Danny Amendola reworks contract with Patriots

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Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola has altered his contract with the Patriots for the second straight season.

Amendola was set to make $5 million this season and was on the books for a $6 million salary in 2017, numbers that led to some discussion that he could find himself a cap casualty. As he did last year,  Amendola has traded in some of that money.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Amendola signed a new deal that will pay him $7.35 million over the next two seasons with $750,000 more available through roster bonuses and catch incentives.

Making less money should help Amendola’s job security, but the Patriots have added several receivers in free agency and the draft that could change the makeup of the receiving corps by the time September rolls around. Chris Hogan, Nate Washington and fourth-round pick Malcolm Mitchell join holdovers Keshawn Martin and Aaron Dobson as other options to go with Julian Edelman in New England.

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  1. Good news. We need to surround grandpa Brady with all the help possible. Maybe it will slow down his happy feet.

  2. Amazing news Danny has gotten better every season he’s been here and he really stepped up last year when Jules went down. It seems like this offseason the main goal was depth at wide receiver. The pats o line last year was injured but when healthy is a good unit the biggest problem in the AFC championship game was our receivers couldn’t get open in 2 seconds and that’s all the line allowed tom but now he will have that extra second and more importantly the reviever will be better at getting separation in that extra second. This pats offense could set records

  3. 8 million over two years is a lot better than the 11 million he was scheduled to make but is still way high for what he produces for the team, especially with the additions of Mitchell, Lucian & Washington….
    My guess is the Pats want to see how these new young guys perform in camp & develop with Brady….
    I also believe that the new contract will make Amendola more attractive in the trade market if the Pats DO like what they see in the new guys….
    Seeing that Mitchell is a lock, I just really hope that no matter what they hold onto Lucian…. Think that guy will be a stud for the Pats in couple years… & keeping DJ Foster over White wouldn’t break my heart either…
    Man there should be some AWESOME camp battles this year!!!!

  4. Danny don’t be shocked if you still get cut even after restructuring. The Patriots love to cut players a year early rather than a year late. I hate the team but that is a great philosophy

  5. I know he’s had a tough go with injuries and it took a year or more for him to “gel” with Brady but you gotta love this kids character. Wants to win, puts in the work and recognizes the game within the game that is the business. I respect you big time Mr. Amendola.

  6. Amendola has always been fighting odds to play in the NFL. UDA made practice squad with the Cowboys, then practice squad with the Eagles, then signed by the Rams for a few years, now the Patriots. Has had some injury issues throughout his career, but is the classic plugger -> role player.

    Bottom line is he does what he needs to do to remain in the league, and after getting to this point in his career better to rework the contract than to be released. Just keeps plugging away.

    I am very glad that Amendola is a Patriot. He is a working class hero kind of player.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Amendola but I want to see some Youth & potential on the Patriots roster….Mitchell, Harper, Lucian,& Hogan, DJ Foster (along with Eddleman) should be on the roster after cuts are made to 53!!!!

  8. This was obvious for many reasons or he would have been gone along time ago. I personally like D.A. Hes a team player that can do multiple things for the Pats. He can in at a bad time because everyone labled him the next Welker guy. He does what hes asked and lets be honest here. Having both him and Jules is a plus because chances are one of them will be dinged up over 16 -18 games…..great move by a TEAM PLAYER……..

  9. This is good news.

    Amendola is a good fit for the Pats and is a receiver TB trusts. That’s huge in Patriotland.

    Dobson really is on the bubble and it would surprise no one if he gets cut in camp, if not before.

    Pats can and no doubt will use that money to re-sign Collins and Hightower.

  10. YES!! some of the best news i’ve heard this offseason for the pats! would have really been sad to see him leave. ‘Dola is a baller when healthy

  11. Can we get rid of Dobson? I feel like he has been there forever and I don’t see any production coming out of him.

  12. A clutch receiver who can make impossible receptions. He leaves it all on the field. The Patriots will have a great receiver group this year. Before the end of the year they will all be members of Reese Witherspoon’s book club.

  13. This guy has been a total team player. He leaves it all on the field. He is a perfect fit for this franchise.

  14. great move, Amendola has been solid for the Pats for the last two years, but he was pricey at his production where Brady spreads the wealth.

    He was never meant to be “the guy” so when Gronk and especially Edleman lost time it was tough sledding. No running game, LaFell wasn’t himself, etc… But he performed admirably. Good, solid PR ability too (Insert funny comment about KC playoff block here).

    And most importantly, he’s gained Tom’s trust and knows the playbook inside and out. Smart move on both sides.

  15. Team player who wants to win. He knows that NE is the best chance to win year in and year out.

    This is the reason the Pats are so good every year. Classy players for a classy team. Mess up and you’re gone. Hernandez, Spikes, Jones, etc.

    In Baltimore, you kills 2 guys and get rewarded with a huge contract and a statue.

    In Pittsburgh, they give serial rapists big contracts.

    In Dallas, you’d be hard pressed to find 5 players that haven’t been arrested.

  16. Good that we’ll have him for another year.

    Hopefully they’ll move on from the Dobson project. Looked very promising but seems to be injured a lot.

  17. There is great value to being on the same page with Tom Brady. I thought the signing of Hogan would be the end of Amendola, but it’s probably no more than moving on from LaFell and Dobson and combining Mitchell and Hogan with Edelman, Amendola, and Martin. With the Bennett signing at tight end and a healthy Lewis, the offense should be really good when healthy. Of course, everything revolves around a healthy Gronkowski.

  18. .
    I haven’t heard much from the lynch mob who who ripped Belichick mercilessly for refusing to overpay Wes Welker and replacing him with Amendola. It’s a wonder the Patriots win one game a season with that such an uninformed tool as Belichick running the show.

