Dolphins HC job back over because of the sorry state of the past 20 years or so!
    Dandy Don wants to put the helmet back on the Dolphin, on the teams helmets.

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