Drew Nowak among five waived by Seahawks

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Drew Nowak opened last season as the Seahawks’ starting center, but he lost his spot to Patrick Lewis during the regular season.

Now he’s lost his spot on the roster altogether. The Seahawks made Nowak one of five cuts from the roster on Wednesday as they made changes to accommodate their incoming group of rookies.

Nowak made seven starts in the first eight weeks of the 2015 season, but was benched as the Seahawks tried to find a more productive offensive line group after a rocky start to the season. The offensive line remained a concern and continues to be a weak spot for the team, but the offense and quarterback Russell Wilson in particular took off over the final eight games.

Nowak ended the year on the practice squad after being waived from the active roster in December and signed a futures deal with the Seahawks early in the offseason. Running back Cameron Marshall, tight end Ronnie Shields, defensive end Josh Shirley and wide receiver Tyler Slavin were also let go.

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  1. 3 centers on roster competing for starting spot. Watch what happens with Britt, as we have a all out competition for offensive line spots

  2. Losing Lynch and benching Nowak at about the same time, and the Seahawks proceed to light it up. Then they lose Graham a couple of weeks later.

    I don’t think anyone would have expected the second half of the season to have gone nearly as well as it did.

  3. ariani1985 says:May 4, 2016 5:18 PM

    Well that 1 year dynasty sure was fun

    Let’s enlighten the silly trolls with football knowledge, a dynasty comes after winning the Lombardi 3 out of 4 years. Seattle won it once, something the Vikings have never done ariani.

    If you really like writing about cut players I suggest you contact the Minnesota front office about replacing the Lockett. Wide left, frozen tears. Yumm

  4. Seahawks are going 13-3 this year and will return to SB for third time and four years, playing the Patriots.

    2016-2017 NFCC: Seattle 27 Arizona 21

    2016-2017 AFCC: New England 31 Pittsburgh 29

    Super Bowl 51: Seattle 34 New England 30 (*)

    (*) Seattle wins when Thomas Rawls scores from the 1 yard yard line on 3rd and 1 on leap over the top of the pile at the Goal Line, with 0:22 seconds on the clock remaining. Brady’s two Hail Marys fall short and Seattle gets its 2nd SB Victory in four years.

  5. How is it a boneheaded move to release a second-string Center that was secretly becoming a third-string over the off-season, that didn’t fare too well when placed as a starter? Do you recall the games wherein Nowak started?

    And a 1-year Dynasty? The Seahawks slaughtered one Super Bowl, returned to the next to lose by ill-called one play, and were 1 game away from returning for a third time. They are already Vegas favorites for SB51 on over 5 different sites (respectively early).

    Your jealousy is showing, people.

  6. hey arian 1985….did you know… Seattle Seahawks have won more games since 2012 than any other team in the league?…Never said we were a dynasty but… we pretty good!!…quit hatin’!!

  7. I don’t know hawkweb, boneheaded in that he ever started a game last year….to go from starting(horrible line play first half of year) to cut and resigned to practice squad….all in one season would suggest he had NO business playing in the first place.

  8. seahawkweb

    Listen, the Seahawks really are a great team but if we’re going to play the “if this happened, if that happened” game, they could have easily been an 8-8 team and never made the playoffs. IF the refs had gotten the call right at the end of the Lions game, that’s 9-7. IF the Cowboys got 20 more yards and kicked a field goal in the 12-13 barn burner of a game, they are 8-8. They only killed the sub .500 teams other than the Cardinals who had nothing to gain from winning after clinching the division and a bye. All that aside, they struggled against the Vikings in the playoffs and won by the grace of god. They’ve lost Mebane, Irvin and Lynch. And there will be more. Things will be different.

  9. Speaking of one-year dynasties, when’s Rodgers going to admit defeat and just retire? His best year was 2010 and that’s long behind him…he hasn’t been able to get past an NFC West team in the playoffs since.

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