Rams sign WR Duke Williams after tryout

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The Rams seem to be looking for a particular type of pass catcher to add to the roster this offseason.

They drafted tight end Tyler Higbee despite an assault arrest just before the draft and they signed J.J. Worton after a January arrest for assaulting two women and a man in a bar. They’ve now added former Auburn wide receiver Duke Williams to that group and he fits the overall trend.

Williams, who tried out for the Rams recently, called himself a first-round talent at the Combine, but he went undrafted and the fact that he was kicked off the Auburn team likely played a big role in that. Williams was dismissed after a bar fight that reportedly featured Williams throwing punches at security guards and the incident followed other off-field problems that had led to a pair of previous suspensions.

If his assessment of his talent proves correct, Williams should stick with the Rams for a while. If not, it will be back to the police blotter for another candidate for a roster spot.

15 responses to “Rams sign WR Duke Williams after tryout

  1. Now Duke is a cool name. That’s a man’s name. Much better than these made up hyphenated names most players have today.

  2. I’m not suggesting that teams keep signing guys like this, but when the Rams had Spags as their coach, he really only signed/drafted guys who fit the “four pillars” mold i.e. faith, character, core values and team first.

    Let me ask you – how did his tenure turn out with that approach?

  3. If they continue following this trend they’re going to have to change the team name to “Mean Machine.”

  4. what’s the risk? I incident and it’s “CYA L8R” The Rams have been pretty good at keeping fringe dudes in check, and
    most everyone deserves a second chance, plus, everyone will tune into Hard Knocks looking for some fisticuffs and extra curriculars.

  5. Talk about getting receivers who are diametrically opposed to your QB in terms of character. They couldn’t find anyone better than these guys?

  6. Could someone please tell the Rams that this approach didn’t work that great when the Raiders were in LA either – unless you consider headlines in the police blotter section a positive. This locker room is going to be a powder keg…

    Perhaps they’re subscribing to the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad press?

  7. I’ve been a diehard Ram’s fan since 1977.

    This organization sucks. There is a reason they don’t win Super Bowls….and here is one reason.

    Jeff Fisher isn’t good enough to be called an idiot. And Kroenke is even worse.

  8. Man that organization is a mess. They just can’t find a way to get reasonable receivers. Poor Goff is gonna have a real hard time. He’s playing with an offense that originated in the 70’s and he has exactly zero NFL caliber receivers or tight ends to throw to. Ouch.

    I sure hope the folks in LA are ready for a front office wipe out and a talent rebuild. This team is light years from competing.

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