Will Sam Bradford retire?


The Eagles and quarterback Sam Bradford remain at an impasse.

The team, which committed $22 million in fully-guaranteed money to Bradford under a two-year deal, envisions Bradford to be the Week One starter. Bradford, who accepted the two-year deal without a gun or other weapon pressed to his head but who now believes he’ll be getting the hook sooner than later, wants to be traded. The other 31 teams are bemused, at best, by his availability.

So what happens with Bradford? Via PhillyInfluencer.com, Reuben Frank of CSN Philly thinks Bradford will retire.

It could end up being the only way out of the corner into which Bradford has painted himself. But it would be expensive; he’d immediately forfeit the $11 million signing bonus he received earlier this year from the Eagles if he retires.

Still, there’s a potential Carson-Palmer-in-2011 appeal to a retirement decision. Like the former Bengals quarterback did five years ago, Bradford could call it quits (losing the signing bonus but avoiding the fines and forfeitures that would arise from holding out while under contract) and wait for another quarterback to tear an ACL or pop an Achilles or (like former Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell did two days before the trade deadline in 2011) break a collarbone.

Bradford would simply sit and wait until a trade opportunity arises, whether it happens later this year or next year. If the opportunity never arises, he’d simply never play again.

With no one currently clamoring to make Bradford “the guy” and with Bradford unwilling to be “a guy” in Philadelphia, this is the only approach that makes sense — costly as it may be.

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  1. Darn. I was hoping this was going to be based on an actual piece of news or evidence that it might happen other than the simple regurgitation of another columnist’s wild shot in the dark theory.

    Too bad.

  2. You can sit out a long time before the fines justify walking away from $11 million dollars.

  3. Throw away 22 million? I think instead he will just skip every non-mandatory meeting and even some things that will cost him marginal fees. Then show up unprepared for the started job and end up warming the bench until he gets cut and walks away 22 million richer.

  4. Now he’s going to take his ball and go home? I think I pulled that in 2nd grade, minus the tens of millions of dollars. I hope he does. -Eagles Fan

  5. The crazy part is, he signed a short-term deal, rejecting a longer-term offer. He knew he wasn’t the guy in Philly once Chip left. This is the strangest standoff in league history.

  6. The fans pay wayyyyy too much money for these prima donnas to whine about their $22 million/2 year contracts. Go get a real job and see how fair life is.

  7. TODAY: Bradford immediately responds: “That’s the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve heard.

    TOMORROW MORNING: Finally sits down to watch the movie “Concussion.”

    TOMORROW AFTERNOON: NFL headquarters receives Sam Bradford’s signed retirement papers.

  8. Odds are the Sam is the hurt QB, he needs to go on the field and let nature take it course.

  9. Bradford should look to be the next Carson Palmer by both “retiring” and then ending up an AZ Cardinal. He could take the reins from Palmer once CP’s contract is up and step on to a team with a great Oline, running game, defense, offensive weapons, coach, GM, location, stadium, etc.

  10. What an idiot. Nobody wanted to pay him big bucks or trade for him because he hasn’t shown anything. So now instead of showing you are an adult and capable of winning in the NFL, you’d rather retire and now make millions of dollars. He doesn’t deserve to play another down of football again. The Rams wasted 5 years on him, and the Eagles have wasted their time on him too.

  11. Has this guy even done anything on the field worth discussing yet?

  12. Other than stirring up middle school drama from afar, and avoiding having to write actual football articles, on what planet is Bradford defaulting on his signed agreement, giving up a guaranteed $22 million including $11 million already in his hands, screwing over his teammates and virtually nailing shut the door on any chance of playing again “the only approach that makes sense?”

    Do you even pretend anymore to care about football, or just see how much drama and male bovine feces you can stir up?

  13. He is a qb in the nfl with skills, pedigree, youth, and upside. If I was the Browns I would be all over this guy. He has all the leverage: it’s really elementary economics.
    He can do whatever he wants that’s what makes this America.
    Bad luck in St. Louis, boarded a sinking dysfunctional ship in Philly, and now got deceived by the Eagles. Why is he the bad guy?
    And don’t even start with “millions of dollars crap”. You feel sorry for these owners? Many of these guys haven’t had to put in a quarter of the effort to get wealthy that Bradford had to. Besides you want the money to go to billionaire owners so they can pile it on their towers of money?

  14. Sam Bradford is a piss poor leader and a below average QB. Tom Condon is giving him horrible advice. Where is Sam’s dad at to tell him to get his ass back to work.

