Marshawn Lynch hasn’t filed retirement papers

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Last week, the Seahawks finally placed running back Marshawn Lynch on the reserve-retired list. This caused many to assume that Lynch finally had filed his retirement papers.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Lynch hasn’t.

Moreover, Lynch has had no direct communication with the Seahawks about his plans. The only evidence of his desire to retire came from the tweet Lynch posted during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 50.

That’s not to say Lynch currently isn’t retired; indeed, he has not responded to the team’s placement of Lynch on the reserve/retired list by saying, “I’m not retired.” But without something more tangible or official to reflect his current status, the chances of a return seem to be a little bit greater than they would be if he had dotted every i and crossed every t.

Regardless of whether he has filed retirement papers, Lynch can get back in by filing a piece of paper that declares his desire to return. At that point, the Seahawks would have to decide whether to re-absorb his $9 million base salary and welcome him to the team, trade him, or cut him. If Lynch is released from the reserve/retired list after the trade deadline, he’d be required to pass through waivers.

Reached for comment on the matter, the Seahawks referred PFT to the league office. The league office has not responded to an email sent last night. Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, also has not responded to a request for comment.

24 responses to “Marshawn Lynch hasn’t filed retirement papers

  1. He is waiting until after June 1st when it makes it easier for the seahawks to cut him

  2. They make it sound so easy to return. “All he has to due is file a piece of paper”.

    But judging by what Anthony Davis is going through, I don’t think it’s that easy.

  3. He was probably drunk when he tweeted that nebulous “peace out” message (it was tweeted towards the end of the superbowl after all). Now he’s torn between keeping his word and making no money or reneging and making tons of money. Everyone thought it was “such a cool way to go out,” so he would look considerably less cool if he showed up to play after such a well received retirement statement.

    He’s a good running back, but he is also really wrapped up in his carefully cultivated image.

  4. Marshawn Lynch has been quiet on the subject? Hm, that doesn’t sound like him at all…

  5. I don’t know how many times it needs to be reiterated that there are no such things as “retirement papers.” Ugh.

  6. I really do not see Marshawn Lynch walking away for $9 million. I just don’t.

    There are definitely going to be a lot of teams interested in him, when/if he personally decides on that. It will be interested to see his market were he to be released, given that the draft has already passed…

  7. So is there any real reason or benefit to the player to officially file retirement papers (health insurance, pension) or do those things just automatically kick in when you stop collecting a paycheck? Because if there’s no real benefit, then I can totally see why he wouldn’t bother to file, even if he didn’t plan on coming back.

  8. Does anyone really care about “Beastload” any more?…..He was only relevant for a couple of good years. Without Wilson and that vaunted Hawk Defense. He would be totally irrelevant.

  9. Lynch being dinged up all the time and the fact that he has yet to spend a dime of the money he made from NFL contracts make me think retiring is a smart move.

    If he is sitting on 50 million dollars and has the self control not to just blow through it, I doubt another 9 million will really matter.

  10. The lure to play has got to be floating around in his mind. It would be a great story for the Raiders…..but think about it….a lot of things would have to go just so for this to a good ending.

  11. Nobody else will pay $9,000,000.00 for him. It’s professional football not professional wrestling, story lines don’t mean ish. He will be a seahawk, just not for training camp.

  12. Six months from now, the only people worrying about “beastload” will be the folks at Golden Corral

  13. I think he plays at least 2 more years! But don’t know if it’s gonna be in Seattle or not! He might even take a year off to get fully healthy! Who really knows with this guy anymore!

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