Patriots sign all but one draft pick, the one without an agent

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The Patriots knocked out most of their draft pick contracts Friday, signing eight of their nine choices.

The team announced they had signed all but third-round quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who has chosen to represent himself. The quarterback may be getting some degree of advice on his deal, if only an hourly rate lawyer to look over the deal, but the increasingly boilerplate nature of rookie deals makes it tempting to save the 3 percent commission.

The Patriots picks signed were second-round cornerback Cyrus Jones, third-round offensive lineman Joe Thuney and defensive tackle Vincent Valentine, fourth-round wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell, sixth-round picks linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill, linebacker Elandon Roberts and guard Ted Karras and seventh-round wide receiver Devin Lucien.

They also released running back Joey Iosefa (who spent time on their practice squad and active roster last year) and added eight undrafted free agents: Illinois cornerback V’Angelo Bentley, Arizona State running back D.J. Foster, Ole Miss nose tackle Woodrow Hamilton, Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson, Auburn cornerback Jonathan Jones, Florida Atlantic cornerback Cre’Von LeBlanc, Vanderbilt tight end Steven Scheu and East Carolina tight end Bryce Williams.

24 responses to “Patriots sign all but one draft pick, the one without an agent

  1. Remember, Miami hasn’t won a playoff game since 2000. Just a reminder for a select few. You’re welcome.

  2. Yes trolls there is no first round pick to sign, the pick having been taken by the league through the fraudulent device known as framegate. Yet the Pats are still the odds on favorite to win it all and another star player took a pay cut today to stay here.

    And cue the jealous trolls in 5, 4, 3…

  3. I was surprised Scheu didnt get drafted, dudes pretty good. Both CB’s are small but play well and could stick. The undrafted class could possibly be better than the drafted one.

  4. If you still believe that the Patriots deflated any footballs then please do everyone a favor and demand to be excused if you are ever called to be on a jury for anyone accused of a crime. You have proven that you have a total lack of reasoning and are highly susceptible to orchestrated media spin. If the judge is intelligent they should understand your justification excuse you from the jury duty. It is your civic duty to make sure that your lack of reasoning doesn’t contribute to an injustice, so make sure to get excused.

  5. this whole trend to represent themselves is crazy…. you have a bunch of 21 year olds trying to negotiate multi million dollar deals with hardened businessmen…

    every few weeks we hear about some player who signed a foolish contract because they were too cheap to pay the 5-10% to an agent to get it set up right.. but they spend literally millions to set up their posse from the old neighborhood…

    lol fools

  6. Don’t be surprised if Arizona State’s DJ Foster makes the team and plays. Very athletic and played both WR/RB well in the PAC-12. Sleeper potential.

  7. At this point, suggesting that the Patriots or Tom Brady “cheated” or “are cheaters” is the online equivalent of getting a forehead tattoo or human branding in large block letters that states “Stupid” followed by the following in a smaller font underneath: “ignorant, pathetic, lemming.

  8. It is so clear that the NFL has not been honest through this entire ordeal. Consider the following:
    A simple Internet search will allow you to find the story about the November 30 2014 incident that occurred during an NFL game played between the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings.

    That game was played in Minnesota and the temperature was 12 degrees on the field.
    Both teams were caught by the NFL on camera using portable heaters on the sidelines to warm-up footballs that were being used in the game, which is against NFL rules. The penalty for those 2 teams being caught with undisputable evidence was an NFL warning to both teams to not do it again.

    Now compare that to a situation where the NFL admitted in court that they had no direct evidence to indicate that Tom Brady was involved in what was alleged by the NFL. The punishment that the Patriots received to what the Panthers and Vikings received.

    The Patriots list of penalties: $1 million dollar fine, loss of their 1st round draft pick 2016, loss of their 4th round draft pick in 2017, deprived of using their best QB for 4 games, and Brady not paid for 4 games.

    All that punishment with no evidence while the Vikings and Panthers only received warnings when they were actually filmed tampering with the pressure of footballs by using heaters.

    That discrepancy in punishments should make it obvious to anyone that is not completely ignorant that the NFL is going out of their way to keep the Patriots from winning games.

  9. On the one hand we have a scientifically accepted equation that has stood the test of scientific minds since 1834. On the other hand we have a herd of biased fact ignoring whiners that continue to believe that they have a grand ability to infer a plot because of a single word typed in the off season. Then you have the mindless fools that continue to believe that someone must be dishonest if they don’t surrender their personal phone to their employer after the employer is caught leaking their private information to the media and after that employer indicated that they did not need to examine the actual phone because the phone logs were provided and they had possession of the other 2 phones. These gullible mindless fools also swallowed the “he destroyed his phone” Goodell orchestrated media spin barrage that was used to sway public opinion in favor of the NFL while smearing Tom Brady.

