Dorsey: Tyreek Hill is not guaranteed a roster spot

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Friday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio included a visit from Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey. The conversation eventually addressed the team’s decision to draft kick returner Tyreek Hill in round five, despite an ugly incident of domestic violence at Oklahoma State involving a then-pregnant girlfriend.

Asked whether Hill is on a zero-tolerance plan in Kansas City, Dorsey made it clear that the expectations extend far beyond Hill staying out of trouble.

“What he has to do is he has to continue to receive counseling,” Dorsey said. “He has to continue to be in our program, and that’s what it would do. By no chance is he guaranteed a spot on this roster.”

Hill presumably has plenty of talent; otherwise, the Chiefs wouldn’t have put in the time and effort to vet Hill and they definitely wouldn’t have exposed themselves to the P.R. consequences. If he doesn’t translate that talent into performance at the next level, he won’t last long.

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4 responses to “Dorsey: Tyreek Hill is not guaranteed a roster spot

  1. Dorsey is an embarrassment to the Chiefs organization and Kansas City as a community. If I hear or read the word “vet” one more time, someone is going to get it!

  2. I think it is possible to employ someone without endorsing the actions they take outside of their duties as an employee. Too much social engineering in the NFL right now, let law enforcement enforce the law and the Courts mete out punishment.

  3. This sounds EXACTLY like what Pettine said about Manziel in Cleveland. I hate when these teams put on this front about not tolerating any BS and act tough, when its all lies. In a draft as keep as this year, there’s no way KC would’ve used a 5th rounder on Hill unless they were prepared to use him. The Browns talked tough about Manziel from Day one and they NEVER backed it up, enabled everything he did and gave him 100% freedom to do whatever he wanted.

    I’m not saying Tyreek is a risk, but John Dorsey spare me your tough talk on how you’ll drop him in a heartbeat. You won’t, and you know you won’t, so stop acting like you are the hero for victims of domestic abuse by your phony threats.

    all that being said from what i know the Hill incident was isolated and there’s no reason to think anything’s going to happen between now and Sept.

  4. Ya jodave5 –

    You’ll be a bandwagon fan when he turns your mediocre team into a real contender.


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