There’s no shortage of classic games folks want to see

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So as part of Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, we asked a simple question based on the news that the NFL will be making classic games available via YouTube: Which one would you watch, start to finish?

The answers made it clear that there are plenty of great games fans would like to see. So with each team having three of its most memorable games posted to YouTube before the start of the 2016 season, here are some to consider, based on fan responses to a PFT question on Twitter.

The game that came up most often was the 1981 playoff epic between the Chargers and Dolphins, which San Diego won in overtime, 41-38.

Then there’s the Oilers-Bills game-for-the-ages from the 1992 postseason, which Buffalo won in overtime — by the same score of 41-38.

Or how about the playoff game from seven years later between the same two franchises (one had moved to Tennessee), with the Oilers-turned-Titans winning 22-16 thanks to Frank Wycheck’s lateral (or not) to Kevin Dyson?

Or maybe “The Catch” (from the same playoff season as the Chargers-Dolphins game) or “The Sea of Hands” or “The Immaculate Reception” or “The Tuck Rule” or any of the various non-boring Super Bowls from years gone by.

Fans of every team will have their favorites (or otherwise, since the losses are sometimes even more memorable). Feel free to list some that you’d like to see in the comments.

58 responses to “There’s no shortage of classic games folks want to see

  1. Full-length version of Colts-Pats from 1978 MNF with Joe Washington’s big night in the rain.

    I’d also like to see Pats-Broncos snowstorm from 1979, which was a Broncos rout.

  2. the Snow Bowl…December 1, 1985,

    Tampa Bay vs Green Bay

    tampa rockin all white in the one of the worst blizzards ever!! and Steve Young getting crushed!!

  3. I never tire of watching SB 49 and seeing Richard Sherman cry at the end….. I could watch the clip in a loop over and over again….

  4. 49ers/Cowboys “The Catch” would be high on my list…Vin Scully!

    Ravens/Broncos 2OT Divisional Round ’12 was classic. Game was tied after all 5 quarters.

    The famous Jet/Colts game from the 70s when Namath and Unitas went off.

  5. 1. Double-overtime, Christmas, 1971, 24-21 Dolphins over Chiefs
    2. Super Bowls III, V, VII
    3. Early NFL Championships
    4. Hook & Lateral (mentioned above)
    5. The Catch (mentioned above)
    6. Wycheck game (mentioned above)
    7. Bills blow the FG Super Bowl (can’t remember the number)
    8. Snow Plow game (drove Shula crazy)
    9. Marino’s fake spike game in 1994
    10. Leon Lett thanksgiving give away to Dolphins, 1993 vs. Dallas
    11. Raiders revenge on Steelers “Immaculate Reception” win in 1973
    12. the Colts-Pats playoff game where BB calls go for it on 4th and 2 and they miss it (2006 I think)

    That’s all I can come up with right now…

  6. For me even though the Dolphins lost these two games I would like to see the Playoff game against the Chargers (The epic in Miami) and Dan Marino’s only Super Bowl Appearance! I would love to see that game again!

  7. 1994 NFC Championship game SF 38 Dal 35: 49ers finally get by Cowboys

    2000 Monday Night Football TB 38 Stl 35: The final drive by the Bucs were Warrick Dunn scooped the ball to Shaun King, who ran for a crucial first down.

    2005 TB 36 Wash 35: Bucs score the apparent tying TD late in the game, but Jon Gruden decides to go for two for the win.

  8. 49ers vs saints in the playoffs a few years back with that wild ending where there were like 3 lead changes within 10 minutes capped with the Venron Post play to win the game.

  9. Giants Vs. SF 49ers NFC title Game from 1991 (The end of Montana) “The word from the sideline is everything hurts”

  10. 1) Packers-Colts Tom Matte playoff game
    2) Jets-Colts Unitas-Namath shootout game w Rich Caster (reg season)
    3) Izzo’s Snow Angel/Tuck Rule
    4) Colts-Pats game in Indianapolis with McGuiness play at goal (38-35 Pats – I think)
    5) Pats Ravens AC championship game

  11. Ugliest game I’ve ever seen but also the most absurd/thrilling finish was the Packers at Seahawks in the the playoffs a couple years back.

    Also loved the game when the Saints beat the Vikings to advance to the Superbowl.

    Final game of the Patriots Imperfect Season, though I hate the Giants and was rooting for the Pats.

    Really, any rivalry-era game, like 49ers-Cowboys in the mid-90s, stuff like that from any era. If the 49ers play the Cowboys these days, I’d rather spend that time talking to elderly people about what stuff used to cost.

  12. Rams-Saints 2000. Saints almost blow 31-7 fourth-quarter lead and probably would have had Hakim not dropped a punt return in the final two minutes. First Saints playoff win.

  13. 700levelvet says:
    May 13, 2016 11:01 AM

    The…”Body bag” game…hands down

    January 5th 1991 playoff game between Washington and Philadelphia; 20-6 and the last game as head coach of the Eagles for Buddy Ryan.

  14. Both games the by GOD patsies the darlings of the NFL got their ass handed to them by the Broncos & the last game of 2016 season the Fins put it to cheater Brady & made them lose home field advantage is fine with me!!!