  15. One huge difference between Bradford and Palmer and that is Palmer was a solid quarterback who had proven a few things during his career. Sam must really think who he is, a guy who is 25-37 as a starter and has played 16 games what, twice during his career? Just because you have more money than 95% of the players in the league doesn’t mean you are necessarily successful there bub. I heard he is whipped by his fiancé anyway, so football probably isn’t a high priority in his life. He might be content on just riding off into the sunset with his 78 million. Then he could avoid crawling back to the team with his tail between his legs and face the backlash from the angry Eagles fans.

  16. Ah, the fun we witness when all parties involved apparently do not have a firm grasp on reality.

  17. Not gonna get a lot of sympathy when his bank account dwarfs the combined bank accounts of PFT’s readership.

  18. Jeebus, Nancy.
    Just suck it up and get out there and play for your paltry $18M.
    Bradford is so entitled he makes Johnny Football look reasonable by comparison.

  19. This guy has some nerve. The least accomplished $100m qb ever to play in the league, and he acts like this?

  20. I hope not! How could he deny us, the fans, of his legendary play? He was heading straight to Canton. Please Sam, don’t retire.

  21. You have the one team in the league that’s willing to pay you $22 million/yr to be an average quarterback for 1 or 2 years while helping the next guy learn. A better man would take the money, make the best of it and do everything to get Wentz ready while proving that you still deserve the #1 spot.

    Apparently Bradford is not that guy.. Brady Quinn is right, the guy has never had to compete for a position and doesn’t have the mental fortitude to win a competition. If I were the Eagles, I’d ask him to return the bonus and cut him. He wasn’t worth the money before and he’s sure as hell not worth it now..

  22. I really hope so.

    This tool has done nothing in the NFL.

    he’s injury prone.

    He’s a redzone interception machine

    He’s a bum that can’t be counted on in crunch time.

    For him to whine about opportunity and money is a joke.

    Guy has no heart

  23. averagejoe5050 says:
    May 6, 2016 10:56 AM
    Quitting is for losers…so it fits well with Bradford


    He outplayed Brady in NE, how many QB’s can say the same?

  24. This guy will not do it. He wants to get his ACL blown out in a non-contact injury and pocket the money$. He is a looser with free loading mentality.

  25. Who’s ego is so big that they would be willing to quit rather than be handed $22 million dollars because they don’t want to train their replacement?

    Quit being a baby, get your butt to camp, play the best season of football you have in your career, and go be paid somewhere else instead of crying into your pillow until you can vulture someone else’s roster spot.

  26. He’s an oft-injured, mediocre QB who has overplayed his hand. He needs the Eagles more than they need him.

  27. Even if he retires, the Eagles retain his rights, he goes on the “reserve/retired” list. So unless he really wants to retire, it makes no sense at all.

  28. Yeah sure – he aint retiring – you cant be threatening anybody Bradford the way you have been playing you big baby.

  29. Next on Sam Bradford, Jealous Wife:

    You LOOKED at her! It’s only a matter of time before you’ll dump me and marry her!!!
    [pulls out Glock] BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM.

  30. He and his agent took a gamble. So far it looks like they lost. No team will give any significant value in trade after they’ve done this. He’s not THAT good.

    Only way I see him coming back is to fire his agent and blame it all on him as bad advice. That won’t happen and probably wouldn’t be believed anyway. Retirement may be his best option.

  31. Or he could take the age old advice of suck it up buttercup and pull a Drew Bree’s while he was at San Diego and play like a boss. Then he won’t have to wait for someone to break their collarbone.

  32. That photo was taken moments after someone to the right said the word “competition.”

  33. He’s lucky he was one of the last $70 million draft picks before they put in the slotting system.

  34. I really feel bad for him.
    In the mean time I am working 12 hour shifts every day this week and I get to take the extra money to buy a new set of tires for my 2012 Hyundai Sonata.

    Stay strong Sam!
    Your sacrifice is inspiring to us all.

  35. Be willing to carry a clipboard and get paid or retire and don’t get paid. It is that simple.

  36. Does his contract really give him all this money and actually allow him to sit on the sidelines and pout?

    If those are the terms, those are the terms but, WOW, thief.

  37. this cat is going to be more disliked then Manziel –

    at least Manziel knows he’s a horses ass

  38. I’m not a huge Bradford fan but his reaction stinks of the team not being upfront, or more likely outright lying to him before he signed. He’s been a pretty rational guy so far in the league and I don’t see why that would change now.

