Steelers expect Antonio Brown to honor contract “without any issue”

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Last year, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown agitated (sort of) for a new contract. Ultimately, after missing a minor aspect of Phase One of the offseason program, Brown showed up and adopted the Sam Bradford pretend-nothing-happened posture.

The Steelers eventually shuffled around some money, moving $2 million from 2016 to 2015. Of course, he’s now facing $2 million less in 2016 than he was supposed to make under the six-year, $43 million deal signed before the 2012 season.

This year, Brown isn’t taking a direct stand. But by participating in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Brown necessarily has reduced his participation in the offseason program. The Steelers, however, have no issue with his decision.

“There is physical risk, but you know in all honesty I’d much rather worry about that than worry about the guys doing something off the field,” G.M. Kevin Colbert said on Wednesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “It’s a positive kind of activity. It’s fun for him. It’s fun for our fans. He knows what he has to do from a conditioning standpoint. In fact, I think it was two weeks ago he danced on Monday night and he was here Tuesday morning for the workouts. So Antonio is not somebody we ever worry about working, being in condition. In fact it’s probably the opposite; we worry about him over conditioning. I’m sure whenever that ends and we hope he goes all the way and wins the thing because it’ll be exciting for him and really for our fans. But he’ll be here and we have no concerns at all about Antonio Brown showing up in shape.”

The bigger question is whether the Steelers have anything in the works this year to adjust Brown’s deal, which runs through 2017.

“He does have two years left and we expect that to be honored without any issue,” Colbert said, after declining to address whether further adjustments will be made, citing the team’s habit of not publicly discussing player contracts. “Again, Antonio’s a unique player. We understand that and he understands our policies. I don’t ever see that changing as long as we still have the mindset that it’s been good for the organization. Again we understand that he’s a special player and we’re glad we have him for two more years anyway.”

The Steelers typically won’t extend a contract that has more than two years remaining, with the exception of the quarterback position. Arguably, an exception to the exception could be made as to Brown, given his importance to the team.

He becomes even more important to the team now that Martavis Bryant is gone for a full year due to multiple violations of the substance-abuse policy. For now, though, Brown will likely have to wait to get the kind of deal that reflects his value relative to other receives in the NFL.

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  1. stealthjunk says:
    May 11, 2016 6:21 PM
    My goodness, was Russell Okung acting as Brown’s agent?

    2 0
    It looks like a bad deal for brown right now, but he really didn’t break out until after he signed it. This was the year when Mike Wallace was asking for big money, and when he wouldn’t accept the Steelers offer, they turned around and extended Brown instead. Most of the comments on this website at the time were actually criticizing the Steelers for the move, saying that we overpaid for him. Worked out pretty well in the end 🙂

  2. If he gets permo injured next week, after a year on IR, would the Steelers cut him in 2017? YES.

    What works for the team is the way it is. You can’t out perform a contract but you WILL get cut or take a pay cut if you under perform.

    NFL is a one sided joke. The older I get, the more pathetic the owners/teams seem to get.

  3. He was a beast last year; will he produce similar results in 2016?

    The jury is out.

  4. ch1ggs says:
    May 11, 2016 6:50 PM
    He was a beast last year; will he produce similar results in 2016? The jury is out.

    Come on, dude. Brown has had 136, 129, and 110 catches the past three years to go along with 31 combined TDs. The jury returned its verdict long ago.

  5. Not a Steeler fan by any means, but this guy is probably the best Player in the league. If he wants to have an issue with 2 years left, pay him and shut up. If not, EVERY other team in the league will gladly take him off your hands.

  6. Pay the man! He’s the best offensive weapon in the game. He put on a clinic last year against the Broncos supposedly great defense and he’s consistently been the top WR in the league the past 2 years. Numbers aside,

  7. he should honor his contract. if anyting, he should pay the steelers back a few $$ for giving him the platform to be able to make more money by dancing with the stars.

    u know that if the shoe was on the other foot and brown was a overpayed bum, the steelers would honor there side of the deal and pay the man his money. so its on brown to reciprocreate, goes both ways.

