Cowboys defensive coordinator “elated” with Ezekiel Elliott pick

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli may not have gotten the kind of impact pass-rusher he was hoping for in the draft.

But he thinks the guy the Cowboys did draft first — running back Ezekiel Elliott — will make a huge difference for his side of the ball.

I’m elated because I think you always look at the big picture,” Marinelli said on 105.3 The Fan. “We don’t play fantasy football. It’s not that. A 1-yard, 2-yard run there’s fight and physicalness. That’s good for your team. It develops toughness. We have to go against that offense every day. We play our offense more than anybody. It develops a hardness to your defense. You’ve got to play against a great line, a great back, now you’ve got to match up on an All-Pro receiver, great quarterback.

“It’s the physical nature of the game, which at times is being lost in today’s football. The physical nature of the game, I believe in that. This young man and the other backs are going to bring that.”

The Cowboys defense will certainly be tested in practice, as they have a collection of talent to rival anyone in the league. Whether they have enough bodies to stop it during the week or not, they’re going to have to be better on defense on Sundays for it to matter at all.

23 responses to “Cowboys defensive coordinator “elated” with Ezekiel Elliott pick

  1. Zeke at 4 when you have Jalen Ramsey available, and its a position of need, is not a good pick.

  2. In 2014 when the boys went 12-4, Demarco and the offense was the best defense. It kept the ball out of opposing offense hands and most importantly kept our defense fresh throughout the game. Our Time of possession was either 1st or 2nd in the league and our defense was top 5 in takeaway (big drop off in 2015-no run game/no tony=defense always on the field). I think between McFadden, Morris and Ezekiel our ground game is going to be something vicious. Don’t expect Ezekial to start right out the gates. Garrett doesn’t play that.
    Okay guys couple more months till the season starts.

  3. Don’t the cowboys still have Mcfadden and didn’t they trade for Alfred Morris?

    You’d need at least 75 running plays a game just to get your money’s worth.

    Great job JJ, way to waste a high draft pick on a position that Belichick gets for free in undrafted free agents every single year

    But good for you!!

  4. I realize all Cowboys people are convincing themselves Elliot was the greatest pick of all time, but the facts are you had a 1,700 yard runner 2 seasons ago and were bumped in the divisional round and should’ve been bumped in the wild card.

    Last year Tony Romo was injured all year. The Cowboys’ problem isn’t a running game or the offense, IT’S THE DEFENSE!!

    Ezekiel Elliot does not improve this team as much as an elite defender at #4 would have. End this denial, accept it and move on ….

  5. Blah Blah Blah…good for him for toeing the company line. The fact is that if that defense doesn’t get better, who is the first to get blamed? Bye Bye Coach

  6. ya fake smiles and let jerrah know your happy and you get to keep your job even though your de line is terrible.Its jerrahs world and your just living in it.

  7. What a stupid pick!!!

    “I’m Jerruh Jones….welcome to Dallas, TX”.

  8. At this point, Rod is okay with everything and anything Jerruh and Steven do (Jones Boys). It takes pressure off his defense because if the running game sputters, he can say his defense was on the field too many plays.
    And one more thing…a successful college running back does not always translate to a GREAT pro running back.

    But wait…there’s more…if the O-line is so great why is Romo always getting rag-dolled and injured?

  9. What is he going to say? My boss is a senile old idiot who drafted a RB at 4 even though our problems were the passing game and defense.

  10. .
    As a rule, I’m not a big fan of taking top ten RBs or DBs. Which begs the question of why didn’t the Cowboys trade out of #4? I didn’t see many other top of the draft teams talking about drafting a RB and it’s doubtful a bottom of the draft team would pay the exorbitant price required to move up. With any creativity they could have easily landed both Elliott and Paxton Lynch.