    The dude has a ton of money already, no reason to put up with people that have no respect for you just for more of it.

  39. As a diehard Eagles fan, let me make this abundantly clear… meh, I don’t really care. This whole year is just a long preseason to the 2017 NFL season when Wentz takes over. Sure, the Eagles might have a chance to win the NFC East if the reach their full potential. But, that’s not much different than having the best record in any other preseason. If Bradford is here or not, what’s the difference?

    Actually, I think at this point I want Bradford to be here just so he can be booed mercilessly.

  40. I don’t see the Carson Palmer route working for Bradford. Palmer actually had success in the NFL when he strong-armed Cincy into trading him. Bradford has been pedestrian, at best.

    Hold the clipboard, Sam. Only set it down to count your millions.

  41. Reminds me of the whole Carson Palmer/Bengals standoff from a few years ago. Except Carson Palmer was, you know, good.

  42. Every team in the league knows that if their starting QB goes down for the year, and they trade for Bradford, in two weeks, he’ll be done for the year with an injury too. And two weeks is generous.

  43. I don’t see why Eagles fans are mad at Sam Bradford. The Eagles mistreated him. He’s made $78 million during his career. With the contract he signed he will be over $100 million and if he plays both years it will be over $110 million. How is he supposed to feed his family on that? By the Eagles not guaranteeing that he’ll be the starter for 2 years, it impacts his ability to hoodwink another team into over paying him. How is he supposed to earn another $100 million for mediocre play from some other hapless team if he can’t point to his stellar performance with the Eagles?

    Bradford should demand a trade. Personally I’d like to see the Jets get him. Then he could play behind an Oline that was a lot worse than what the Eagles put out. With the Jets he’d get hit every third play, just like Denver did to Tom Brady. Bradford should play hard ball with the eagles. Not report to camp, and not communicating with the coaches. This will improve his leverage as teams like that kind of me first attitude.

    Contrast him with Mark Sanchez in Denver. Sanchez has said he’s there to compete for the job and will do what the coaches tell him to do. What a bad attitude! Where is his sense of entitlement? Sanchez naively believes that if he tries hard and doesn’t mouth off it will benefit him. He has a lot to learn from good old Sam. I wish Sanchez the best, but I think he’ll find a way to turn over the ball in key situations.

  44. He already tried to retire once with the Rams. The Rams were able to convince him not to retire so they could trade him to the Eagles.

    I bet if he wouldn’t have to give up the signing bonus he’d retire again tomorrow.

    He’s there for the paycheck, he doesn’t really want to be in the NFL.

  45. Wouldn’t it be a better strategy to report to camp, play lights out, then when they replace you with the rookie, you’ve got lots of bargaining power to command a high salary the next time you become a Free Agent?

  46. How about being a competitor and go out and start this year with the intention to increase your value and your chances of getting a better contract wherever it may be.

  47. If he retires…then the Eagles definitely made the right decision. Can’t bank on a QB not even willing to compete.

  48. orangeandbluethroughandthrough says:
    May 6, 2016 11:18 AM

    Has any NFL player made so much money with such little results in history?

    Everyone gave him a pass because of injuries to start out, but this is getting ridiculous!


    Does the name Jamarcus Russell ring a bell???

  49. Only someone who has been handed money without earning it for many many years can be so ostensibly recalcitrant. Bradfords gonna start coming up on a google search of “the kind of guy you don’t want to be your QB or face of the franchise.”

    Excellent PR, Condon. Way to advise this guy.

  50. … or he could live up to his contractual obligations required by him signing that document. He must think he’s good enough that there shouldn’t be any competition for the QB position. Too bad sonny boy, the Eagles should require him to live up to his commitment and if he doesn’t want to be an adult about it; then let him retire and don’t release him from their control until the contract term expires, by then no one will want him. See how he likes that.

  51. As a Seahawks fan it still really bums me out that he’s not with the Rams anymore. He really kept them from keeping up with the other teams in the division over the last five or so years.

    Definition of mediocre, deer in the headlights look all the time…what’s not to love in a QB for the other team.

    He’d be crazy to do anything that would take all that money off the table. He has no right or reason to demand anything like he’s some elite QB.

  52. kneedragr says:
    May 6, 2016 10:52 AM
    Throw away 22 million? I think instead he will just skip every non-mandatory meeting and even some things that will cost him marginal fees. Then show up unprepared for the started job and end up warming the bench until he gets cut and walks away 22 million richer.