  8. AB was only in the league a few years, and right after Mike Wallace refuse to sign an extension, we offered him a lot of money for virtually an unproven talent, and he signed on the dotted line. That said, Big Ben makes our offense click in every aspect so it doesn’t matter if we have Manny Sanders, Mike Wallace, Martavis Bryant, Heath Miller, Hines Ward, without our QB, we aren’t going anywhere.

  9. They want to see if he can go across the middle anymore after vontaze’s shot (hint-he won’t)

  10. Pay the man! He’s the best offensive weapon in the game. He put on a clinic last year against the Broncos supposedly great defense……

    Yeah, yeah, then he faced them in the playoffs and he was AT the clinic.

  11. bullcharger says:
    May 11, 2016 6:27 PM
    It would be in the Steelers best interest to sign Brown to a new contract now. It will save them money.


    Maybe. AB will be 28 by the start of the 2016 season. He’s signed until he’s 30, so they have a couple years of him in his prime. WRs tend to have a longer shelf life than do, say, RBs, but their production and value don’t last forever (then again, Brown isn’t your typical WR in how he maintains himself). And given his current production, even with the increased salary he’s set to make in 2016 and 2017, he’s still a complete steal.

    I’m not saying they should keep him until after 2017 and then kick him to the curb. But given the Steelers policies around pay equity and dispersion, the current team-friendly deal, and AB’s trajectory and circumstances in a couple of years when his current contract is up, I’m not really surprised they’re not rushing it. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  12. I love the comment by the GM, that he expects Brown to honour his contract.

    But the team can cancel the contract at any moment without honouring any part of the contract.

  13. Always the same comments from the same people. So predictable.

  14. Brown is the best player in football right now, he needs to hold out. He is worth more than the qb too. He is 28 and if he doesn’t take a stand and get what’s his now he will be making a huge mistake. He is making at least half of what he should be. No doubt he should not only he the top paid wr but maybe even one of the highest paid players in the league. Pitt is notoriously frugal and likes to clamp it’s players Down Who have contracts. Brown is a special case and they know it. Get what’s yours ab and hold out for more money. If he doesn’t, maybe he is having lingering effects from the burfict hit.

  15. Luv AB, but he signed a 5 year contract paying him $43 Million dollars, which will be extended after 4….and that is fair to both sides. Teams structure contracts with cap room in mind to build the rest of the team and selfish players with character issues who refuse to honor those contracts hurt their team & prevent both sides from being successfull. AB isnt one of those guys, which is what helps define him as a Steeler!!!

  16. Apparently PFT thinks that the Steelers physically forced AB to sign the contract, then escorted him to the bank to deposit his multi-million signing bonus, then they forced him to enjoy spending his money.

    AB signed the deal, HONOR it. The Steelers will pay him big for 1 more contract. Be a team player AB. Oh and tell your buddy Bryant to stop smoking weed.

  17. This sounds like a sneaky little trick by players and agents. Ask more money upfront one year, cry about being “underpaid” the next year, and then demand to renegotiate. Revis was famous for doing that.

  18. It’s not being selfish. If a player underperforms his contract, he’s cut or asked to take a pay cut. If he overperforms and is underpaid, like ABrown or Gronk, there’s nothing wrong with asking for your due.

  19. pierrepoint1 says:
    May 11, 2016 10:40 PM

    I love the comment by the GM, that he expects Brown to honour his contract.

    But the team can cancel the contract at any moment without honouring any part of the contract.


    I don’t understand this logic. Being able to cancel/cut Brown at will IS part of the contract. Conversely, Brown can cancel/retire at will also.

    Renegotiating at will is NOT part of the contract.

  20. When are these self absorbed, egotistical WR’s going to realize that without a good (or great) qb they are nothing. Without Brown the Steelers are still a playoff contender, Without Ben the Steelers are nothing.

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