Madden game ditches fan vote for cover athlete

In 2010, EA Sports partnered with ESPN to conduct a fan vote to determine the cover athlete for the annual Madden video game. This year, there will be no vote, according to Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness Journal.

But there will be a cover athlete, as selected by EA Sports and announced on Thursday.

The contest at one point commenced with a 64-player bracket. In 2014, only 16 were in the pool. Last year, a four-player vote resulted in Odell Beckham Jr. getting the gig.

Make your guesses below as to who it will be. I’ll make three: (1) Jameis Winston; (2) Todd Gurley; (3) Josh Norman.

EA Sports has had the exclusive NFL video game contract since 2004. In 2014, the NFL said that EA Sports held the rights for a “couple more years.”

I’ve complained multiple times in the past about the quality of the game. However, the 2016 version of the Madden franchise was the best ever — a dynamic that was balanced out by regression of the FIFA game and a lingering malaise with the NHL series.

This year’s version comes out on August 23. And I plan to pre-order it.

41 responses to “Madden game ditches fan vote for cover athlete

  1. “I’ll make three: (1) Jameis Winston”

    Um, are you serious?

    “(2) Todd Gurley”

    OK, you must be serious.

    “(3) Josh Norman.”

    Wow, that’s settles it … Not serious at all.

  2. The “Aggressive Catch” and Y button smashing were such a gimmick.

    The best Madden ever is still Madden 2003 with Marshall Faulk on the cover

  3. antonio brown! with his dancing with the stars outfit on instead of a steelers uniform.

  4. My guess would be Cam Newton. If I recall correctly, he was second place in voting behind Calvin Johnson after his rookie season and was clamoring for people to vote for him to get on the cover. Now that he has an MVP title to his name, I think he has a really great chance to make it this year.

  5. Can we please just have NFL Street back?

    I could see the cover nod going to someone like Devonta Freeman, Von Miller, Tyrann Mathieu, Khalil Mack, or DeAndre Hopkins.

    Maybe Norman due to all of the drama surrounding him or Gurley due to the LA connect.

  6. The cover vote lost its meaning when Peyton Hillis beat out Aaron Rodgers. Of course, every Packers and CAL Bears fan voted for Hillis so Rodgers would avoid the Madden curse.

  7. its peyton manning!

    and I cant wait, Ive gotten every madden since inception

  8. Madden is still full of exploits and glitches that make the game boring vs. CPU (too easy even on the hardest levels) and annoying against people online, but it did make strides.

    NHL, however. Goodness gracious sakes alive, man. The game is unplayable, even if they’ve made a lot of progress with certain things. It’s still too easy and even more exploit-heavy than Madden.

  9. shadowman1433 says:
    May 9, 2016 5:00 PM

    Laremy Tunsil and the game comes with a free gas mask.

    Only if you pre-order

  10. If they don’t update the gear I will be sad. New gloves, new cleats, and for the love of God add the half sleeves that 80% of the league wears!

  11. Von or JJ. Haven’t had a reason to put a defender on the cover in a while. Now they do.

  12. Either they are lazy and don’t want to put forth any effort in determining the cover or they are planning something controversial like Peyton on the cover even though he retired. If the contract is NFLPA heavy vs. corporate NFL, then my guess would be Brady.

  13. I love football but I don’t think any strides Madden has made should be compared to FIFA.

    Nevermind how you feel about soccer vs. football, FIFA

  14. Personally, the only person I want to see on the Madden NFL cover is John Madden. He gives his name to it, put him on the cover.

  15. Seriously second year players over superstars like JJ Watt or Antonio Brown that are in their prime, or Brady before he retires?

  16. It depends on what the “theme” of the game is. This year, they redefined the receiving game, so naturally Beckham was the cover choice (with Gronk, AB and Pat Pete being the runners up).

    If the theme this year is improved line play, then Watt or Von Miller might be good options. If it’s passing, Newton, Rodgers or Winston are obvious choices. Brady the cheater isn’t getting on any covers anytime soon. He probably destroys his console when he’s about to lose.

  17. I hope the NFL takes to it’s senses and allows competition.
    The more competition, the better games will be available and the likelier the games will reach an audience new to Football.

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