Schneider: “It seems like” Marshawn Lynch is truly done with football

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Seahawks G.M. John Schneider joined Wednesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio for a wide-ranging discussion that touched on a variety of topics (then again, that’s sort of implied within the “wide-ranging” label).

Among other things (again, “wide-ranging), the discussion addressed whether retired running back Marshawn Lynch is indeed done with football.

“It seems like it,” Schneider said. “I haven’t seen a lot of guys that are riding camels and stuff. NFL players around the desert, I haven’t seen a lot of that. But he’s been thinking about this for a while, obviously, so I think he’s very much at peace with it.”

Schneider then offered his own views on why Lynch, who only recently turned 30, decided to walk away.

“Marshawn’s one of those guys,” Schneider said. “He’s his own man, and I think it was just one of those deals where he was, and this is my opinion — this doesn’t come from him. This is just a guy, his running style is just so reckless and he gives it all every time he carries it. So I think at some point that takes a little bit of a toll and he had the injury this year and really, truly it’s been his first big injury. To see him try to come back from that and everything I think that’s probably a little bit of an eye opener as well and that’s not him speaking, that’s my personal opinion.”

But Lynch is notoriously unpredictable. Coming on Thursday morning’s PFT Live, we’ll be sharing some information that will underscore this reality, as it relates to Lynch and his possible football future.

That’s called a tease. And I buried it at the bottom for those of you who managed to get through the first five paragraphs. Here’s one more: Tune in tomorrow morning at the start of the 7:00 a.m. ET hour to hear exactly what I’m referring to.

For the full Schneider interview, click the thing in the thing below.

5 responses to “Schneider: “It seems like” Marshawn Lynch is truly done with football

  1. My first sport is boxing which has more false retirements than any sport ever. Lennox Lewis was the only fighter I would have bet wasn’t coming back. RBs are like fighters. Few know when to leave but Lynch does. Despite those who might judge him on his appearance or disdain/game with the media the guy isn’t dumb and is in no need for money. Enjoy you spoils.

  2. His teammates worship him. He definitely had a side to him that the rest of us didn’t get to see very often. He’s a good guy. Gonna miss Sundays watching defensive backs make “business decisions” when #24 breaks into the secondary.

  3. He was done a year ago actually but he wanted one more year of gettin’ paid.

    If you want to be an RB in the NFL, you have to play with 100% desire. You have to hit the hole at top speed. You have to plant and cut like a beast. You have to bring it every week or you will get stacked-up over and over again.

    Marshawn retired a year ago.

    He got his ring in 2013. He believed the hype that he should have gotten the handoff in 2014. He made a embarrassingly bad movie about…um…himself.

    Now he is going to help others (because he has a good heart), and he is going to stay blounted and swang out with his home boys.

    Peace out.

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