Cash flow is one of the few remaining negotiating points in rookie deal

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The fact that draft-pick deals are being done faster than ever suggests that there’s nothing to negotiate. In comparison to the system before the 2011 CBA and its far more precise rookie wage scale (especially at the top of the draft), that’s accurate.

However, there are still some grounds for haggling — and some of the contracts negotiated to date in 2016 have entailed¬†fairly contentious discussions.

One area where agents still earn their money at the bargaining table relates to when the player will see money go into his account. It’s one thing to have a fully-guaranteed bonus payment; it’s another thing to actually have the payment.

Some agents try to get the money paid out as soon as possible. Some teams try to hold onto the money for as long as possible. While it’s not keeping these deals from getting done, it’s definitely something that some teams and agents are squabbling about before getting deals done.