Texans owner Bob McNair: “Everything came together for us”

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Texans owner Bob McNair, like the legendary military strategist Hannibal Smith, loves it when a plan comes together.

And when he looks back at his team’s needs going into the offseason, McNair is satisfied that they checked off all the boxes, getting a franchise quarterback (Brock Osweiler), a bell-cow running back to replace Arian Foster (Lamar Miller) and upgrading their receiving corps and offensive line.

“Usually, there are a lot of them that go unmet,” McNair said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “It just doesn’t work out. We don’t control. We don’t know what the other teams are going to do in the draft and we don’t know what’s going to happen in free agency.

Everything came together for us in this offseason, and we were able to get the players we wanted as free agents and, basically, we got the players we wanted in the draft. They did a great job.”

McNair was able to achieve this coup in the time-honored way of rich people — he threw money at the problem in hopes it would go away.

Between a four-year $72 million deal for Osweiler and a four-year $26 million for Miller and four years and $28 million for veteran guard Jeff Allen, it starts adding up to real money at a certain point.

More money’s going to be flowing out soon, because wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is going to need to get his.

To balance that, they’re going to have to get performance from their (relatively) cheap rookies, particular wide receivers Will Fuller and Braxton Miller and center Nick Martin.

On paper, it all looks like a perfect plan. We know how those usually go.

18 responses to “Texans owner Bob McNair: “Everything came together for us”

  1. The Texans are still going to struggle at QB, just as they have for awhile now. The team is improving overall, no question, but Osweiler is not the second coming of Johnny Unitas or Joe Montana. It will be interesting to watch things unfold in Houston.

  2. The bottom line is the Texans now have a legit franchise QB. Denver could afford to let him go because Elway has a unique ability to evaluate QBs.

  3. McNair will always deserve credit for bringing the NFL back to Houston, however sadly he is clueless when it comes to what happens on the field.

    Osweiller has done nothing to demonstrate that he is nothing more than a quality back up. To call him a franchise QB at this point is ridiculous. Sure, McNair payed him like a “franchise” QB however that title needs to be earned on the field.

    I do like Bill O’Brien though. I am sure he will get that most out of Osweiller however I am not convinced the Texans are set at QB and I know they are not set at GM. Smith should have been replaced by now.

  4. tonebones says:
    May 12, 2016 7:54 AM
    The bottom line is the Texans now have a legit franchise QB. Denver could afford to let him go because Elway has a unique ability to evaluate QBs.
    lol, what!?

  5. Will Fuller will have a 35% drop rate and Braxton Miller will spend the year learning to run routes.

  6. The man said that they had a PLAN and it came together for them this OFFSEASON. Regardless of how much money (HIS money mind you) that they spent, they deserve the chance to see how it works out when the games start counting. Until then how does anyone know how things will work out?

  7. I thought it was a great offseason for the Texans. Although I am not sold on Lamar Miller at least they are trying to plug their holes. If O’Brien could get last season out of Hoyer I’m sure working with Osweiler will be easier.

  8. Yes… on PAPER in the OFFSEASON. Just ask the numerous Teams like the Bills, Eagles, Dolphins, Cowboys, etc. how this works out being the Off-Season SB Champs. The only good thing I can say with confidence is that in this weak Division any team can win it all at 8-8.

  9. If you call a plan “coming together” based upon the pre-supposed success of a QB that has yet to fully prove his worth (certainly at $18M/yr), then I guess he’s right.

  10. There are certainly new players at the positions we needed, but I’m not sure how good they are. the qb is a big question mark, as is Fuller. If Fuller can learn to catch (can’t believe I have to say that with our first round draft pick) and Brock doesn’t over throw everyone, we could be pretty good.

  11. I have a funny feeling the Texans will regret these moves (just as the former off-season Supe winners like Miami and others have regretted many of their moves)…Lamar Miller wanted out of Miami because he didn’t get 20 carries a game and knew the Texans would give him those carries…but to call him “bell-cow” is ridiculous since he’s NEVER been one in Miami! And Osweiler? He plays a few games on a team with a great defense and good OL (better than the one HOuston has) and gets paid like a franchise QB while Houston gets rid of the guy who took them to the playoffs last year…McNair, like so many other owners, needs to get a clue.

  12. McNair’s delusional if he thinks Oswieller is a “franchise QB” Good thing these owners inherited their fortunes cause they are too dumb to make it on their own.

  13. Osweiler may or may not prove to be a franchise QB, but credit to McNair for at least making the financial commitment to take the chance.

    Our franchise BEST QB to date was Matt Schaub. Let that soak in for a minute.

    The critics are “in the know” as much as those who say he’ll be a success. It’s unknown at this point.

    The NFL is very top heavy at the QB position. There’s a small number of elite, a handful of very good and you can throw a blanket over the other 20 or so. Fans of teams with one of those 20 QB’s should be careful in their glass houses.

  14. Wow! Thank you sweet Jesus that Elway failed to sign Osweiler. I thought he looked like a stork out there last season… not the most nimble of foot and his height just isn’t an advantage like Elways new 6’7″ protege is. Sure, we must endure a possible season with Mark Sanchez as our starter but who cares? In a season or two we could see Paxton Lynch become the next great hybrid duel threat qb to storm the league. As far as who will pan out, who won’t, who knows. Houston can have the Stork. Elway is a better GM then he was a QB, I wouldn’t want to play poker against Elway or in game of chance. He is lucky as he is shrewd. As some one who grew up watching Elway play, I think I’m enjoying watching him kick the leagues ass as a GM more then I did watching him kick the leagues ass as a player.

  15. All you football geniuses who know what will happen before the season…its a wonder Vegas even makes money. Texans have upgraded their team, so we will see.

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