Greg Hardy informs teams of detailed counseling efforts

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It’s May 12, the day that the compensatory draft-pick formula shuts off for players who became free agents on March 9. Among the free agents still looking for work is defensive end Greg Hardy.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hardy’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has sent to all teams detailed information regarding the activities in which Hardy has been engaged in order to identify and cure any and all disorders that may have contributed to past misbehavior, on and/or off the field.

Hardy has been evaluated and treated by multiple NFL physicians, with Dr. Heidi Bruty recently documenting the various steps and stages of individual and group counseling, along with other methods. Topics included his anger management, temper management, domestic violence, and evaluation for ADHD. Hardy also is learning more about impulsive decision making, and he is being assessed for personality, mood, learning, and speech disorders.

This year, Hardy has participated in at least 24 psychiatric therapy sessions, and he will continue to receive treatment and evaluation aimed at preventing the issues that plagued him in the past. He also is taking classes at the University of Mississippi.

None of this changes the behavior in which he engaged or the lack of contrition displayed in an interview earlier this year with ESPN, but it shows that he’s at least trying to make meaningful changes, unlike some other players who have displayed antisocial conduct.

Ultimately, the challenge for Hardy will be to find a team that is willing to take the heat that will come from taking a chance on him. While his efforts to seek treatment and evaluation won’t solve all concerns, it can’t hurt — and it may help.

Regardless of whether Hardy finds another NFL job, the efforts in which he is engaged definitely could help him personally. Still only 27, he needs to lay the foundation now for a life that doesn’t include further incidents of domestic violence or other forms of inappropriate behavior.

96 responses to “Greg Hardy informs teams of detailed counseling efforts

  1. None of this changes the behavior in which he engaged or the lack of contrition displayed in an interview earlier this year with ESPN, but it shows that he’s at least trying to make meaningful changes, unlike some other players who have displayed antisocial conduct.

    He probably doesn’t care about making any changes nor why should he. He has gotten away with it so far. He only cares now because no team wants him. All this stuff is nothing but a ploy to convince some other team to sign him to a contract. Once he has that contract it’ll be Dallas all over again. If I were a GM I’d return the letter unopened.

  2. When you get a second chance from one of the more lax organizations and are such a pain in the ass that you are not wanted back, it is one hell of a sign that no reasonable GM can ignore.

    Best case scenario he gets a “I can cut you at any time with no real cap issues” deal, but even then I don’t know if it is worth the inevitable PR hit/fanbase issues.

  3. Can you see this guy signing for the low low price of 1-2 mil, and being a solid camp guy with no guarantees to make team?? He would implode by middle of August.

  4. Hardy is so full of crap. He will say whatever he has to say. Extensive counseling.. Yea ok!

  5. If he’s getting help and means it, Dallas may want to monitor his progress. I always liked Charles Haley, more than ever now, it took him years to identify and address his issues. Hardy may have some legit mental issues that he can control with the right meds and Drs. Even as a Dallas fan, don’t like his attitude, but there may be an explanation for it

  6. Oh he got counseling? I thought he didn’t do anything wrong? I thought he was completely innocent? If my team was dumb enough to bring him in I would return my season tickets and never purchase any merchandise as long as he is on the roster.

  7. Like him or not, Hreg Hardy is still a human being and while I can fully understand the hate, I believe with the right people in charge, the man will be able to lead a normal life. I would sign him to a one year prove to me you ain’t bushi^* ing deal. It works, great. It does not work , then at least I tried to salvage a mans life.

  8. Too little…too late.

    It’s obvious he’s on the path to rehabilitation when he realized no one wanted him. If there was even one team that was interested, he wouldn’t change, just like last year with Dallas.

    Changing for the wrong reasons means you’ll be back to your old habits eventually.

  9. Huge Panther fan here. Glad he’s getting the help he needs. Hes done some dumb and awful things, and then didn’t admit to it, but he’s trying to be better. When he on the commissioners exempt list, he was the only guy who went to DeAngelo Williams’ mothers service. So much potential, yet so self destructive. Hardy is the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL. Hope he gets right.

  10. Really hard for me to understand beating up a woman. My father taught me and I am passing it on to my 3 sons… It’s really very simple.

    You just NEVER hit a woman…EVER

  11. A year too late, his suspension year was the year this was suppose to happen. Jerry signed him last year and he acted like a complete turd. Going to be tough on him…as it should.

  12. Unless this fixes his lack of following team rules attitude and lack showing up on time, teams aren’t going to want him back. You can see all the counselors in the world, but if you don’t care it doesn’t matter.

