QB coach says Tony Romo looks “re-energized” after collarbone surgery

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It took Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo a little while to determine whether he’d have surgery and what kind of surgery he’d have in hopes of strengthening his left collarbone after breaking it twice during the 2015 season, but he went in for an operation in early March.

That operation came with a 6-8 week timetable for recovery and it was less time than that before Romo declared himself ready to go for offseason work. Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said that work has been going on without any restrictions and that Romo looks refreshed after his long layoff from football.

“He’s looking good,” Wilson said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We had two practices where we’ve been out here on the field with the guys and he’s done everything. He’s throwing, he’s got good velocity on all of his throws, great movement in his legs. He looks like he’s re-energized because he hadn’t played, you know, missed the majority of the season. So he’s real energized and anxious to get going.”

Wilson said that they don’t have Romo on a pitch count during workouts and that it will be the quarterback’s call about whether to back off because of “soreness or anything like that.” Those days may come over the course of the offseason, but there doesn’t appear to be much concern about Romo’s fitness at this point in the calendar.

37 responses to “QB coach says Tony Romo looks “re-energized” after collarbone surgery

  1. Hopefully the Cowboys will run the ball more, utilize more play action, and go with quicker throws for Romo. I think if Jason Garrett wasn’t such a puppet they would have an offense designed to protect him better.

  2. You would think the supposed best line in football could keep him upright. He’s a joke and the Cowboys are a joke. They will once again have the top draft pick up the NFC East. Teams.

  3. Did Whiskey get permission to speak to the media without Jerrah or the golden child son’s permission!!

  4. Come back at 5, exclusive on how Witten thinks he’s got 10 more years of pro bowl play. Working on story for 11, Jerry thinks this is the greatest Cowboy Roster ever assembled.

  5. Yeah, ok. 37 year old with a bad back and constantly hurt. I’m sure he’ll keep improving.

  6. I don’t want to wish injury on someone so I won’t. Looking at his situation historically, this type of recurring problem at his age in the NFL, isn’t good.

    I’m an Eagles fan, and the Eagles are basically punting on this season, so this isn’t wishful thinking or trash-talking, my squad is likely coming in 3rd in the division (I would say 4th, but there’s always a team that is surprisingly bad no matter what). But its just not a good situation for the man.

  7. What else is he going to say? The Cowboys have a 4th place schedule and a team that with Romo went 12-4 in 2014. But Romo is 36 and has broken his collarbone and clavicle during his career including twice last year and if/when he can’t play they are not the same team.

  8. pittsburghdamned says:

    Energized enough to elude a sack for once?


    Mmmkay. I still remember the look on JJ Watt’s face as he was laying on the ground watching Romo burn him for a touchdown pass. He was so sure he had the sack haha

  9. every time he gets hurt they say he is better than ever, ahead of schedule, he folds like a deck chair cause his body is broken. Can’t wait to see him get nailed with his signature twist escape and crumple like a doll.

  10. I hate the Cowboys but I’ve always respected Romo as a player. However, the odds of him making it through a 16 game season are pretty slim at this point. turning 37 and how many times has he had surgery in the past 3 years? And their D will be terrible, so he’s going to need to throw the ball a lot to keep up, which means he’s going to get sacked a lot.

  11. Let’s face it, Romo’s broken down and can’t stay healthy. Should have traded up when they had the chance.

  12. @ pittsburghdamned says:

    “Energized enough to elude a sack for once?”

    Seriously? This is HILARIOUS, mostly because Ben Roethlisberger is top 10 (#8) ALL-TIME for sacks in the NFL with 439 sacks (from 2004-2015). Ben has more sacks than Vinny Testaverde, who played 20 years in the NFL, and was MUCH slower than Roethlisberger. Romo, for comparison, is 70th on the all-time sack list, with close to HALF of the sacks of Roethlisberger. Care to revise your statement, Einstein?

    Romo has had horrible luck with his collarbone, and it is surprising more QB’s don’t break their collarbones on hard sacks. For an UDFA who is one of the better QB’s in the NFL, Romo sure has a lot of haters. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but apparently it is what it is.

  13. Wow should’ve traded up for an overrated unproven auarterback ,Romo will be just fine y’all need too worry about something else ,

  14. How does a fat guy landing on you on a freak play and breaking your collarbone make you less likely to avoid a sack genius?

    You haters are funny. Act like the guy has chronic knee problems and can’t walk. A broken collarbone in your non-throwing shoulder isn’t a big deal (once healed) regardless of age.

    For a guy who’s only missed an extended period of time twice in his 11 years it’s kind of funny to hear him being labeled as ‘injury prone’.

    I guess when you have no football knowledge that’s all you can really lean on

  15. Like they do every year, the Cowboys are counting on Romo managing to stay healthy for at least 12-14 games.

    If they pull this trick off, against this schedule, Dallas should get to double digit wins quite easily, maybe even top that 12-4 in 2014, which was against a harder schedule.

    At least by drafting Dak, the front office demonstrated it’s starting to think about life after Romo.

  16. Have to remember the ‘mite’ comment…good one.
    Sounds appropriate for the situation.

    Not a Dallas fan, but I do wish them well. They almost make it, then crumble. I always felt their defense was the weak link, excuse the pun. Of course, Romo had his fair share of bonehead throws late in the game, but that seems to have abated as he got older, or the play callers have stopped going for the hail mary.
    Dallas has a very good front end on offense. If they can get some mojo back on the running game, they will do well. They have to work on defense. When it becomes a track meet, Dez can’t bail them out all the time. I still think it was a catch.

  17. It’s funny that peyto manning was injured and was old when he retired it nobody hated on his injuries. I hope Tony Romo prove all you haters wrong.

  18. As long as the owner thinks he’s a “GM” and that he actually has a ‘coaching’ staff this team is going nowhere……..

    Doesn’t matter who plays.

  19. The dude is around 36, he’s never been anything special, he’s never led his team to a playoff win – what’s the big deal?

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