Jason Campbell would like to play in 2016

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When the Colts were looking for quarterback help after Andrew Luck lacerated his kidney last season, they reached out to Jason Campbell about joining the team.

Campbell turned down the overture from offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who coached Campbell in Cleveland, because he was “just kind of chilling right now.” The time for chilling has apparently come to an end.

Campbell posted on Twitter Wednesday that he wanted to “officially let the world know I’m ready to play again.” Campbell invited interested parties to get into contact with his agent Joel Segal.

Campbell saw action in four games with the Bengals in 2014 and made eight starts for the Browns during the 2013 season. He’s also played for the Bears, Raiders and Redskins, who drafted Campbell in the first round of the 2005 draft.

The Colts offer wasn’t the only one that Campbell had to join a team at some point in 2015 and having a player with his experience in a backup role may be appealing to teams this year as well.

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  1. Jason Campbell would officially like the world to know he’d be open to receiving almost a million dollars in non guaranteed money to play QB at the level of a younger man with about 2yrs of NFL experience who would play for about half of that.

  2. You know, Campbell looked really, really good as a Cleveland Brown. He had a great couple games there. He sucked as a Chicago Bear though. And didn’t look that impressive wherever it was that he landed after the Browns gig.

    Certainly a better than average “Camp Arm” though. You could have a worse 3rd QB on your roster, cough-cough Indy or Pittsburgh.

    He could transition to be a decent QB coach or assistant to a QB coach at the pro or college level too.

  3. I can think of a lot of other reserve QB’s on current rosters who couldn’t tie JC’s shoelaces.
    Good luck to him.

  4. After seeing the QB market more or less explode (except for Ryan F) I don’t blame the guy

    Maybe we will here from Jeff George, Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, etc. next

  5. May 11, 2016 6:55 PM – sweatbox says: extremely average QB at best

    Considering the number of seriously below-average quarterbacks with jobs – some with starting jobs – he may be in demand.

  6. Jason is probably better than a lot of backups in the league, maybe even one or two starters, but he is a known commodity at this point. I think right now, most teams are trying to develop QBs either in the starting position or behind the starter.

    So the question becomes, are there any teams out there with a quality QB in his prime, who isn’t developing a younger guy, and needs a veteran QB backup?

    I’d have to look, his options are probably limited, but he may have one or two suitors.

  7. Hope he learned to slide……
    Campbell should be a tragic tale OB coaches tell players…..dude was having best year of career in Oak…..Raiders were finally winning…….probably 7 games away from signing long term deal…..gets hurt…we sign palmer…..he doesn’t get married…..rest is history…..

    guy was probably one weird play away from another 10-15 million….and a wife.

  8. It feels like he’s been in the league forever and then you see that he’s only 34. Jason probably doesn’t need the money. He’s probably just bored and/or feeling the itch after a year off or so off.

  9. I can think of a few places that he would be an upgrade as a backup. Steelers (Jones/Gradkowski), Texas (Weeden/Savage), Colts (Tolzien), Chargers (Clemens), Cowboys (Moore), Lions (Orlovsky), Vikings (Hill), and Seattle (…)

  10. Lmao, Raider Nation was drooling about him a few years ago along with his head coach Tommy Cable, Fart Shell or Huge somebody.

    JC was probably better than Carr who totally disappeared during the last 8 games of last season.

    Rock on Homer nation! Yes, we know. You are SB bound.

  11. Had better numbers than Carr who totally disappeared last season and only produced 2 games with a QB rating of 80 or better in the last 9.

  12. The guy’s a stiff, he can maybe fill in here and there but if he ever has to take over for a stretch then good luck.

    Average is about the most you can hope for from this guy

  13. Correction, Jason Campbell would like to hold a clipboard and get paid in 2016.

  14. Did he just realize that could earn a few millions holding the clipboard?, i guess somebody told him he is better than a lot of back ups around the league, he never was the brightest guy in the building.

  15. Jason,

    Move back to Oakland where you will never have to buy a drink again. Dude, they are still naming schools err bars in your name for that one magical season that you almost got the Raiders to .500. Go there now Jason, just go.

  16. Dude had no heart in DC, could through a pretty deep ball when he wanted to, but looked dead in interviews and he never got the skins over the hump. Good backup though..

  17. True story:

    Before the 2005 NFL draft, Joe Gibbs went down to Auburn’s pro day to scout cornerback Carlos Rogers as a potential first rounder.

    Then he saw Jason Campbell drop back, stand tall in the pocket, and deliver rocket strikes way downfield with his massive arm.

    Gibbs’ eyes started popping out of their sockets because this kid is the spittin’ image of Doug Williams! They look the same, move the same, have the same mammoth arm. Heck, they even sound the same when they talk with that gulf coast accent!

    So Gibbs tells GM/village idiot Vinny Cerrato to do what it takes, and Cerrato trades away a bunch of picks to get the 25th overall in that draft (they end up with Carlos Rogers at #9 overall anyway).

    Gibbs takes Campbell at 25 even though most boards have him as a 3rd or 4th rounder.

    Aaron Rodgers slides to #24 — right in front of Campbell — and is, well, much much much better.

    Campbell learns from Mark Brunell for a year and a half, becomes the starter, is pretty average under Gibbs and Jim Zorn before going in to full journeyman mode.

    If Gibbs hadn’t made that flight down to Auburn for Carlos Rogers where he had flashbacks to 1987, , Campbell is probably drafted where he belonged, in the middle rounds, and would not have been very remarkable having the journeyman/spot starter career you’d expect from a 3rd or 4th round QB.

  18. bassplucker says:
    May 11, 2016 6:52 PM

    And I’d like to come home every night to Katheryn Winnick.

    19 8

    Who would down vote that comment?

  19. I don’t know that I can blame the guy for not wanting to come back to play for Indy last season. They weren’t going to pay him nearly as much as it would take to stand behind that line and take the beatings that their QBs were taking.

    With a chance that Denver is still looking for a reasonably priced veteran option and the Jets not reaching any agreements with Fitzpatrick, Campbell could find himself in a much better situation if he gets the right phone call.

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