Aguayo has no experience kicking in cold weather

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The Buccaneers are confident that kicker Robert Aguayo will thrive. It’s unknown whether he’ll thrive in adverse weather conditions.

Aguayo, a Florida native and second-round pick who never missed an attempt shorter than 40 yards at Florida State, appeared on Thursday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. One question: What the coldest weather he ever has kicked in?

“The coldest I’ve ever kicked in I want to say is probably about 50 degrees,” Aguayo said. “I mean to tell you the truth I haven’t really kicked in cold weather games . . . . I think I’m up for the task. All the teams asked me that question, and I told them you know the coldest is probably 50 degrees and I’m willing to adapt. That’s all it takes is just adapting to the cold and just going out there and getting it done. You know, with all the conditions that I’ve been in and all the adversities that have come to me on the field in my life I think I’ve adapted well. You either adapt or you don’t so I think it’ll be a good, fun challenge and I’m ready for those stadiums and that weather.”

The confidence is admirable, but it will only add to the criticism of the team’s decision to trade back into round two in order to land Aguayo. So what does Aguayo think of the criticism?

“There’s going to be critics everywhere, you know?” Aguayo said. “I think the Buccaneers and the coaching staff here made the right decision. I think you’re just going have to wait until the season gets here. I mean kickers, I think, they score points so they’re an offensive weapon and as we can see with the extra point moving back to 33 yards you know it’s gonna change the game. I think in the future that there’s going to be a lot more draft picks used on good kickers, and I think the kickers are gonna change the game.”

Until then, we’ll all wait to see how Aguayo performs when the weather changes. In his rookie season, the coldest day likely will come on November 20 at Kansas City. If they make it to the postseason and play on the road, however, there’s a chance that Aguayo will be kicking in temperatures well below 50.

20 responses to “Aguayo has no experience kicking in cold weather

  1. “The game will be held up momentarily, Viking fans, while the Bucs coaching staff tries to coax Roberto Aguayo out of the dressing room for the opening kickoff…..”

  2. The Bucs totally screwed the pooch on this pick … trading picks to move back up into the 2nd round to pick a kicker is just crazy …

  3. He’s still better at making a 30 yarder to win the game in sub-zero temperatures than Blair Walsh.

  4. Janokowski probably kicks better in cold weather and you could say he probably went through similar concerns. He’s been money in KC, Denver and Cleveland. If I’m a Bucs fan, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  5. The easy way around this is to have him kick at home games only. The Bucs can use a second round pick next year to draft a cold weather kicker. I don’t see why this is a problem.

  6. Never kicked in cold weather? Oh man, at least they didn’t trade up for him or anything…

  7. Oh no the bucs at the very worst would play five games in cold weather stadiums. Oh wait he played in Pittsburgh before and was perfect….

  8. So what? 8 games a year he plays in Tampa, another one indoors in Atlanta, another one in Carolina where it hardly ever gets really cold, and another one indoors in NOLA. That’s 11 games a year he has a pretty good chance of doing well. Given how pathetic a lot of the younger NFL kicker were last year even in good conditions. I think he’ll be OK.

  9. Can we wait a year or 2 before all the jokes…..because there will be 10-15 busts that were drafted before him that will deserve all this attention as well

  10. Nothing against Aguayo, but you can find great kickers after the draft, too. That’s a luxury pick for a team with a losing record. The thing is that (and this is why the same kickers are recycled around the league so much) many kickers go through great and terrible phases in their career. Vanderjagt was the most accurate in NFL history until he lost it. Hauschka is great now, but the Ravens cut him midseason earlier in his career because he sucked that bad. There is no guarantee Aguayo will continue to be great, and I’m sure they could have taken a solid defender or receiver in the 3rd round and not given up any extra picks that are also needed to improve the roster. Just an outsider’s neutral perspective on Tampa.

  11. …I wish the critics would just be quiet….yes he got drafted in the 2nd round but the bucs really only used a 3rd….the bucs got their man in the 1st and freebee 4th for just moving down 2 spots…..the kid will shut everyone up by the end of the season….I cant wait to watch him…..the bucs will get 150 pts from him in his rookie season. ….Go Roberto !!!!!

  12. Funny you don’t see many posts predicting Jameis to be a bust anymore, do you? What happens on the field is all that matters. so Aguayo has never kicked in the cold, eh? Guess that’s a guarantee that he can’t, according to the geniuses on this thread. Licht and co. have been pretty good in last year’s draft, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are better at this than we are

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