  15. game where Belichick went for it on 4th & 2 against Peyton
    2006 AFC Championship Game
    Super Bowl XLII
    Super Bowl XLVI

    maybe you’ll sense a pattern here…

  16. 2007 NFCCG, Ice Bowl II Giants @ GB
    Super Bowl XXV: The heck with ‘Wide Right’, people forget that was a 47 yd attempt outdoors. That was a phenomenal defensive game against what was up to that time the best offense the league had ever seen.
    1986 NFCCG, The Wind Bowl, Skins @ Giants. Smash mouth shutout in a wind storm.

    Offense may get you there but defense wins championships

  17. Browns vs Bengals. I don’t know what year, but the score was like 59-52. Or something crazy. I believe it was a Derek Anderson/Carson Palmer showdown..

  18. Seahawks Packers have had quite a few, they have replaced Cowboys 49ers of the 90s. I still can’t imagine dealing with that NFC championship game from 2 years ago. They had game in hand, Kearse was serving ints of his hands right and left, Mathews thought he beheaded and knocked Wilson out of the game……then somehow Marshawn started beating the war drum and it got louder and louder…..

  19. 1986 Jets @ Browns divisional playoff game double OT. Down by 10 with two minutes to go, they tie it and send it to OT, where Mark Mosely misses a chip shot for the Browns in the first OT, but the Browns eventually win it. Kosar 489 yards passing at age 22. Our future seemed so limitless…….

  20. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    When the REX RYAN lead Jets went into new cheatland and slapped the cheaters in the mouth in the divisional round.

    When you have to hang your hat on a win your coach got with his division rival LAST team things are pretty bad. Boy it’s got to be tough being a Bill’s fan. Or a Miami fan or a Jests fan…

  21. The “Immaculate Reception”. Hands down. I think too many posters are too young to have originally seen it live.

  22. iamkillerfin says:
    May 13, 2016 12:01 PM
    Both games the by GOD patsies the darlings of the NFL got their ass handed to them by the Broncos & the last game of 2016 season the Fins put it to cheater Brady & made them lose home field advantage is fine with me!!!


    Oh yeah, that’s some real “classic” viewing there. The Dolphins really are a sad state of affairs, but if your thinking the last game of last season was truly a “classic” (which this article is about, then go with it)! We’re always happy to have new fans to the game of football!

  23. How about the “Heidi Game”? The Raiders score two touchdowns in nine seconds to beat the Jets. Never seen before but maybe NFL Films has the ending on film stored in a warehouse somewhere.

  24. How about some games featuring Mother Nature

    The Freezer Bowl (Chargers-Bengals) in Cincinnati. I was a freshman in college in Cincinnati and I remember that day. It was so cold and we were all laughing thinking they were actually going to play a football game in that weather. Some of the Bengals linemen came out sleeveless. Dan Fouts didn’t look very happy.

    The Fog Bowl at Soldier Field (Bears-Eagles?)
    The Ice Bowl (Packers-Dallas)

  25. How about starting with the classic playoff matchups of the 1970s? In the NFC, the Cowboys, Vikings and Rams met each other numerous times during that decade, producing some absolute classics. In the AFC during that same decade, there are numerous classic games between the Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders that are worth seeing full game broadcasts.

    My top choices:

    1. ’73 NFC Championship (Vikings at Cowboys; 27-10)
    2. ’74 NFC Championship (Rams at Vikings; 10-14)
    3. ’72 AFC Championship (Dolphins at Steelers; 21-17)
    4. ’72 NFC Divisional Playoffs (Cowboys at 49ers; 30-28)
    5. ’76 NFC Championship (Rams at Vikings; 13-24)
    6. ’72 AFC Divisional Playoffs (Raiders at Steelers; 7-13)
    7. ’77 NFC Divisional Playoffs (Vikings at Rams; 14-7)
    8. ’73 AFC Championship (Raiders at Dolphins; 27-10)
    9. ’74 AFC Divisional Playoffs (Dolphins at Raiders; 26-28)
    10. ’75 AFC Championship (Raiders at Steelers; 10-16)

    Airing these games, and many more like them, would make turn me into a much more frequent viewer of NFL Network.

  26. I would love to see a replay of the first game I ever went to in November 1974, since I was six and do not remember it. My dad brought my brother and I to our first Bills game. The Bills beat the Pats and OJ had a big game. Great times with my late father.

  27. I have the 3 Steelers-Raiders championship games cued up in my account. That’s assuming the league doesn’t take them down after seeing this post.

  28. Any Butkus & Sayers era Bears game.

    My first choice would be the game vs. Detroit at Wrigley Field (1971 I think) when Butkus used the Bear’s remaining timeouts as the game was ending and the Bears were losing just so he could hit the Lion’s center a couple of more times before the final whistle.

    Gale Sayers 7 TD game vs the 49ers on December 12, 1965 would also be great to see.

