Panthers see playing Thursday opener as competitive disadvantage

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For the Super Bowl winner, the right to host the first regular game of the season on the Thursday night of Week One is viewed as an honor. But for the team that has to go on the road to play the Super Bowl winner, it’s not necessarily a good thing.

That’s the word from Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman, whose team will travel to Denver for a Super Bowl 50 rematch in Week One. Gettleman said this morning on PFT Live that he’d rather have a full week of work after final roster cuts, like the other 30 teams get.

“To me, playing in the opening game, on that Thursday night, is a little bit of a competitive disadvantage to those teams, compared to the other 30, because of the way the 53 cut is set up. You’ve got to have a practice and you don’t have your practice squad players,” Gettleman said. “It’s kind of a competitive disadvantage. We’ve got to play them at some point and I’m sure that when the ball’s teed up we’ll both be ready to go.”

Gettleman is right that he and John Elway will have less time to finish their 53-player rosters than the NFL’s other 32 GMs. On the other hand, starting Week One early means they’ll have extra rest before Week Two. In the end, the competitive disadvantage is a fairly small one.

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  1. 30 other teams in the league would be honoured. Quit your whining. Here it comes… 8-8 record guaranteed.

  2. It would only be a disadvantage if the team they were playing were not in the same situation. But they are, so it’s not.

    If there is any disadvantage at all, it is on the team that has to play them in game two when they have had a mini-bye.

  3. They’ll have 10 days of rest after an embarrassing loss to mr. butt fumble to face the lowly 49ers who traveled cross country off a late monday night game. They need to stop with the whining.

  4. The competitive disadvantage is more about Von Miller on Cam Newton’s shoulder pads .002 seconds after the ball is snapped than what day of the week it happens to be.

  5. Well the broncos have the same “disadvantage” so stop whining, panthers are pathetic

  6. What? The NFL engaging in Conduct Detrimental to the Integrity of the Game?

  7. Both Opening Night teams have the same post- final cut prep time. Then both teams have 3 extra days to prep for their Week 2 opponents.

    Plenty of time to catch up.

  8. I have a ton of respect for Gettleman, but he’s off the mark on this one.

    ~ Titans Fan

  9. And the excuses have already begun. From and AFC perspective I would like nothing better than for Carolina to somehow manage a win….but I have to say it will be fun to watch Cam cower and shrink up under the Denver pass rush. Brady stood in there and took it like a man….kept getting up and still had the team in a position to possibly pull out a win. Let’s see if Cam can find it in himself to do the same.

  10. WAAAAAHHHHH!!! Shut up. Win the Super Bowl next time. Just a culture of whining, starting with ownership.

  11. And yet no complaint from Elway (or any of the other teams that have been in that situation). Maybe it’s because they saw the inherent advantage of having 10 days off after their first real game action of their ‘new’ roster?
    Winners see opportunities where also rans see obstacles.

  12. Well, Panthers, if you want to call yourself a good organization, then you can figure out a way to deal with it and work around it. You have 4 whole months. Think outside the box…

  13. Having a coward for a quarterback is a competitive disadvantage.

  14. Both teams are affected by the early start. There is no competitive disadvantage for the individual game. And any disadvantage to the rest of the league is made up by the extra time before week 2. Gettlemen whines almost as much as Cam.

  15. Boo Hoo, please you have months to prepare for your first real game, don’t make excuses and embarrass yourselves once again like you did in the Super Bowl.
    The Dolphins open at Seattle and at New England would you rather have that opening schedule?

  16. Last I checked, Denver doesn’t have to travel. So there’s the short week made shorter by having to travel as well.
    On the surface, it sounds like they’re whining. But he does raise a point. There are people playing in the week 4 pre-season game to determine if they make the team. Then have to turn around and prepare on short week. Naturally, there are some things they can do in advance and I’m sure they will. Just remember when/if your team has to play on Thursday night, on the road.

  17. .
    The Broncos QB position is currently very unsettled. You’re better off playing them early as come November the situation could be remedied.

  18. Panthers see playing Thursday opener as competitive disadvantage
    Translation: We’re going to stink this year

  19. I started to like the Panthers very briefly during the superbowl and actually began rooting for them at one point because of all the turds floating around on Denver’s defense. But then I watched the game and then I heard Cam and now this – they may very well wind up being the team I hate the most by the end of the year.

  20. My favorite is the east coast team complaining if they have to fly more than an hour. Or you could be the Steelers and play all your road games within driving distance.

  21. Is it as big of a disadvantage as the time half their team tested positive for steroids after the Super Bowl and they insisted the other team cheated but they don’t know how?

    Cuz that’s rough.

  22. how about the fact that the ravens WON the superbowl and were still forced to go play AT DENVER the following year

    thats a competitive disadvantage

  23. Good grief. He was asked a question and answered it. From his perspective the game is a pain because of the aforementioned practice squad and 53 man roster issues.

    If you don’t want an honest answer from Dave Gettleman you should not ask questions.

    But nice to see the hate is real from all the teams chasing the Panthers this year.

  24. If one of these teams has a competitive disadvantage it’s the Broncos. They will be defending their title with Mark Sanchez running the huddle.