  11. I love how every says that’s too early for a RB
    Was it too early for
    Here are ALL the best RB’s ever and where they where drafted all were first rounders and 95% where top 10 picks:

    Emmitt(17 overall), Barry sanders(3), Jim brown(6), OJ(1st overall), LT(3rd), AP(7th), Marshall Faulk(2nd), Edgerin James(4th), Erick Dickerson(2nd),
    Walter Payton (4th)
    Franco Harris(3rd), Marcus Allen(10), Tony Dorsett(2 overall), John Riggins(6), Bettis(10th overall), Fred Taylor (9) Steven Jackson (24th)
    Jamal lewis(5)
    I mean that kind of says it all!
    Curtis Martin (2nd round, 3rd pick)
    Cory Dillion (second round)
    So there goes that idea
    I was one of those who use to say don’t take a RB early I’m glad I changed my tune because those players obviously mattered

  12. Y’all act like defense was worst they where 16 overall 5 th against the pass without scandrick. Gregory and Lawrence are not out for the year. Jaylon smith is gold if they hit if not 2nd rounders already have decent chance of flop without injury. Cowboys win the east probably lose divisional round but 2017 they will make a push at Super Bowl young team still grooming their talent. You can’t see it because you only know what media tells you to think. Gurley wasn’t worth top 10 either right? Cause all those other “valued late round” RB’s are close to his talent too right?!?!

  13. .

    I said I wasn’t a big fan of taking top ten RBs or DBs. That doesn’t mean that every top ten RB ever drafted is an instant bust. However, your list goes back to the seventies and there’s been a few Trent Richardsons taken in the top ten during that time too .

    I think there was absolutely zero chance that the Ravens would have taken a RB at six. Lineman were their primary need, but if available, they may have considered Ramsey because of their critical needs in the secondary.

  14. @joshpainter81

    Another list to also consider:

    Ron Dayne (11)
    Blair Thomas (2)
    Vaughn Dunbar (21)
    Brent Fullwood (4)
    Tshimanga Biakabutuka (8)
    Bubba Bean (9)
    William Green (16)
    Joe Profit (7)
    Bo Matthews (2)
    Alonzo Highsmith (3)
    Sammie Smith (9)
    Curtis Enis (5)
    Ki-Jana Carter (1)

  15. To respond to a few of you…

    Ramsey was not a position of need, since Byron Jones plays the same position(s) (with better combine numbers) and was drafted last year.

    Dallas signed Morris as a FA on a 2 year deal, and McFadden is on his last year of a 2 year deal.

  16. gpete1962 says:
    May 4, 2016 8:54 AM

    Don’t the cowboys still have Mcfadden and didn’t they trade for Alfred Morris?

    You’d need at least 75 running plays a game just to get your money’s worth.

    Great job JJ, way to waste a high draft pick on a position that Belichick gets for free in undrafted free agents every single year

    But good for you!!
    You don’t understand PRO Football, so how many teams only have 1 RB??? Last I saw most have 3-4. Also Name one great rb BB has gotten for “free”? Can’t wait to hear these yaking Pat fan’s when Brady is gone and they slip to average and realize how LUCKY they were to have him…

  17. @ steelerben. You missed the point. You won’t get a great outside the first round and more specifically top 10 overall I agree players can bust including Ezekiel but you probably listed every too bust even though Vaughn Dunbar was you fluffing your stat sheet.
    out of top 20 running backs EVER 17 where 1st rb taken. No position is perfectly evaluated but RB’s are most consistent in comparison from elite players there has never been a tom Brady, Kurt Warner, or even romo for that matter become an all time great past the second round.

  18. @6ball that wasn’t a guess if Ravens were going to take him that is why the Cowboys didn’t move back. Deal was if Ravens Cowboys have a deal as long as Ravens tell them their pick in advance. They wanted Ezekiel Cowboys said sorry that’s who we want
    As far as bust yes they happen inevitable bust will happen at any position but you will never have a all-time great at rb if you take them after 1st round. I’m willing to bet my list and steeler bens list sums up all the top ten prospects since the merger and 50% success rate to become top 20 ever is really really really high.
    I have a feeling Ezekiel won’t be Trent Richardson neither

  19. Todd Gurley added 1 win to the rams. 3/4 of the running backs named were picked when 3 yards and a cloud of dust was the motto. How many of those running backs drafted since the changed rule of what secondaries could get away with. It’s a passing league, running back isn’t as important as it once was.

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