John Schneider: Trevone Boykin has a real shot to be No. 2 QB

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After the Seahawks signed former TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin as an undrafted free agent, coach Pete Carroll said that he saw some of Russell Wilson in Boykin’s style of play and said he liked the idea of having a backup that could “maintain continuity” in the offense.

During an appearance on PFT Live Wednesday, General Manager John Schneider had similar things to say about Boykin’s style and said he thought Boykin’s pre-draft arrest after a bar fight was the only reason he was available to be signed after the draft.

“He really does based on his style, basically running the read option and based on pure arm talent,” Schneider said. “In terms of getting in the book, being a pro and studying, those are things he’s going to need to prove to all of us over the next several weeks here as we evaluate him as a pro in the building. He does, though, because this guy has a lot of pure talent. If he wouldn’t have had his incident I think we all agree he would have been taken much higher.”

Jake Heaps is the only other potential backup on the roster at the moment, so Boykin should get plenty of opportunities to prove to Carroll, Schneider and the rest of the team that he deserves a spot.

9 responses to “John Schneider: Trevone Boykin has a real shot to be No. 2 QB

  1. ok..I had to read the article because the first thing I though f was, “What does it matter what Bo Duke thinks of a player?”

  2. He would have been a perfect back up to Taylor in Buffalo. Instead they draft a guy who within 2 years is going to blow up into an offensive lineman. Same. Old. Bills. It’s almost too easy

  3. CBA Rules force them to pay more for T-Jack, making this guy the more appealing back-up deal.

  4. T-Jack is has a good reputation in Seattle for being a solid teammate and solid back up.

    I believe its time Seattle starts moving forward for a new back up. Vet minimum at 10 is about a million per year. I like the sounds of both new young guys and hope they can build some comfort with Bevell’s offense.

  5. He couldn’t be in a better position then to learn the game from Russell Wilson.

  6. Russell will take this guy under his wing and make sure this guy studies well and learns how to be a pro. Boykin landed on a good team and after a few years of being the back up, another team will be calling for his services for a starting position.

  7. If Russell tutors this guy, it’s great for both of them. There is no better way to learn something at a deep level than to have to teach it to someone else. If Wilson ends up teaching Boykin, Boykin will benefit, of course, but so will Wilson.

    Wilson is already very, very good but teaching someone else takes his skill and his knowledge to a master level.

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