  13. The thing is, he was given a second chance and he still screwed it up.

  14. The workshops he is doing is what I do for a living with youth. Those in groups that are open to learning and see the need for change these programs do wonders. People turn around their own lives.

    Those that do not take responsibility or see their faults I think we all know how that ends. Greg Hardy’s comments in multiple interviews leave many on here doubting his sincerity, rightfully so.

  15. 1 year, incentive laden deal… I don’t see what the problem is. My bet is he’s wearing the star again come September.

  16. I’m sure the Montreal Alouettes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos will be happy to hear that

  17. His only chance of signing is when teams start losing players during the upcoming season. That’s when all teams seem to forgive and forget.

  18. I can appreciate his effort but he obviously never learned to play the game and not the game of football. To be black balled at the age of 27 is a darn shame. All rookies should be counseled about playing the business game and not to talk or act your way out of the league. Blackballed at 27. Wow. Untold millions lost.

  19. He should go hang out with johnny nose candy they can both talk about getting back into the nfl.

  20. I wouldn’t trust him until he came clean about what he did….sounds like he was a busy man the last 3 mos smh, this is something you do after he sat out a yr….thinking he’s been cured in the 3 mos after the cowboys dumped him is a little bit naive….

  21. Dude showed up late to meetings and was a terrible teammate. Add that to the PR nightmare and lack of production to compensate, and you have unemployment.

  22. If I were a GM, I would only sign him after the first week of the season so you could cut him at any time without any cap hits. Sign him prior to the first game, he’s vested for the entire season.

  23. He’s much more along the lines of full blown Borderline Personality Disorder (overlapping Narcissitic PD probably too) than anything I ever heard or read from Brandon Marshall in the past … when I read the words ‘dialectical behavior therapy’ or Marsha Linehan that would clinch it for me on that score

    Looking for schizotypalism, ADD, autism spectrum, mood disorder etc etc

  24. LOL.

    Turns out that once off that Defence in Carolina (Line, Backers & Secondary full of probowlers) Hardy actually isn’t that good a pass rusher.

    Wonder if his counsellors helped with that issue?


  25. Oh, wait…he’s probably serious this time. C’mon everyone just give him another chance….I’m sure he’s a really great guy…everyone deserves a 6th or 7th chance, right?

  26. Word is that he hired Ray Lewis and O.J. Simpson to crank things up a notch or two.

  27. It seems there is almost nothing a player can do to have the privilege of playing in the NFL revoked. There should be, and this guy should be on top of that list. This is a despicable human being who is attempting to earn a position with a team by faking his way through counseling. If he really felt he needed help or if he truly regretted his actions, he wouldn’t have taken this long to take these steps. His actions ring hollow. He should never be allowed to play in the league again.

  28. Jeez seriously lay off the guy. It’s not like he abandoned 4 people in Benghazi, ignored their pleas for help and then lied to their families about it or something.

  29. The world’s biggest, most unapologetic Panther shill here… Folks, Hardy’s issues did not begin with the Nicole Holder event. During his entire stay here, it was obvious he had some mental and/or emotional issues. He was often seen engaged in reckless behavior – speeding on a motorcycle on a rain-soaked highway, driving his car 100 mph on city streets and tweeting pictures of the speedometer while doing so, the whole “Kracken” alter ego thing. To us, the biggest surprise about the Holder incident was that it took him that long to get into a situation like that.

    I certainly hope that his seeking treatment is genuine. I understand if anyone doubts that he is. Even if he never plays in the NFL again – and he probably won’t – hopefully he gets these issues taken care of so he can lead a normal life.

  30. Rosenhaus and Hardy. It’s a comedy about an psychopath who beats women and his enabler. They’re rooming together and create all sorts of havoc. Hilarity ensues. It’s kind of a modernized “Odd Couple”. Except after you’ve stopped laughing you’re just left as hollowed out individuals who cry themselves to sleep.

  31. When your career goes into the toilet cuz your a dumbFruck go to counseling and mommy will send you back out to play… To late FOOLIO your a POS

  32. The wheel of misfortune is spinning. There’s only 32 slots on it and it’ll be stopping soon.

    This is a PR story, it’s going to stop somewhere.

  33. Is he doing it because he wants to get better? or because he wants to play football

  34. Well, at least he’s trying to look like he’s trying. Johnny Football isn’t even doing that.

  35. I punked Greg Hardy when he was in college at Ole Miss. While visiting my brother down there, we were at a bar when this clown showed up and started acting like he owned the place. We ignored him until he came to our table, talking about how he was going to “whoop on everyone” for not giving him “respect.” Him being 6’4, 280 lbs. and me 6’10, 330 lbs. I put him in his place very quickly. I’m just glad the guy who took a video didn’t put it out in the cyber world.