  19. Nice. I didn’t think he’d do it 2yrs in a row. There’s a guy that wants to win, After being on bad teams. I would bet he could do better than 2yrs 8 mil if he just told the Pats to cut him.

  20. Happy he’s back. Solid, smart player and don’t need him to be a star. Has made some HUGE catches and been clutch at the times the Pats have needed him to have a big game.

  21. Team first… That’s why we love our boys. We are so spoiled. They are good players, the best looking bunch in the NFL and they get goofy to amuse us fans especially during off season. They know we miss them too. Hopefully we’ll win another SB to compensate for their diminishing wages.

  22. NinersRule says:
    May 6, 2016 11:33 AM
    “Never really replaced Welker did he?”

    Never really was meant to. That was just the spin the media and fans put on it.

    Amendola is a good role player, not a primary target / up the middle / in your face kind of guy. That has fallen on Edelman and Gronk.

    If the receiver corps stays healthy this year he will still contribute, and the Patriots offense will move the ball well.

  23. Apart from the injuries, he has been a very reliable tough player. Total Patriot- that hit he put on the gunner last year he was fined for exemplifies he plays the game the Patriot Way.

  24. “Never really replaced Welker did he?”

    Never really was meant to. That was just the spin the media and fans put on it.

    Well…the Pats did pay him more than the offered to pay Welker. So there was more than spin involved.

    But in fairness to BB, Welker only had one moderately productive season in Denver, which led to a poor season in Denver, and a non-entity season for the Rams. So Welker had already peaked and was due for a big decline.

    Belichick has a good knack for releasing/trading players right at the moment they begin to decline (see also Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork). He’s probably the least sentimental person in the NFL.

  25. NinersRule says:
    May 6, 2016 11:33 AM
    Never really replaced Welker did he?

    No, he didn’t. But that’s because Julian Edelman did, try to keep up. Amendola took a pay cut because like a lot of really competitive guys over the years he didn’t want to leave NE. That’s got to be hard to understand for a Niners fan, what with guys retiring in their prime and even their starting QB wanting out of there

  26. NinersRule says:
    May 6, 2016 11:33 AM

    Never really replaced Welker did he?—————————————————————Not really, but Amendola got a ring.

  27. Got one of those worthless tainted rings but no money. Thats how Kraft rolls. Tries to cheat the league but always cheats his players.

  28. Not to worry about Tom leaving town. He will be close by…somewhere on the bench.

  29. he’s there when the patriots need him. reliable, committed to doing his job, and clutch in pressure situations. hope he stays a patriot for life.

  30. Miami 110-140 since 2000. No playoff wins. Have a nice season.

  31. The Aaron Dobson situation makes me nervous. I just have a funny feeling that if they cut that guy. They’re going to regret it later. As in him going somewhere like Carolina, Green Bay, Baltimore or Minnesota. And lighting it up for years. For whatever reason he couldn’t get off the injury snide here in NE. But flashed huge potential. I think that is why the Patriots have hung on to him also. But this is his moment in NE. He’ll either emerge as a star and stud in preseason. Or he’ll be gone by the second-third cut down. I think the kid from Arizona State is the real sleeper here.

  32. Aaron Dobson has flashed a lot less than many other receivers who showed bigger flashes and still only accomplished very little. He’s like the Ras-I-Dowling of offense…might even actually be the same person, they’ve never been seen together, right ?

    Amendola vs Welker
    2013: 54 vs 73
    2014: 27 vs 49
    2015: 65 vs 13

    In 2012, the year before they swapped teams:
    Amendola 63
    Welker 118

    I think Amendola’s first Pats season more or less met expectations, even though he was gimped for most of the season with a groin (?) injury (a not surprising outcome since he missed a lot of time injured with the Rams).

    Its not really a question of Amendola replacing Welker. In his best season he only had 85 catches with the Rams. Welker was 118 or higher 3 times. But I think in reality, he did effectively turn out to be a better option for the Patriots than Welker has proven to be the last 3 years.

    Gotta love his great hands, clutch plays, and overall football savvy. Sharing the load with the new/younger guys will help preserve his health along with Edelman and Gronk so they can all be in better shape for the playoff run.

    I think this year will be all about depth and rotating players on the lines as well as skill positions to keep players fresher at the end of games, reduce fatigue related injuries, and reduce likelihood of injuries for the number one guys by reducing their workload / number of plays and therefore reduce exposure to injury risk.

  33. It’s not like Aaron Dobson’s going to turn into Jerry Rice (without the illegal stickum) if he leaves. He’ll more likely turn into Chris Chambers (Dolphins, Chargers) and catch 45 balls a year with 5 spectacular grabs mixed in to make you think he’s the next Larry Fitzgerald, but in reality he’ll drop the ones that move the chains and pull a hammy in midseason.

    Players that got away and either were a source of regret they didn’t finish out their careers in Boston, or they came back and killed us directly:

    Babe Ruth
    Sparky Lyle
    Bobby Orr
    Carlton Fisk
    Jeff Bagwell
    Curtis Martin
    Adam Vinatieri
    Johnny Damon

    Players and coaches who left Boston and we slammed the door on their backsides:

    Chuck Fairbanks
    Irving Fryar
    Bill Parcells
    Roger Clemens

  34. He didnt replace Welker but he won a Super Bowl here, Welker did not. He also had some big time catches while I do recall 2 crucial drops for Welker in the postseason. He caught a TD from Edelman on one of the best trick plays I’ve seen executed. Amendola is injury prone but he’s a productive receiver. If Edelman didnt make a big leap he’d have a bigger role in the offense but they both are the same type of WR.

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