    If Bradford does that he will never get another chance to be a starter in the NFL.

  53. bryonneufeld says:
    May 6, 2016 12:10 PM

    If Bradford does that he will never get another chance to be a starter in the NFL.


    He seems to be doing a pretty damn good job of that following his current course of action.

  54. He will miss what he can, then show up for training camp. He isn’t going to throw away that money. He probably starts too, since the kid isn’t ready and Chase Daniel sucks.

  55. If Bradford’s goal was to ensure that Philly fans will boo him incessantly then I think he succeeded. He may be the most hated person in Philly with his childish actions. Just wait until he actually hits the field and does nothing. Will he complain about everyone in Philly? This guy is a total waste. He needs to shut up and play. If he’s afraid he’s going to be beaten out by Chase Daniels or Carson Wentz then maybe he should work/try harder. I guess it’s easier to just whine like a little baby. Unreal.

  56. One more thing. I don’t see why Bradford is so unhappy. It’s not like he’s ever played an entire season anyway. He’ll probably have a hangnail the first game and miss the rest of the season. Too bad the Eagles can’t just cut him and make him pay back all that money he didn’t earn.

  57. He may as well retire. The Philly fans (rightfully so) will eat him alive. It’s very sad how he handled this. He’s right… there is no real competition here. But he should have used this as an opportunity to play as well as he possibly could to improve his trade value knowing that one way or the other, he would be done at the end of the year.

    Missed opportunity.

  58. Just my opinion, but by Bradford’s insistence on being “the guy” and being completely unwilling to compete to legitimately become “the guy”, he’s virtually assured himself that no team will ever make him “the guy” again without competing to earn that status.
    Entitlement in the NFL…when the love of money overtakes the love for the game.
    Just go away, Bradford.

  59. I can’t believe this bum would rather retire than face competition from a kid from the FCS! Next year! The starting job is his this season and he’d rather just walk away than face the slightest risk of losing his job in the future. It’s completely irrational.

  60. Connor Barwin on WIP not 10 minutes ago say Bradford is coming in to camp…..for whatever that is worth

  61. Generally when someone who’s still in his prime refuses to report, it’s because of a respect/integrity issue between the player and GM or coach. That seems to be the case with teams like the 49ers and Eagles. Sam Bradford has been in the public spotlight for over a decade and there have never been any character questions whatsoever. Bradford didn’t achieve all his accomplishments without being a great competitor, so I don’t think this has anything to do with him not wanting to compete. Wentz is going to be the Eagles QB based on a time schedule, not any type of competition. I think both sides just need to move on to the next chapter. Why would any sane person want a QB who didn’t want to be there? This just goes to show you the games that are being played in Philly. Just hope they don’t ruin Wentz.

  62. And this is what happens when an agent tells his client “sure I can get you a better situation”, discovers he can’t, and doesn’t want to tell the client to put his tail between his legs and report for duty.

  63. This is one of those circumstances that is so out of my reality that I enjoy thinking about it for awhile. What I think about is this. What kind of a relationship does someone have to have with his fiance and/or family and/or close friends that would allow him to talk out loud about what he planned to do and they weren’t able to talk him out of it. I mean does he ask his girlfriend to marry him and oh by the way, I’m really not feeling the love from the Eagles. And she says “Yes, I will marry you, but only if you hold out on them cause I like a man who’s in charge.”

    I don’t care how much money he has in the bank. He has to know that he hasn’t lived up to his First Draft Pick hype and isn’t in a competitive football position to be missing any training. So get back to the locker room and earn your position on the team or say you’re done and go play golf with your future bride. But you don’t have the right to put the team or fans that have supported you in a lurch like this.

  64. Philadelphia’s media are the worst in pro sports .Just wait until Carson Wentz starts and throws his first interception they’ll turn on him like they do every other sports figure in town.

  65. How can you criticize him for using :”bemused”? Didn’t you know he was preoccupied about his next story?

  66. tonebones says:
    May 6, 2016 1:16 PM

    I think both sides just need to move on to the next chapter. Why would any sane person want a QB who didn’t want to be there? This just goes to show you the games that are being played in Philly…..

