Lions surprised A’Shawn Robinson was available in the second round

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The Lions think they got first-round value from their second-round pick.

Lions G.M. Bob Quinn said this morning on PFT Live that Alabama defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson, whom the Lions selected with the 46th overall pick, was a player the Lions were assuming would be off the board well before their second-rounder came up.

“I was a little bit surprised. He was a player we talked about and we kind of thought he’d go somewhere between our two picks — we were sitting there at 16 and then at 46,” Quinn said. “We felt really good about the grade we had on him and at the end of the day we thought he’d go somewhere from 17 to 34 would be the range, and we were very fortunate he was there at 46.”

Robinson seemed surprised, too; among the 25 players who were invited to the draft, Robinson was the second-to-last drafted. Only his fellow defensive tackle Jarran Reed at No. 49 overall was drafted later.

With Robinson and the rest of the rookie class in the fold, Quinn thinks the Lions should be better than the team he inherited.

“I expect improvement. That’s the one thing I expect,” Quinn said. “I expect us to be a competitive team at the top of the NFC North.”

The Lions have never been at the top of the NFC North; the last time they won their division was in 1993, when it was still the NFC Central.

18 responses to “Lions surprised A’Shawn Robinson was available in the second round

  1. There are always good players left in the 2nd and 3rd round that could have gone in the first. That’s because there are always players picked in the 1st round that shouldn’t have been. I think Quinn had a great draft. Happy to see the Lions finally might have a GM.

  2. Oh Lions. Youve had some decent picks but they all seem to never pan out. Suh, Fairly, Titus Young, blah, blah. I hope Ziggy stays on the team after he lights it up this year, playing for a contract.

  3. Suh never panned out? Young, Fairly, Andre Ware, Charles Rogers, Mike Williams never panned out. Suh was a cap casualty and possibly the best decision Mayhew ever made for the organization.

  4. Not really sure how you could say that the Suh pick didn’t pan out. Sure they screwed up his contract by repeatedly kicking the can down the road, but the dude ended up as the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. The pick was clearly not a ‘miss’.

  5. Most people love to point to the Lions past blunders as a reason why they’ll always be terrible which is completely illogical considering they have a new owner, GM, president and scouting department. The Lions are young and have a QB which is more than a lot of teams out there.

  6. He probably fell because he’s from Alabama and we all know how they have failed in the NFL the last several years. They are over-rated and underwhelming when they get to the next level.

  7. With Jim Bob Cooter and an offense that plays to the talent on this team, and a draft that focused on the weakness of the team (O-Line) and a schedule that IMHO is about middle of the road with teams that are better than their record like Colts, Jags, and Rams, Saints, and Cowboys. The Lions will have to play their best ball to be on top of the North. The Vikings look pretty good, and the Packers will be good too with Nelson coming back.

    I don’t see the big drop off that most see with CJ being gone. I believe JBC will make up for his loss, at least I hope that’s the case

  8. All those Bama defenders fell in the draft, both DTs and the LB — it almost seemed like they cancelled each other out or something.

  9. Nobody else is. Kid does care about playing football. People always joke about so-and-so being out of the league in five years. I could definitely see Robinson being that guy– not for lack of ability, he is talented– simply for lack of interest. Maybe this whole paragraph had been totally unfair, and I hope it is, but he just strikes me as a get your money and get out kind of dude.

    Again, I hope I’m wrong, but the reason he fell to the second is because I might be right.

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