  29. Some games featuring incredible efforts by RBs.

    Any of half a dozen games of the Bills in 1973. OJ rushed for over 200 yards in six games that year and finished the season with 2003 (in 14 games). I know he’s a pariah now but he had some monster games that year–including both games against NE where he went for 250 (8.6 ypc) and 219 (10.0). There were some really bad weather in some of those games too. The Bills played at Rich Stadium (astroturf) and the snow didn’t seem to bother him. It was a sight to see

    Walter Payton, Thanksgiving Day game against the Vikings where he rushed for 273 yards. The Bears weren’t that good and he was all they had but the Vikings still couldn’t stop him.

    Earl Campbell in 1978 when the Oilers played the Dolphins on MNF. The Dolphins were a much better team but Earl Campbell ran all over them including a monumental 81-yard TD run. I feel sorry for people who didn’t get to watch that game as it happened. Unreal.

    Any of Barry Sanders monster games. That guy was like watching Michael Jordan–you had to watch him because you just never knew what insane move he was going to make.

  30. Saints Super Bowl
    Conference championship vs Vikings
    Divisional game vs 49ers (Vernon game winning catch)
    Wildcard vs Seahawks (beast mode run)
    Week 1 vs Carolina 2005 (first game after Katrina)
    First game back at the dome vs Falcons #neverpunt
    First playoff win vs Rams

  31. I waana see the Patriots-Seahawks Superbowl again. Not the whole thing, just the 5 second shot of Dick Sherman’s expression after the interception.

  32. Any down-to-the-wire playoff games from any era, really.

    As far as regular season games, a few memorable MNF games stick out:
    Giants vs 49ers 1990
    Dolphins vs Jets 2000
    Vikings vs Packers 2000
    Colts vs Bucs 2003

    Also, any games where a single-game NFL record was broken, like Derrick Thomas’ 7 sacks vs Seattle or Adrian Peterson’s 296 rushing yards vs San Diego (a bonus NFL record in that game was Antonio Cromartie’s 109-yd missed fg return at the end of the first half).

  33. I would have thought vikings1234 would like to see Gary Anderson miss the field goal at the end of the 1998 NFC CG…or Blair Walsh miss the field goal at the end of the 2015 Wild Card.

    Every team has games they lost…we can do this all day.

  34. Minnesota at New England, 1994. Bledsoe goes 45 of 70 and the Pats come back to win after being down 20-0.

  35. Couple of regular season games from about 40 years ago:

    1. the Earl Campbell MNF game. If you are ever tempted to call a player “unstoppable” you need to replay that game to re-calibrate your definition. Possibly the most dominant RB performance in history. Campbell single-handedly inflicted a physical beat-down on the entire Miami defense.

    2. Can’t remember the exact year, but there was a Niners/Chargers game where both Montana and Fouts were on fire. Neither team could stop the other. In the second half, one of the teams had to kick a field goal instead of scoring a TD, and that was the difference.

  36. QCsteel55 says:
    May 13, 2016 12:18 PM
    Browns vs Bengals. I don’t know what year, but the score was like 59-52. Or something crazy. I believe it was a Derek Anderson/Carson Palmer showdown..

    2nd game of 2006-2007 season after charlie frye traded. browns won 51-45. now there was a game a few years prior in cincinnati, 58-48…

  37. First I would just like to note that any games that they’d show would benefit the viewers most if they came with a couple of minutes of introduction before the game footage was seen. Having some context for the teams, the coaches, the players, the season, etc. would make watching older games a lot more compelling.

    Anyhow… Here are some suggestions:

    Some of Roger Staubach’s great games, especially ones where he was in a sort of quarterback platoon.

    Some Barry Sander’s great games.

    Season and playoff games between the Giants, Bears, & 49ers from the mid-to-late-eighties & early nineties.

    Fran Tarkenton scrambling his way through some of the great passing games that left him with the league lead in all-time yardage before he retired.

    Defensive gems. Give me some great games from The Fearsome Foursome, the glory days Steelers, the Orange Crush (up to and including the Mecklenburg years), the Cowboys’ days of Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Randy White, the Raiders under Madden, the Giants under Parcells, the Bears under Ditka, etc.

    Show me games where there were multiple future Hall of Famers on the field and a couple or all of them had good games.

    Show me games where the lead changed the most, especially if there were a number of turnovers.

    Show me the first big breakout performances for future all-pros.

    Give me games that were both played in significantly challenging conditions (snow, rain, mud, heat, etc.), where you can see the difficulties those circumstances presented, yet where a really great game ensued from the efforts of both teams to succeed amid the most trying of circumstances.

    Show me games where Hall of Fame players set personal best marks (tackles, yards, interceptions, etc.).

    Show me games where players exerted extraordinary effort to take part, and may have even shone brightly, despite encountering great difficulties (Jack Youngblood playing with a broken leg comes to mind first, Ronnie Lott after he lost a finger, people putting up mind-blowing numbers while fighting a fever and other such situations).

    Show me great upsets where lowly regarded teams at the time beat league-leading juggernauts, proving that the “any given Sunday” concept had to be respected.

    Show me 4th quarter or last-minute victories. Games that are undecided until the very end tend to be gripping performances!

    These all would be good places to start!

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