Cardinals coach Bruce Arians: “This will be my last job”

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Part of the reason Bruce Arians seems to be enjoying himself so much is that he’s been liberated from worrying about the future.

Having been through so many moves and coaching changes in his career, the 63-year-old Arians has a rare sense of self-awareness about his current situation, which allows him to appreciate the moment he’s in.

“You never know how long this will last,” Arians told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “There’s the old saying, there’s two kinds of coaches, ones that are fired and others who are going to get fired. You just enjoy every day. Right now, it’s the highlight of it.

“There will be lowlights, we know that. But I’m enjoying every single day. This will be my last job.”

Arians could probably retire to Vegas and do two shows a night whenever he feels the urge, but for now, he’s enjoying the work that got him to this point, which cranks back up with a rookie minicamp this weekend.

“I love this weekend because there’s going to be two or three surprises of undrafted rookies or guys we invited for a tryout,” Arians said. “Last year, we signed three guys who were tryout guys. [Quarterback] Phillip Sims made it all the way to almost our football team. That part’s really fun. Then slide them in with the vets next week.

“It seems like we just stepped off the practice field. But, man, there is a different sense of purpose in watching our players come to work every day. We’ve always had great participation. We’ve always had fun doing it, but there’s a sense of purpose, in the weight room, the meeting room. Even Buddy Morris, our strength coach, said, “something’s different.” You can feel it.”

Arians’ own “cool uncle” style is doubtless part of the reason they’ve been able to create that feeling, but the wins on the field have helped turn around a franchise that’s now among the most stable in the league.

25 responses to “Cardinals coach Bruce Arians: “This will be my last job”

  1. Arians is a cool dude… He needs to bring back the mullet…

  2. So confused… I thought the Rooneys already said he was retired…? I just… I just don’t understand…

  3. If the Cardinals don’t win a Super Bowl he will retire a failure. The Super Bowl is all that matters, unless you have a loser mentality like Eagles fans.

  4. I don’t know how many more years Carson Palmer has left… He is good for now, but the Cardinals will need a long-term solution at QB to continue being relevant. They’ll need to start being more successful in the playoffs too. Simply making the playoffs most years isn’t quite enough. My point is that Bruce Arians seat isn’t hot at all right now, but don’t be surprised if it heats up faster than expected. They could fade out just as fast as they arrived.

  5. Arians has been a better head coach than he was a coordinator at Pittsburgh. But Steelers should not have dismissed him the way they did, and same with Polamalu.

  6. And it took this guy until he was 59 and having led Indy with a rookie QB to the playoffs to get a job. Also, it’s not like he wasn’t in most organizations as he’s been in a lot of them and colleges too, and most of these owners passed.

  7. whiteybulgersson says:
    May 4, 2016 1:37 PM
    The loss against the Panthers was embarrassing.

    Not nearly as bad as watching the league’s MVP, with the SB on the line, run away from a fumble like it was about to explode

  8. “This is my dream job and I don’t want to work anywhere other than Pittsburgh. This will be my last job” – Bruce Arians as the Steelers’ OC

  9. -“The loss against the Panthers was embarrassing.”

    True as that is, No playoff loss is easy to accept unless you’re winning the SB. BA’a first year they were one of a few teams in history to win 10 games and not make the playoffs. 2nd year they made playoffs but lost their QB, back up QB, both Rb’s and limped into the game v.s the Panthers and got beat in a game that was somehow close. 3rd year made the NFC Championship before getting an epic beat down by those same Cats.

    Next year who knows? But we’re extremely grateful to keep growing and find more success with every year he’s been here. It’s not bragging either, we’re just so grateful having a real HC.

  10. One other Knucklehead said BA was OVERRATED
    Coach of the Year with Indy
    10-6, 11-5, 13-3, (+1 playoff win)
    AND Coach of the Year with the Cardinals.
    And you say he’s OVERRATED?

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