Larry Fitzgerald keeps promise to his mother, earns college degree

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It was a promise 13 years in the making, but a promise is a promise.

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald kept his word to his late mother, and earned his college degree, graduating in communications with a minor in marketing from the University of Phoenix.

The 32-year-old wideout initially gave his word to his mother when he was enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, before she died in 2002 from breast cancer.

“I feel blessed to have had her for 19 years, and she was around long enough to shape me into the man I am today,” Fitzgerald told Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic. “But I’m sad at the fact that she busted her ass for so many years so I could live my dream, and she never saw the things I could’ve given her. That hurts.

“But I know when I’m out doing things in the community, she would be proud, because who I am now is a result of lessons she taught me when I had her.”

Fitzgerald was already on track to be an incredible football player, but has grown into the kind of person she’d have been proud of, and finishing up his schoolwork is only part of that effort.

22 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald keeps promise to his mother, earns college degree

  1. Oh my god Larry how did you do it? According to a lot of people here once you leave school early for pro sports you can’t go back to college! I was told to get your education first because if you don’t make it as a pro player what do you have? My response is always get a loan and finish up your remaining 1 or 2 years like anyone else.

    But they don’t want to hear it. They would prefer kids risk a major injury in college that could cost them millions to obtain a degree that they can obtain at literally any point in their adult life. Put in danger a career worth at very least $650,000 per year for 1 or 2 years of college. Well congrats Larry. Glad you were able to do both.

  2. Utmost respect for Larry Fitzgerald. A great football player, but an even better person. Obviously his mother did an amazing job in raising him and I’m sure she would be proud. God bless and congratulations Larry!

  3. HOF on field

    HOF off field

    This is one of the guys that fans of every team can like.

    Proud to have him as a Cardinal

  4. A great role model for everyone, not just other athletes. I can’t think of an NFLer that I have ever admired more.

  5. I’m a Packer fan who has watched him torch us twice in the playoffs (both incredible games), but I couldn’t respect him more.
    Good on you, Larry!

  6. Not a Cardinal fan, but definitely a Larry Fitzgerald fan.

    Congratulations to him on his persistence and commitment, I’m sure his mom is very proud.

  7. A truly great person. Every single time I hear or see his name, I like him and/or respect him more!

  8. In the end we are all Momma’s boys fellas … Not a damn thing wrong with that…

  9. I respect that he went back to school, but it would have more impact if it had been a local Community College or any real School. The University of Phoenix, is a paper factory and anyone that thinks this degree holds any value over any other college is a fool or never talked directly to a someone in an HR Department. Also, it is quite coincidental that they are the Cardinals major sponsor. There are no shortcuts in life, not all, but most online schools are nonsense and nothing but profit centers delivering false hopes to the gullible.

  10. Doesn’t matter who your favorite team is, impossible not to like Fitz, the NFL needs many more like him. His mother is smilin’ down on him!

  11. I’m not a Cardinals fan especially with Carlson Palmer, but I think that Larry is a class act. He try’s to keep a low profile, but keeps putting up great catches after great catches. I would have no doubt that he would fulfill his promise to his mother to get his degree as she is most likely smiling while watching him play from above. I know she would be proud of him if she was still here. Congratulations Larry.

  12. Fits has always been a class guy but I’m not impressed with a degree from a near bogus university. I guess when a network hires him post retirement they can claim it isn’t some jock hire since he has a “degree” in communications. some folks might even be fooled.

  13. This site has the most trolls of any national football site so it’s nice to see Fitz getting the respect he deserves from all the fans. Class act

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