Rex Ryan talks up Baby Gronk

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As the NFL Draft wound down last Saturday, Bills coach Rex Ryan picked up the phone and made a call to undrafted Kansas State fullback/tight end Glenn Gronkowski.

Ryan wanted Gronkowski to know the Bills wanted him, and not just for his last name.

“I recruited him, there’s no question,” Ryan said at the Bills rookie minicamp Friday, per the team-released transcript. “At the end of the draft I called him up and recruited him myself because I really liked him when I saw him as a player. And then I guess the family was in the background, so, I had a couple of parting shots.”

Glenn becomes the fourth Gronkowski brother to play in the NFL. Rob Gronkowski — dominant during the season, generally shirtless otherwise — is the best-known of the bunch and the best player, and Ryan almost always uses two defenders on him when his teams play the Patriots.

“I think Rob was proud of his brother obviously and him getting the opportunity to play here,” Ryan said.

The Bills list Glenn Gronkowski at 6-foot-3, 234, meaning he’s about three inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than his big brother. Glenn Gronkowski is getting tight end reps this weekend because the Bills don’t have a true tight end in their rookie camp. He’ll likely play fullback and special teams in his bid to make the roster, and Ryan says he’ll be watching him closely.

“I love the way he played,” Ryan said. “They did a lot with him at Kansas State but obviously he’s got the bloodlines. But it’s more than that. It’s the style of play and I look at him as a guy that, you know, I’m expecting big things from.

“Can he contribute on special teams, can he be a backup fullback, use him at different things, backup tight end? We’ll see. He’s going to get the opportunity to prove it. But I would not be surprised if he does very well.”

24 responses to “Rex Ryan talks up Baby Gronk

  1. LL Cool J & The Wildcats 1986 – Football

    It’s the spirit of kings , better than diamond rings…


    Pat fans has no spirit, and their rings are tainted.

  2. “The Bills list Glenn Gronkowski at 6-foot-3, 234, meaning he’s about three inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than his big brother”

    That’s nowhere near the size differential there is between the baby bills and big brother Pats. Glenn should fit right in with the veterans in Buffalo, he’s already used to getting beat up by a Patriot

  3. If I was Rex, I would convert baby Gronk into a defender and have him play man to man…

  4. He might grow another inch or so and PED’s will take care of the weight.

  5. Too thin for a FB.

    Moves well but college film shows FB responsibilities.

    I see potential but how are his hands?

  6. Good for the new Gronk getting signed by his home town team! Hope he has success with the Bills – and hope he doesn’t have to live with the Baby Gronk label his whole career…

  7. As a Bills fan, a back up fullback? Groan. Mccoy doesn’t even like running behind a full back. Our starting fullback barely played last season.

  8. Good luck baby Gronk. Also, the Patriots are early super bowl faves……….again. Not like Miami, who hasn’t won a playoff game since 2000. Ouch!

  9. simplegodfather says:
    Pat [sic] fans has [sic] no spirit…

    Says the Jests fan whose team did not sell out a single game last year about Pats fans that have purchased every ticket since Kraft bought the team in ’94. Pats, Broncos, ‘Hawks, Skins and ‘Phins fans to name a few are pretty spirited on this forum as well. Seems like even Bills fans out post Jests fans here. What’s the market size differential between those cities and NY? So, yeah about that spirit thing…

  10. FYI. Since 2000. Miami 110-140. Two playoff games, both losses. 12 points scored. Patriots 190-58. 13 AFC east titles. 6 super bowl appearances, four championships. Not to mention 5 straight AFC championship appearances. Let that marinate for a bit.

  11. Gronk is a great guy. The NFL should have more players like him. He’s so enthusiastic and seems like he’s having a great time. He’s also very professional and never lets his partying get in the way of his job. Also, the fact that he banks all his NFL money for the future and lives off of endorsements tells me he’s pretty smart. So good luck to Glenn…I hope he has as much success as his big brother.

  12. I can’t wait for the implosion that’s sure to come when they meet the Pats in October….Blabber Mouth Ryan is just trying to play “head” games with Belicheat, cause he’d sign a dog turd if he thought that could one-up Ol’ Bill!… Pats: 34 Bills: 10

  13. I’m not sure why the Miami Dolphins are even mentioned in this story by the seriously paranoid Cheaters, but since you need a reminder…

    The Miami Dolphins lead the all-time series against the Patriots 53-48-0.

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