NFL goes online to find new security chief

Getty Images

When former NFL V.P. of security Jeff Miller announced his resignation last month, the NFL said his replacement had not yet been determined. Miller’s replacement still has not been determined.

As it turns out, the NFL has launched a widespread search for Miller’s replacement. A loyal PFT reader has passed along a link to the posting for the position of Senior Vice President, Security, National Football League, New York, NY.

“The Head of Security for the National Football League is charged with supervising all operations and activities of the NFL Security Department,” the posting states. “The position requires constant high-level coordination with the Committee on Stadium Security and Fan Conduct and other league committees as needed, Commissioner’s office, executive staff, club ownership and personnel. In addition to internal coordination, the Head of Security must work effectively with International, federal, state, and local law entities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement to ensure the security of the NFL’s venues, fans, players, staff and infrastructure. This executive will also be the primary supervisor of investigative programs, as well as oversee event security (including the Super Bowl and international games), game integrity programs, and department administration. He/she will take the lead in assessing security issues within the League and assigning and/or identifying the correct resources as they arise.”

On one hand, it’s somewhat refreshing that the NFL isn’t simply rely on the good-old-boys network to fill the job, with factors other than finding the best candidate influencing the decision. On the other hand, this doesn’t seem like the kind of job that would be conducive to the posting of an ad in the online classifieds. It’s a significant and important job, with a specific range of high-end skills most people wading the web for work won’t possess.

Put simply, the universe of qualified candidates for a job like this is fairly small and definable. With Big Shield casting such a wide net, it’s hard not to wonder whether the more traditional approach to filling a job like this already has turned up bupkis.