Report: Peyton Manning told TV networks he’s not interested

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Despite reports that Peyton Manning would go from the field to the broadcast booth, he has reportedly said “no thanks” to offers to work in television.

The New York Daily News reports that Manning’s representatives have told the NFL’s TV partners that he will not take a broadcasting job this season.

There’s been much speculation that Manning would look for a job in television, and he reportedly talked to John Madden about getting started in the business. CBS was thought to be particularly interested, perhaps interested enough to put Manning in the booth with Jim Nantz as the network’s top broadcasting team.

Others have speculated that Manning’s competitive juices would make him more suited to working for an NFL team, perhaps in a front office role. At the moment, Manning is simply retired.

26 responses to “Report: Peyton Manning told TV networks he’s not interested

  1. Please come to Philly to work in the front office and help make Wentz great.

  2. Relax and take time off and be with your family. The NFL will always be at your mercy, PM. Some team, league office, or TV company will pay multimillion dollar salary for whatever you want to do. Hang w/ the kids for a little bit first.

  3. CBS, NBC, and ABC all want to exploit Peyton manning as much as they possibly can. I’m sure that all of them are supremely disappointed in his decision b/c he would have brought them ratings in the same way Trump does for politics.

    Enjoy your retirement Peyton, you’ve earned it.

  4. NFL whitewashed his high/sending goons issue while mlb is pursuing vigorously the guyer clinic accusations. That’s all you need to know about today’s NFL.

  5. He must still be in it – wait for it – to his neck, in what must be the Shield’s massive, multi-million, multi-year, mega-Wells-Report-like investigation and repeated court cases, all into his slightly suspicious or unclear responses to smears and evidence-free allegations that some of his “competitive juices” were unnaturally instilled and completely destroyed the integrity of the NFL. Ain’t that right Roger?

  6. Pay-a-ton will wait until everyone forgets the HGH and teabagging allegations, then he’ll demand a massive salary.

  7. Personally I’d love to see him start his own QB school or become an Offensive Coordinator. He has so much knowledge of the game that he could teach to others it would be a shame to waste it sitting in a broadcast booth.

  8. ….already I’ve seen 4 new Nationwide commercials… the time the NFL season starts he should have 30 !………….EVERYONE will want him in a front office by then !

  9. But he will be the keynote speaker at the C3 Conference for Callidus Cloud in Las Vegas next week. I’ll be there. Can’t wait to see Peyton and I’m a Pats fan.

  10. I love NFL football and the theater. I never have cared much for Mr. Manning. That said he would be a very good comedic actor on stage; in fact he may have been born to do that. He has a face and a delivery that Shakespeare would have loved. Have any of you read or seen Twelfth Night, he’d be a perfect Sir Aguecheek.

  11. He is taking a cue from Elway: go spend a few years making millions in the business world, then come back and sit in the NFL front office.

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