As if they need another, Rams don’t want “Hard Knocks” to be a distraction

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Nothing about the Rams’ move to Los Angeles has been subtle, so the fact they seem eager to be on “Hard Knocks” isn’t much of a surprise.

So Rams coach Jeff Fisher said he’s done his due diligence, talked to other coaches about what the HBO reality show entails, before declaring it the opposite of a distraction.

We want this to be the best show to date,” Fisher said, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “We want to pave the way for the member clubs to line up for the opportunity to do this. . . . The players are familiar, they understand what’s ahead, we’ve talked to the coaches and they’re excited.”

Of course, he was quick to point out: “We want them to be football players, not actors.”

For the most part, their players seemed on board, though punter Johnny Hekker had a concern about the 24-7 presence of NFL Films cameras documenting their every move.

“I’ve got to make sure,” Hekker said, “that my grandmother doesn’t have to hear me bleeped out.”

The Rams offer plenty of material, with their move to California and bold move to take a quarterback first overall in the draft coupled with an itinerant existence the next few months, bouncing from place to place to train and have camps. But they take solace in the fact that the last six teams to do the show have equaled or bettered their record from the year before, with four of them making the playoffs.

So that means Fisher’s traditional seven or eight wins (which he’s managed in 10 of his 21 NFL seasons) are still in play here.

12 responses to “As if they need another, Rams don’t want “Hard Knocks” to be a distraction

  1. So… then they drafted Sam so they could just not do Hardknocks in St Louie?

    know-it-all pundits please explain.

  2. The team who drafted an openly-gay player as a publicity stunt wants to be on hard-knocks…. NO WAY. They are going to share the basement with the Santa Clara team.

  3. “The problem is NOT the quarterback position.” Of course, VY10 and CJ2K then go 8-2, after Kerry Collins’ 0-6 start lol Fisher is such a weasel and should only be working as a Defensive Coordinator, at this point in his career LOL

  4. I find the stat that the last six teams have done better than the previous year to be very interesting. I admit that I would have guessed the opposite. If you think about it, I suppose the fact that every practice and drill is potentially going to be on national television could be motivating factor for players to work even harder than they otherwise would. That’s really the only thing I can think of.

  5. “We want this to be the best show to date,”

    Will be tough to top Siragusa locking the TEs in the trailer or Rex’s GD snack. Maybe another pre-season brawl with the Cowboys?

  6. No way Hard Knocks will the Rams will ever beat Hard Knocks with Rex Ryan’s Jets. That bar is set so high, it’s going to be very tough to beat.

  7. “We want this to be the best show to date,” Fisher said.” He then declared an 8-8 regular season would be “really cool”.

  8. Show is the correct term when describing the Rams. One big show. Has all the ingredients for a big show. Drama , dysfunctional characters , drugs ,lies , a rich old man ( Mr. Burns ) , a yes man like Smithers , a GM who thinks he is a movie star , a HC who is stuck in the late 70s and all based in la la land. Should be good TV and great PR for a team that has been gone for 20 years and moving to a market with 20 million people. LA must not miss football that much if they have to get on the show to promote the team moving back.

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