Saints fourth-rounder chosen in fourth round of CFL draft too

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Some CFL officials are a little cranky about their country’s top prospects going to NFL camps as longshots rather than staying home where the chances are better.

But that doesn’t stop them from taking a chance they might eventually see their native sons.

Via Christopher Dabe of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Saints defensive lineman David Onyemata was drafted by his second team in a week, as the Saskatchewan Roughriders chose him in the fourth round (35th overall) of the CFL draft.

Of course, the fact he was a fourth-round pick of the Saints means he’s far more likely to be there the next few years.

Onyemata was considered the top prospect in the Canadian draft pool, so the Roughriders are effectively just squatting on the rights of the University of Manitoba product in case things don’t work out south of the border.

The 6-foot-4, 300-pound Nigerian hadn’t played football until he got to campus in Winnepeg, but quickly blossomed into a prospect, and caught enough eyes at his pro day to make his CFL stint unlikely.

8 responses to “Saints fourth-rounder chosen in fourth round of CFL draft too

  1. I’m a Canadian who loves the CFL as well as the NFL, and I can’t blame these players for wanting to take their best shot at the NFL. That’s the big time, obviously, and the difference in money is huge. Heck, a guy gets more money on an NFL practice roster than he would as a CFL rookie. Expanded training camp rosters and larger practice rosters now mean more opportunities for guys to chase the dream. They figure that they can always go back to the CFL once they’ve run out every NFL opportunity, and they’re right…

  2. Onyemata has the potential to become an eventual NFL starter on the interior.

  3. W I N N I P E G

    PS we used to develop some pretty good players and coaches – Bud Grant, Marv Levy, Joe Theisman, Joe Kapp, Warren Moon, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and most recently Jon Ryan, Cameron Wake and Chris Matthews

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