Rams aware of T.J. McDonald’s arrest, their second since moving to L.A.

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Welcome back to the NFL, Los Angeles.

Not only do you have a team again, but when that team has guys get arrested, your team is aware.

Following Tuesday morning’s  arrest of safety T.J. McDonald on non-alcohol DUI charges, the Rams got to put out the kind of perfunctory statement fans should get used to when things like this happen.

We are aware of the incident involving T.J. McDonald this morning,” the Rams said, via the Los Angeles Times. “We are gathering information and will have no further comment at this time.”

The information we have gathered is that McDonald hit a parked car, and officers deemed him to be impaired, but by a substance other than alcohol.

McDonald was released on $300 bond at 6:23 p.m., and has a June 3 court date.

Perhaps he’ll show up for his, unlike teammate Tre Mason, who missed his first appearance but later pleaded not guilty.

Mason was arrested in March for resisting arrest, reckless driving and possession of marijuana in Florida.

The two arrests and the involvement of drugs that are still illegal in the eyes of the NFL will open the door for possible suspensions for both players.

8 responses to “Rams aware of T.J. McDonald’s arrest, their second since moving to L.A.

  1. BUT DRUGS ARE LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA,,,drugs never hurt anybody,,and are no more dangerous or a problem than coco puffs….RIGHT? RIGHT?

  2. I guess being a professional football player and all the spoils that come with that are not enough . He and other certain players are not serious about being a professional football player. If they were serious about it they would not be doing these immature , adolescent activities. So tired of reading about this. Everyone can say how harmless this drug is but its illegal and you can get arrested for it. He will probably get a suspension from the NFL . He will hurt his team that is already missing part of their secondary from last season. Not serious at all. Different mind set for players. Its just a little weed right ? whats the harm ?

  3. The Rams sure do have a bunch of “leaders”. I’m sure Jerry is jealous.

  4. Look at who the coach is…this team is reckless on the field, constantly pushing the boundaries and provoking fights.,Off the field in LA? What did anybody expect was going to happen? I sure am expecting you a hell of a lot more of those!!!

  5. Kinda sucks that the team is such an embarrassment and hasn’t even played a down yet. I don’t expect Sam Kroenke to hold a special meeting telling players, “It’s the first year in LA — try to at least pretend to be model citizens.”

    I’m waiting for one of the local papers to call these guys out for embarrassing a city where no one gets embarrassed by anything.

  6. The newspapers there will never call anyone associated with the Rams out. They are falling all over themselves kissing there backside. Very amusing reading some of the columnist and new found football experts in LA. Vinny new more about the Rams plans and what would happen with relocation than anyone in STL did with a little inside help from Demoff.

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