    Tone: as to the sane person question, philly paid bradford $5.5M earlier this off-season upon his signing a two year contract. A contract that pays bradford nearly tom brady money per year. bradford is due another 5.5M soon; and he won’t answer the phone when his bosses call. now i’m sure if sam wanted to pay back the 5.5M he already got and tear up his contract the eagles would be able to find it in their hearts to allow him to go be the guy somewhere else…

  67. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    May 6, 2016 10:50 AM
    Darn. I was hoping this was going to be based on an actual piece of news or evidence that it might happen other than the simple regurgitation of another columnist’s wild shot in the dark theory.

    Too bad.


    Whenever the headline is a question and not a statement that’s your tip.

  68. Everyone wants to bash Bradford, but no one knows what the Eagles told him behind closed doors. I’d be willing to bet that they told him he was “the guy” when he signed on the dotted line. If that’s the case, I don’t blame him for being irritated. That said, if he wants to continue his career, his best option is to show up and have a great season for the Eagles. It doesn’t look like the Jets or anyone else is interested at the moment.

  69. If he retires, is he allowed to join another team without the Eagles’ consent? Not sure how that works. If you can do that, it seems like more players would.

  70. Hmm…and Hue Jackson does have an extra first and second round pick lying around, so this could work out for the Iggy Azaleas.

  71. Bradford can sit at home and count all the money he’s made in his career while flipping the bird to all of you on your way to work.

  72. PFT loves the Steelers says:
    May 6, 2016 2:42 PM

    Everyone wants to bash Bradford, but no one knows what the Eagles told him behind closed doors. I’d be willing to bet that they told him he was “the guy” when he signed on the dotted line. If that’s the case, I don’t blame him for being irritated. That said, if he wants to continue his career, his best option is to show up and have a great season for the Eagles. It doesn’t look like the Jets or anyone else is interested at the moment.

    I really think what happened is the Eagles were buying into the commonly held notion a few months ago (when they were signing Sam) that this was going to be a weak QB class, and they would be drafting a young QB in the mid-first, or second round (or later) that could learn for a couple years and then there would be a true competition. So Bradford signed on. But as the draft approached, Wentz’ stock shot through the roof, and the Eagles had a change in their long-term plans, and Bradford kind of got squeezed out. I don’t blame Bradford for thinking the Eagles mislead him, but I really just think the Eagles changed their mind based on updated information. When the Eagles signed Sam, they had Wentz rated as a mid-round talent. I support the thinking by both parties. It’s just one of those things.

  73. Remember, Bradford was the last QB to rake in the big money before the new players’ contract kicked in reducing the rookie salaries. Having been the 1st draft choice, I believe he signed for about 50 mil. Hope he didn’t spend it all. It will comfort him while he awaits his fate with the Eagles.

  74. to think i contemplated buying a Sammy B jersey this offseason for the coming year..I have Jaws, I have Vick, and another #7 would be sweet..

    But Sammy, you really lost Philly fans man. just go away already. none of us want to hear your bellyache of the 11million you got just for signing your stupid name. You need a dose of reality man. where the blue collar workers you’re playing in front of make less than 90k a year. sympathy for you? please, maybe a steel toed boot up main street..

    Get busyworking Sammy B, or get outta town.

  75. Bradford’s actions remind me of that Patsy Cline tune…

    Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
    I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue
    I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted
    And then someday you’d leave me for somebody new

    Worry, why do I let myself worry?
    Wondering what in the world did I do?
    Crazy for thinking that my love could hold you
    I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying

    And I’m crazy for loving you
    Crazy for thinking that my love could hold you
    I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
    And I’m crazy for loving you….

  76. You can’t compare Palmer to Bradford. Palmer was tired of Browns cheap and meddling ways.

    Palmer had to tell Chad Johnson what route to run before the snap, after calling the play. T.O. and Chad together was a disaster.

    Palmer put in his time for the Bengals and was fed up with one the worst owner in sports.

    Bradford signed a deal and a few weeks later wants out after one season with the team. You may not like Lurie but he certainly spends on the team.

  77. Bradford’s luck is so bad in this situation that another team’s QB wouldn’t get hurt until the first practice after the trade deadline.

  78. I don’t know who is more idiotic? Howie Roseman or Sam Bradford? The Eagles will be the bottom the NFC East for years to come.😂😂😂

  79. As a philly fan myself it seriously bothers me that this dude is so concerned about having competition. I mean if he believes so little in his “talent” that he is this upset about the mere thought of having to compete he ,and the team, have no shot anyway. Anyone else agree?

  80. This is why you never should believe the Philadelphia media they make stuff up just to cause trouble.

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