  25. Nobody is whining. He was asked about it and answered that it’s a little bit of a disadvantage, but that he’s sure both teams will be good to go.

    The only whiners here are these silly little internet commenters.

  26. The first Thursday is much less of a competitive disadvantage than all the other Thursday games. At least in Week One the teams will be well rested.

  27. I think it’s a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

    You have all offseason to prepare for Week 1. And by playing on a Thursday, you get an extra half week to prepare for Week 2, and players have extra time to get over injuries.

    And both teams have the same “competitive disadvantage”, so that point is moot.

  28. People please get a grip. Gettleman said it could be a competitive disadvantage for both teams. So please stop your posturing.

    He also said that no doubt both teams will be ready to play so just calm down and slow your roll!

  29. You could cut your roster to the 53-man final roster before the deadline if you wanted to. They don’t have to wait until the deadline.

  30. Anyone you’re not sure is going to make the team in the week before the first game of the season probably shouldn’t play that week anyway. They should be guys NOT starting because if they are – you’re not a good club to begin with.

  31. After a season of complaints about the franchise, let’s all sit back and appreciate the irony of the people who are now calling the Panthers whiners…

    Also, I’m sure the Panters are really worried now that someone “guaranteed” an 8-8 record. What are they gonna do?!

  32. Gettleman is right that he and John Elway will have less time to finish than the NFL’s other 32 GMs


  33. Someone asked him a question and Gettleman answered. His reasoning makes sense. I don’t believe he was complaining. He just preferred to have a full week to prepare.

    Look forward to the rematch….Panthers fan!!

  34. Its amazing how many people don’t actually read these articles before leaving an hour gnorqnt comment virn out of the deep and far reaching recesses of their throbbing anal cavities.

  35. Wow! Lots of jealousy from the left coast fans. It’s going to be SWEET running up the score on Denver and Seattle. I’m hoping we take it easy on the Raiders, Chargers, Rams, and 49r’s. Anything over double digits will be sufficient. Cam is going to dominate the state of California this year and the imprint he will leave on your feeble minds will cause you to stop watching football and take up knitting.
    I keed, I keed. You would never take up knitting when there are trees to be hugged. lol

  36. Being in the Super Bowl means you are supposedly one of the two best teams in the entire NFL. Thus, you should be able to handle a “disadvantage” better than any other team.

    And when your opponent that first week has had the exact same amount of time to prepare as you have, it is NOT a competitive disadvantage. It’s just something you don’t like.

  37. I love how if you answer a question posed to you honestly, people accuse you of being a whiner. Would you prefer he lie to protect your precious feelings?

  38. What about the competitive advantage of havin 3 xtra days rest before game 2?

  39. FoozieGrooler says:
    May 6, 2016 4:01 PM
    This has been this way for years.
    Why wait until your number is called to complain?


    Maybe because until you’re in the game, you aren’t asked what you think of it?

  40. Maybe if your pouty QB had the nuts to fall on a fumble, you’d be hosting the game…

  41. Haters are just jealous of the Panthers because they are winners.. and haters only like losers!

    Jealous of Cam, his girlfriend model, all his money. and his fancy clothes… because they wish they were him.

    You’d be upset if someone said something untrue about you that hurts your legacy.

    Cam is a new face for the NFL and we should all rally around him instead criticizing him.

  42. Carolina Paper Tigers already trying to make excuses for their implosion in 2016. They won’t be able to feast on 13 teams with losing records this year.

  43. As a Panther fan I absolutely love all the blind hate being spewed in this comment section. 99% of you would die to have Cam at the helm of your team and Gettleman is one of the best GMs in football. Let the hate flow.

  44. Excuses already! How much game planning do they need to do? Denver’s defense is basically the same. Although offensive personnel is new, Kubiak’s been running the same system for years. Just put in some old Baltimore or Houston tape. The Panthers’ game plan could be done now and just tweaked for what they see in pre season week 3. They could be practicing for it all TC if they want.

    Both teams have short weeks. Yes, theirs is one day shorter for travel. That’s how it always is for the visiting team. Between Rivera making excuses for Cam, Cam’s behavior itself, and now Gettleman, they’re starting to look like the crybaby franchise. Maybe that should have been Cam in the diaper on the NY Daily cover…

  45. Not sure who the Kitty Cats are, but to use the jargon of hip youngsters like wendyohno, the Panthers never had any “cred” to begin with. No one ever gave them a shot to go 15-1 and easily make the SB, but guess what? They didn’t need it then and they won’t ever need it.

    As for Cam, it’s a shame that he lost all that sweet “cred” after being exposed as a cheater, an assailant, and a liar. Oh, wait a minute, that was Cam, wasn’t it…?


  46. Look at all this Panther Hate……The Panthers must have taken that step and became a elite team with all this jealousy going on here…..Love It!

  47. “To me, playing in the opening game, on that Thursday night, is a little bit of a competitive disadvantage to those teams, compared to the other 30,”

    Gettleman is simply saying that BOTH the Panthers and Broncos get less time to prepare, which is true. Haters feel free to hate, though. Unless you’re a Denver fan, you’re probably just mad that Carolina is a better team than your team.

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