Judge orders Manziel not to have contact with ex-girlfriend

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Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been ordered not to have contact with the ex-girlfriend who accused him of assault.

Appearing in front of Judge Roberto Canas in a Dallas courtroom this morning, Manziel was told there will be no exceptions to the no-contact order.

“You can’t call her, you can’t text her, you can’t email her, you can’t send her any letters or go to where she’s at,” Canas told Manziel.

Canas also told Manziel he must not possess firearms. Manziel said he does not own firearms and there are no firearms in his home, and he agreed that he has no reason to contact his ex-girlfriend.

Manziel was indicted by a grand jury for misdemeanor assault family violence. If convicted he could face up to a year in jail.

42 responses to “Judge orders Manziel not to have contact with ex-girlfriend

  1. How about an additional condition that he can’t drink alcohol & that he gets mandatory drug testing, maybe this event can help put his life back together.

  2. My girlfriend was physically abused by her previous boyfriend/baby-daddy. It’s a shame she wasn’t protected the way this judge is protecting Manziel’s ex. But I guess no one famous was involved so it didn’t matter.

  3. I wonder if he will get the usual piss tests while out on bail? If so, he better hope the trial is yesterday.

  4. Or it could get dismissed when the girlfriend refuses to cooperate like happens every day in every state in the US. This is a sad situation when you look at that babyface mugshot. He’s still such a kid. Repeated behavior will just mean more of these mug shots. He’ll look a little worse in each one, too, until the end unless he gets real help.

    Who knows what happened with these two, but when the girl threw his cell phone out of a moving car into an OH pasture, Johnny should have let her go. That kind of explosive behavior, when mixed with his party habits, are only going to lead to bad things. That, and the part of the male brain that assesses risk isn’t fully developed until about 22-23 years.

    Father knows best. C’mon, kid. Listen to your dad. Get a grip. Get some help.

  5. Not a fan of Manziel but the chick is a wacko and it would be best if he stayed away from her..

  6. He’s not going to jail… And he not playing in the NFL either…and few care

  7. A temporary no contact order is standard in most domestic violence cases. Now if he can be placed into a mandatory rehabilitation program he might be able to get his ducks in a row.

  8. And the judge should also have a police officer explain to her that the same restrictions of no contact apply t0 her also, works both ways ladies and not sure why John would want to contact this whacko woman .

  9. Haslam and the bum were the only people that could see that Manzeil was an under-sized, untalented, unintelligent, irresponsible disaster of a person. Use your daddy’s connections to just get probation and a fine and go work a desk job for his oil company. We all knew you were heading that direction anyway.

  10. In response to “OJ 2.0”

    You have to actually perform in the NFL to be OJ 2.0

  11. I’ll wait until we hear from Very Special Agent In Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs before I count on this.

  12. How about random testing for drugs and alcohol, Judge Canas? Hmm, didn’t think so. Manziel’s winks, hand gestures, and esoteric language is making a mockery of your judgment.

  13. There are real people who actually blame Ms. Crowley for Manziel’s multiple domestic abuse.

    They’re the same one’s who blamed Ray Rice and Greg Hardy’s girlfriends.

    Wait, what?

  14. killgoodell says:
    May 5, 2016 11:03 AM
    Newsflash, this is the very function of the restraining order that is valid and still in effect. Over kill!

    Newsflash, there is world of difference between a restraining order and bail conditions.

  15. “Canas also told Manziel he must not possess firearms. Manziel said he does not own firearms and there are no firearms in his home, and he agreed that he has no reason to contact his ex-girlfriend.”

    A good ole boy Texan who doesn’t own firearms?? Riiiiiight. A quick check with the ATF can verify this claim because he’s supposed to get a license.

  16. ATTENTION CRIMINALS. Johnny Manziel does NOT own any firearms.

    Hope he’s got an armed bodyguard or something. The judge just declared open season on poor Johnny’s personal property. And who knows? He might not deserve it…

    …just settle the case, Johnny… whatever she’s asking for, pay it, as long as she comes out saying that she made up the bit about the abuse. You’ll be able to join an NFL or CFL team again, poorer, but hopefully more humble, and less likely to chase crazy money grubbers.

    Hopefully, anyway.

  17. The best thing the Judge could do is sentence him to a year in jail if that’s the outcome. Perhaps that would help him realize he’s at rock bottom.

  18. I know this sounds weird, but Beiber could be a role model for Johnny. When Justin cut that swathe through Europe, he didn’t beat up any women, he just took a monkey with him to all those drunken shindigs. Gotta hand it to the lad, he knows how to party.

  19. Every NFL team has also asked to be added to the “no contact” list but the judge hasn’t ruled yet.

  20. I just wish the media would move on from him! He wasted his chance in the NFL. It’s not important news anymore!

  21. There are at least 2 lower levels of exotic ‘dancers’ … the ‘local talent’ girls and those who graduate to the barnstorming city to city ‘rock star’ level

  22. Which TV channel gets the story 3 years from now:
    Mystery ID channel.:Will he star on “My Crazy Ex”, “Kidnapped”, Fear Thy Neighbor”, “Toxic Relationships”, “Scorned Love”

    Lifetime Movie…”I Dated A Quarterback”?


    Oprah: Child Stars: Where Are They Now

    Maybe a remake of “Whatever Happen to Baby Jane”

    The possibilities are endless.

  23. Can we stop calling this clown a QB yet? He’s not a QB anymore, he’s not anything.

  24. Someone sign this clown so he doesn’t appear in under the Browns anymore. Judging from the draft Jimmy learned about character.
    All of the media is guilty of feeding this addict his fix, he is addicted to the media and their coverage. SO STOP!

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