Sexton connection surely helped Adam Gase feel better about Laremy Tunsil

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Often, the dynamic of an agent representing a coach and a player provides folder for rants against the potential conflict of interest that arises. Sometimes, however, the connection can be helpful.

In the case of tackle Laremy Tunsil, the fact that Tunsil and Dolphins coach Adam Gase share an agent surely didn’t hurt. At a time when coaches and General Managers surely were nervous about what they may be getting in Tunsil, agent Jimmy Sexton of CAA was able to talk to a coaching client about a playing client in a way that the coaching client can trust, fully and completely.

While the Dolphins may have taken Tunsil regardless of the agent connection, having that link to Sexton surely hoped — especially in those crazy minutes on Thursday night as teams were on the clock and forced to decide what to do.

11 responses to “Sexton connection surely helped Adam Gase feel better about Laremy Tunsil

  1. Tunsil and Hugh Freeze share the same agent as well, sure as hell didn’t help him…

  2. Sexton runs the Phins. Close with Mike T while he was an agent. Agent for Gase, Suh and now Tunsil.

    I don’t know what it is with CAA but they love trying to build whole teams with their clients. Did it with the Knicks and now Phins it seems.

  3. The Ravens took a chance on Jimmy Smith and were not bothered by Ray Lewis’ checkered past. They were also very supportive of Ray Rice until that video leaked. Based on that, I thought they would take the clearly superior prospect, Tunsil, over Stanley. Time will tell if that was a good move.

  4. Wasn’t a big fan of the Gase hiring but he is doing some good things early. Is it possible the Phins have finally found a good coach that can evaluate and develop talent? It has been many years since we have seen that.

  5. I’m feeling really good where our team is at. Every year my hopes get up, but then come crashing down as season goes on. But for so reason I think we are actually going to be good. Upset week 1, Miami 28, Seattle 21.

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