Mike Mularkey wants to see more from Titans receivers

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The talk about the Titans offense this offseason has been about getting tougher and stronger so that they can implement what head coach Mike Mularkey refers to as an “exotic smashmouth” offense.

That’s meant significant additions at running back and along the offensive line, but Mularkey also wants to see better output from the team’s receivers. No wideout had more than 36 catches last season and the team needs more support for quarterback Marcus Mariota when he puts the ball in the air.

Offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie has coached wide receivers in the NFL for a long time and Mularkey also has wide receivers coach Bob Bratkowski and assistant wide receivers coach Jason Tucker on the staff to work on a better effort.

“They all know they’re going to be coached harder than any position there is,” Mularkey said, via the Tennessean. “First of all, because it needs to improve. There’s no question about that. If there’s a position on this team that could be better, it’s that one. We’re going to be in their ear. We’re not going to accept anything that’s not the best from them. If they don’t show that, we’re going to find someone that understands that.”

The Titans signed Rishard Matthews as a free agent and drafted Tajae Sharpe in the fifth round to go with Kendall Wright, Harry Douglas, Justin Hunter and Dorial Green-Beckham from last year’s roster. Wright, Hunter and Green-Beckham were all drafted in the first two rounds since 2012, but Mularkey’s clear that the team needs more return on those investments.

11 responses to “Mike Mularkey wants to see more from Titans receivers

  1. Mularkey has not been impressive in any of his stints as a coach. Impossible to see how this ends well for the team given how mediocre he and his schemes have been historically.

  2. I think all 3 of these coaches were with Brad Childress when he unleashed the KAO on the NFL and we all know how that went, sorry Titans fans but these coaches are clowns, can’t believe Mularky was even considered for HC get yer popcorn

  3. I don’t have to give a long rant on how long I’ve been a Titans fan so that my comment can be taken seriously….now, me admitting publicly that I am indeed a fan of this franchise should lend a certain amount of credibility.

    That being said, our front office has done their job it’s time for the coaching staff to do theirs. Contrary to popular belief Mularkey is a great coach, his situations weren’t ideal for any coach and it’s very obvious he has support from everyone in the office. Besides, think about it, John Robinson would have ended this before it started if he didn’t believe he could do the job. Robinson reached out to everyone he knew to make sure Mularkey was the guy and how important it was to give him a fair chance with a clean slate.

    We have some dangerous players at key positions and our coaching staff has been set up for success on the field. We need more depth at a couple positions but I know the roster well enough say that we will be competitive in the Division this year with some good coaching and a good scheme. This is the year we are going to actually have a hopeful season to win more than 4 games!!!

  4. Given his head coaching record, I would like to see more from Mike Mularkey.

  5. No wide receiver got cut or benched last year and yet they were atrocious. This is just tough talk and no action. Watch the Mularkey train derail. deja vue. In the backdrop of the poor performances even the back up receivers were not given the receptions; Just a lot of drops, running wrong routes, falling with no one tackling, inability to get free, lack of effort and must be bad coaching and no consequences.

    Watch Mularkey waste another draft!!

  6. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the titans were a few plays on offense and defense from having eight wins or better last season. But this season you better get your popcorn ready for the best blue show on earth

  7. Besides, think about it, John Robinson would have ended this before it started if he didn’t believe he could do the job.


    I actually disagree with this. Jon Robinson interviewed for this job knowing that AAS wanted to keep her buddy Mularkey. I am 100% sure that this would not have been his first choice. But he goes into the interview & says, “He would not be my first choice but I will give it a shot with him.” If Mularkey fails, he can say hey, wasn’t my choice & he survives it. Most GMs don’t survive after the first coach. If he succeeds, well great. Essentially Robinson is in a no-lose situation with this coach. Not saying he didn’t call around & maybe he did change his opinion. But he would’ve taken this job either way. Not to mention this is his dream job being from TN.

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