  36. The only way Hardy earns a check from football is if he and Manziel pay each other to play catch every week.

  37. I’m a big Panther fan & honestly I’d sign Hardy to a 1 or 2 yr deal BUT i also believe him I don’t think he did what was he was accused of & the fact the lady was at his place for money & he refused & then she screamed & Hardy call the law & than the Media sided with her but in the end she got her money has’t been heard from since

  38. Won’t help his career but it may make him a better person. Solid move, if it matters to him.
    He’s done in the NFL, though.

  39. A book end for incognito in buffalo??? Hardy play’s defense.. Ritchie plays Offence line??? Rex rex rex?? Watch football before u comment!!

  40. This is nice but him not getting signed has more to do with not being all that last year. Plus being a pain in the neck to the team and coaches in a lot of little ways didn’t help.

  41. You know how certain people you can just tell are bad news. He’s one of them.

  42. Sure

    usdcoyotesfan says:
    May 12, 2016 6:31 PM
    I punked Greg Hardy when he was in college at Ole Miss. While visiting my brother down there, we were at a bar when this clown showed up and started acting like he owned the place. We ignored him until he came to our table, talking about how he was going to “whoop on everyone” for not giving him “respect.” Him being 6’4, 280 lbs. and me 6’10, 330 lbs. I put him in his place very quickly. I’m just glad the guy who took a video didn’t put it out in the cyber world.

  43. As “kepickle” indicates above, most local folk that were familiar with the case involving Ms. Holder we’re very skeptical of her story. For those above who have talked about Hardy beating women, Holder never accused him of hitting her. She said that he put his hands around her throat and threw her on a bed where guns we’re laying. He called 911 before she did because, according to him, she would not leave. No one witnessed the “assault….she said, he said. I was shocked when the female judge sided with Holder and found found Hardy guilty. True, he has some anger issues but how many in the NFL have similar issues.

  44. Did I just read guy defending the woman beater but not even that dude is a bad teammate he would have got help sooner then maybe this is about getting a job

  45. smarterthanyouoryours says:
    May 12, 2016 2:27 PM

    Pats should sign him before he murders someone.

    He’ll fit right in.


    That was funny. Being a Pats fan, I can appreciate a dig. However, Hardy doesn’t even come close to the Patriot way. The coach is all military when it comes to a player following orders. Hardy is the anti-thesis of the player Beliman looks for…only Jerry appreciates a crooked nail. Yet, he bailed too.

  46. Guys an idiot. I do believe people should get second chances but despite getting the chance last year he was just a bad teammate, caused lots of headlines and was a pain. No wonder Dallas moved on.

    Now as he realises that he might not get another chance hes ‘finally’ saying the right things and his attitude has changed but i hope its too late for him.

    Look at Incognito, yes different circumstances but he came back the other year, was a great teammate, played great on the field and cashed in. Hardy should have done the same. Shut up for a year, play well and week by week more people might accept you.

    Cant see any team giving him another chance unless Hardy does a great PR game the next year.

    Same for Manziel, I want to see him in the NFL but talk about doing everything the wrong way in the offseason

  47. So is this going to help of tardiness to team meetings and lack of effort on the field? If he was as good as he was billed, he’d still be in Dallas right now.

  48. I agree with other comments regarding the timing of his decision to
    seek counseling. His back is against the wall so he now does what
    the Cowboys and everyone suggested he do a year ago.
    Not only did he misbehave at bars all night and sleep in, he was
    a one man wrecking crew in the defensive line room. It’s one thing to
    do your own thing but when you bring down young players it really shows your character. You deserve what you get.

  49. It’s not team being altruistic but rather a simple assessment of risk/return before committing too much. His past transgressions are punished so those aren’t oart of it, but his possibility of future transgressions is indeed. He has a ways to go to convince a team he won’t self destruct on them. Aside from troubles outside a team there are also all the things inside a team he demonstrated to be a pain to have around. Now we are adding up to a lot of negative value/risk. On the other hand, for positive value that’s become a question too. As great as he once was this past year for Dallas he was not all that. He did have a great first half back giving the Patriots fits. But then they made an adjustment and after that they kept him contained while steamrolling to a big win. And the rest of the season after that was fair to declining. So risk/reward is not adding up to a team taking a chance on him. Likely he is going to need to cut way down on the risk to get any chance of showing he can still reward. This will mean lowering his price so not much money is at risk, and probably incentive laden. Plus wait until after the season starts so no cap space being risked. And untill then work on this counseling thing. Don’t just lip service it as some means to an end but embrace it.

  50. the NFL continues t coddle the most heinous behavior… it”ll never change

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