Jets are willing to keep all four quarterbacks, as soon as they get a fourth


There’s a reason the Jets re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick feels so inevitable. Mostly, it’s because every plan the team makes seems to include him.

During today’s appearance on WFAN, Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan said he was willing to take all four quarterbacks into camp and the regular season. Which would be more interesting if they had more than three on the roster at the moment.

Via Darryl Slater of, Maccagnan said he liked the idea of keeping Geno Smith around along with youngsters Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

“The simple answer to your question is yes,” Maccagnan said when asked if the Jets could keep four quarterbacks. “We even discussed that a little bit [internally]. At the end of the day, quarterbacks are important, obviously in the league in general. But in a perfect world, I think you’d like to take your time to develop [young] quarterbacks and have them almost in the pipeline, basically.

“So that’s kind of our approach to this whole thing. If it’s in the best interest of the team at the end of training camp that we carry four quarterbacks, then we carry four quarterbacks. It’s not unprecedented in the NFL. It’s been done before. To me, it’s a position where you have to take some time to really invest, grow, and develop players.”

With the widespread assumption that Fitzpatrick will eventually return, you know they’re keeping him and Hackenberg, who they just used a second-round pick on. But Maccagnan’s stance Tuesday was a bit of a vote of confidence in Smith as the veteran backup (Man, he has to get tired of being a backup to a guy who isn’t even on the roster) as well as in Petty as having more promise than previously displayed.

“This will be a big offseason for [Smith] going forward, and we’ll see how he develops,” Maccagnan said. “We like the idea of having Fitz, in a perfect world, back here in the organization with Geno and our young two quarterbacks.”

The Jets view both Hackenberg and Petty as developmental players, but the pace of that development would obviously hinge on when Fitzpatrick returns, since it doesn’t seem like if has ever been considered an option.

14 responses to “Jets are willing to keep all four quarterbacks, as soon as they get a fourth

  1. 4 qbs wow thats 3 more than the pats have during the first quarter of the season because justice was served finally and the league is better for it.

  2. Hopefully, the Jets sign him by padding their offer by a million or two so it’ll look like everyone came out a winner. Fitzpatrick will save face because he got more and the Jets will look good because they held firm and refused to overpay. Then we can get on with getting ready for the season. Win win. Here’s hoping.

  3. I like how the GM thinks, the Jets are in good hands, give them 2 more off seasons and they will be true contenders in the AFC

  4. Perhaps they should have pulled a Cleveland and drafted 31 WRs to catch all these developmental QB passes they’ll need to throw.

    Seriously, how many QBs can one team try to develop at one time? Don’t say Geno is a finished product. Just don’t.

  5. We got somethin’, we both know it, we don’t talk too much about it
    Ain’t no real big secret, all the same, somehow we get around it
    Listen, it don’t really matter to me baby
    You believe what you want to believe, you see

    You don’t have to live like a 4th string refugee
    (Don’t have to live like a refugee)

    — Bryce “Tom” Petty

  6. The Yets assumed they could low-ball Fitz, lol. Guess the Harvard grad is sharper than anyone in the front office because he’s got them square by the . . .

  7. Like they say, if you have four QBs on your roster, you really don’t have one.

  8. Gino can’t play a lick and everyone knows that, he’s on the team because he was a high draft pick….

  9. You’re reaching here. He responded hypothetically to a hypothetical question.

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