Reggie McKenzie: DeAndre Washington more than just a third-down back


Running back Latavius Murray ran for 1,066 yards last season and went to the Pro Bowl, so it’s fair to say that his first full year as the lead back in Oakland was a successful one.

One thing that the Raiders would like to improve is keeping Murray’s production at a high level across the entire season. After rushing for 4.8 yards per carry in the first half, Murray dropped to 3.3 yards per carry in the second half of the year. They boosted the offensive line by signing guard Kelechi Osemele, which should help the entire offense, and General Manager Reggie McKenzie believes the team got a back in the fifth round who can help keep Murray fresh.

DeAndre Washington is built similarly to Darren Sproles and was used frequently as a receiver at Texas Tech, which seemed to put him on track for a role on third downs in the NFL. McKenzie thinks Washington can do more, however.

“We think he’s a complete back, and when he gets out in space, he can make you look silly.” McKenzie said on 95.7 The Game, via the team’s website. “He can catch the ball, but he can run between the tackles as well as well as bouncing it outside. We think he’s the total package as a runner. We really like him.”

Taiwan Jones, Roy Helu and George Atkinson are the other backs on the roster and none of them proved to be a complement for Murray last season, so the team may need to look outside should Washington fall short of McKenzie’s expectations in the coming months.

16 responses to “Reggie McKenzie: DeAndre Washington more than just a third-down back

  1. It’s a credit to Taiwan Jones athleticism and ability to play different positions that he is still on the team, but this could spell the end for him in silver and black.

  2. DeAndre Washington plays like Jones-Drew and appears to be a complete back. Taiwan Jones is an elite special teams player and should stick.

  3. Just like with every other year one draft expectation, grade, opinion, etc… only time will tell. These ‘experts’ are the same people who said RGIII, Dee Milliner, Luke Joekel, (and on, and on) were a ‘sure thing’.

    Let’s wait until the pads go on and the 53 man rosters are set before we rush to judgement (in either direction). Come back and tell us where he is in 2018. That’ll tell you if Reggie was right or not.

    Reggie’s done a really good (not great) job so far getting this roster in order and the cap in control. 2012 draft was a complete bust (no one left on the roster from that one), 2013 was also pretty much a bust with the exception(s) of Murray and *possibly* Watson (if he can stay healthy), while 2014 looks to be a home run. 2015 is still TBD.

    The draft is a crap shoot. This guy ‘fell’ to the fifth round for a reason (or many reasons). Doesn’t mean he’ll be a bust by any stretch, but it does mean we’ll have to see if he even makes the roster.

  4. I don’t know what these analyst are seeing with Washington but he definitely looks like a complete back on his highlight film.

    I think Deandre Washington is going to be one of those players that gets better in the pros.

  5. Latavius Murray a 6th round pick.

    Deandre Washington a 5th round pick.

    Not bad, not bad.

  6. Helu was playing hurt last season so it’s likely he’ll stay as a reserve unless rookie free agent Jalen Richard has a great camp. Atkinson needs a great camp to keep his job. Most fans, including me, don’t understand why Marcel Reece doesn’t get more carries.

  7. I’ll be very happy if Washington can gain 500-700 yards. Last year the 2nd leading rusher for the Raiders was actually Carr and that was for 138 yards. Murray is a decent RB but wears down late in games and his rushing totals from last year are about as much as can be expected, so being spelled by Washington can only help.

  8. Also, only in Oakland can a GM go 16-48 and be considered GOAT. Denver canned Fox after he won 4 straight AFC West crowns yet Denver has always had higher performance standards than the Commitment to Excellence crap. Am I lying?

  9. BabyGaga, that record is meaningless. It takes time to dig out of the giant gaping hole that Al Davis left in his wake, not to mention what followed with Hugh Jackson trading 25 first round picks for Carson “I was sitting on my couch” Palmer.

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