    Even if you believe that deflation occurred, which it didn’t, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone wanted any footballs to be under 12.5 psi. There is actually evidence indicating that Tom Brady instructed the staff to put the footballs at 12.5 psi and to remind the officials about the rules. Unfortunately, these over confident individuals are willing to ruin the reputation of one of the greatest football players of all time based on their biased reasoning which was influenced by NFL spin. Taking away the Patriots draft picks and sitting Tom Brady for 4 games is only about league parity. The owners and fans of the other 31 teams feel they need this advantage in order to compete with the Patriots. It’s pathetic that these 31 team owners are abusing the court system in a lame attempt to prevent the Patriots from winning football games.

    For all the dopes that cling to the “but he called himself deflator” tripe. “Deflator” doesn’t mean that someone intends to deflate to a pressure below what the rule book stipulates. Only a dope would attempt to convince themselves that “deflator” is proof of anything. When there are 12 years of televised film of Brady playing like the GOAT. There are also countless former Patriots, many currently playing or coaching for other teams that would have exposed any actual cheating. The Patriots work harder than other teams. Sorry to rain on your “deflator” nonsense but a single word mentioned in the off season is only proof to a biased fool. The Patriots win more because they were better in those games. Having a great coach and quarterback helped them be better. So if you still insist that cheating occurred then your chances for ever having rational thoughts on this topic are hopeless so you should just continue to swallow large quantities of the BS flavored kool-aid that you are swimming in.

  10. Excited to see Jacoby open up this offense with vertical passing in a way Brady can’t do it anymore. It’s becoming increasingly harder to win in the NFL if your QB can’t hit passes over 20 yards with accuracy.

  11. Can’t wait to see them play…how many minutes until camp opens?

    I also want to see what Trey Flowers can do – he was off to a good start last year before his injury.

  12. Let’s check in on the season ending games this decade.

    Miami: Week 17, Week 17, Week 17, Week 17, Week 17
    New England: AFC Championship, Superbowl, AFC Championship, AfC championship, Superbowl, AFC Championship

  13. Let me ask you Patriots Lawyers (seems to me like Factpurveyor was writing a Doctoral Thesis). All the science in the world and corrupt Media can’t explain why Brady would not answer questions and smashed his Cell Phone. Innocent people scream at the top of their lungs, “they did nothing wrong” they do not hide and certainly don’t destroy the only evidence that can exonerate them. I won’t take the time to insult personally because I’m sure you are a regular Stud in the Courtroom or a Ph.D in Physics, but outside of Patriots Fans, 99% agree with the rest of us. Next Case!

  14. Well 99% would likely agree that you are wrong in claiming that Brady did “not answer questions”?

  15. Patriots drafted or signed a corner who started college as a wide receiver, a wide receiver who started out as a corner, a tackle who will play guard or center, a running back/wide receiver, a linebacker/safety, and a safety/linebacker. Maybe the quarterback can play tight end with his build.

  16. Regardless of a suspension for the Patriot’s latest cheating scandal the time is quickly approaching where Brady and Belicheat will retire and the Patriots will rapidly return to their normal level of play. The difference between an aging Manning winning a Super Bowl on his way out and an aging Brady winning a Super Bowl on his way out is that the Broncos have become a dominant defensive team whereas the Patriots continue to rely on playing in an awful division and Tom Brady’s right arm. Good luck with that.

  17. The 2nd Circuit is the most respected Appellate Circuit in the United States and the world. Please advise, one more time, how Goodell was able to bribe the 2nd Circuit to arrive at their unconscionable decision reinstating the punishment against Tom Brady for his previously proven cheating techniques for a team that has previously been found guilty of cheating. Tick tock?

  18. Most respected appellate court in the world…That must be sourced from

    Previously “proven” cheating techniques ?

    How did Goodell bribe them ? I guess we may find out if anything was out of wack if it goes to the full bench and they decide differently (like that bastion of justice, the Chief Judge already did)…but it would probably involve money, favors, blackmail, you know…the usual bribery things.

  19. @wendyohno says:
    May 8, 2016 9:36 PM

    Fact : The 2nd Circuit’s ruling was not about cheating. Guilt of Brady or bribes. It was a ruling on the CBA and if Goodell’s power as commissioner included railroading Brady. All of the justices agreed that Brady was unfairly Judged by the league (Goodell) and there was questionable evidence used against him but the CBA gives the Commissioner power to do whatever he wants.

    To date … to federal judges ruled for Brady , Two for the League… it’s tied right row.

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