Clint Session says he wants to pay support, but can’t afford it

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Former Colts linebacker Clint Session said he’d pay his child support obligations, if he had the money.

But to what degree he can afford it is up to varying interpretations.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Session’s attorney has filed a motion for rehearing after a Florida judge ordered the former linebacker jailed if he doesn’t come up with more than $380,000 in support for his disabled daughter.

“If I can just get these numbers corrected,” Session said, “I would do whatever I can to pay the corrected amount.”

In December 2014, a judge ruled he owed $6,917 a month, plus back payments of $120,256 for his daughter (split into $2,000 installements) plus a $119,417 lump sum for medical and therapeutic expenses.

Session earned good money in the NFL, but says he doesn’t have it now.

He admitted giving his parents $5 million in 2011, but said it was a gift and has been mostly spent. He claims income of $3,000 a month from a smoothie business he owns in Indianapolis. He signed a five-year, $30 million contract with the Jaguars in 2011, but his lawyer said that following a career-ending string of concussions, he only earned about $9 million of that, which keeps him from affording his current payments.

“I had plans on making $30 million and I wanted to take care of my parents,” Session said. “I gave them that money.”

His attorney contends Session should owe $103,890, and says he paid $81,300 of that in recent years.

There are many levels of problems to this story, beginning with the fact Session hasn’t seen his daughter in two years (despite what he claims are efforts to do so).

But it also points to how the huge contract figures players and agents like to crow about when signing are seldom reflections of what they’ll truly earn unless things don’t go perfectly for players — which they practically never do.

18 responses to “Clint Session says he wants to pay support, but can’t afford it

  1. He admitted giving his parents $5 million in 2011, but said it was a gift.
    1) Judge Birken pointed out this was when Session became aware of the imminent birth and was clearly “to circumvent and specifically intended to avoid paying his proper child support obligation.”
    2) His house is valued $800k, couldn’t he downsize to $500k?
    3) Horrid grandparents – they could have gifted the little girl $300k.

  2. And when he was no longer in the NFL did he file to modify his child support payments? What has he done other than own a smoothie business (seriously?) in order to earn income since he left the NFL?

    The child doesn’t stop needing support just because one claims to not have income to pay it.

  3. 1) The article leaves out the part about his daughter being blind.
    2) The $5 mil gift is money laundering.
    3) The parents are as guilty as he is.

    I suggest:

    1) Jail him for diverting the money
    2) Give the parents a court order to immediately return $380,000 to the court for child support or face jail with their son

  4. Every player does not need a fall guy.

    Every player needs to keep his money offshore. He could have set up many corporations in various countries that own the smoothie business and protect the retirement account of his parents.

    Most of all, players have to protect themselves from parasitic women much more than anything else.

  5. Stories like these make me wish there was a way to set up population control.

  6. No one told him to impregnate the woman. That’s on him. Any Dad worth a lick would give their left arm to take care of their kids. Especially one who has a daughter that is disabled. Scum Deadbeat dad.

  7. i agree that he should take care of his kid, but why in this country is child support payments based off income?

    it doesn’t take over 6K a month to raise a child, even one with special needs when you consider he is only responsible for 50% of the child support expenses

  8. Sorry, we all pay taxes. If you make $20,000/yr or 20,000,000/yr your taxes are based on your deductions. If he has a daughter and paid his support which would be way over 50% of required income for that child, then he can claim her. If so, his taxes are greatly reduced. In addition, child support is based on what you make. If what he made changes, then it is incumbent of him to contact the authorities and get that fixed. If he chose to give 5 million to his parents and ignore his kids, and his parent arent willing to give the money back or liquidate assets to allow him to pay off his debt, then I guess he gave 5 million to people who don’t care if he sits in jail. Giving money to your parents, after taxes, as a way to hide money doesn’t work. He is climbing a long hard battle when the system, quite rightly, views him as a bum. I would never, ever in a million years give money to my parents and ignore my child. Yes it is nice to help your parents, it is your legally responsible duty to support your children.

  9. bobnelsonjr says:
    May 12, 2016 7:59 AM

    Most of all, players have to protect themselves from parasitic women much more than anything else.


    Yeah, parasitic women like his blind daughter with cerebral palsy. You need to protect those huge contracts from women like that. God forbid you step up to the plate and handle your responsibilities or anything.

  10. Child support laws in this country are a trip. You get cases like this where they parade one guy around and threaten to put him in jail (btw, what is that going to do for him or the kid if he’s locked up and makes no money, but I digress), and then I often see women who have years and years of back child support owed, and absolutely nothing is done. I’m also curious as to how he’s filed taxes and that wasn’t withheld, which is supposedly one of the things that should be done to pay back child support. But I guess somebody missed that or something.

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