Panthers won’t add a veteran cornerback, for now

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The Panthers lost cornerback Josh Norman after removing the franchise tag and seeing him sign with Washington. The Panthers have replaced him, so far, with three draft picks. That’s the extent of the plan, at least for now.

Coach Ron Rivera said Saturday that the Panthers currently don’t plan to add a veteran at the position.

“I guess if we did do something it would be later on. But right now we’re set,” Rivera said Saturday, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “We’re very happy with what we’ve seen the last two practices with the young guys.”

Although the trio of rookies has done well so far at rookie minicamp, they can’t really compete until training camp comes.

“The big part of the technique you get from corners is being able to jam, and you can’t do that during OTAs and minicamp,” Rivera said. “So what we’ll be looking for really is the skill sets.”

That could be the point at which the Panthers consider any available veterans — if any quality veterans are available then. For now, the top candidates are Antonio Freeman and Leon Hall. Others could become available via trade or free agency, based on future developments in other minicamps, OTAs, and/or training camps.

11 responses to “Panthers won’t add a veteran cornerback, for now

  1. The Panthers are replacing 3 DB’s not just Norman. so your premise that they drafted 3 CB’s to replace Norman is wrong.
    Finnegan, Norman, and Tillman are gone. McClain, a former 7th round pick was recruited from his couch to play in the SB.
    Benewikere is coming off a broken leg. Norman gets all the headlines but it wasn’t just about Norman.
    Dave Gettleman is among the best in the business at what he does. I’m amazed at how often he is second guessed by people who have never been part of the game.

  2. That Brandon Boykin signing looks better all the time. Norman might be a better cornerback than Boykin, but he’s also scheduled to make about 15 times as much as Boykin will. He ain’t THAT much better.

  3. Gettleman’s philosophy is always to start inside with the hogmollies. Give the linebackers room to operate and the secondary will be successful because of that. And speaking of the linebackers, Kuechly and Davis are smart and fast enough to make plays in the secondary as well.

  4. They need someone who will fall on a fumble during crunch time of a big game.

  5. The Panthers ownership realizes that their window slammed shut when their franchise QB fleed attempting to retrieve his own fumble in the biggest game of the team’s existence. Why spend a lot of money on a CB when they need to find a new QB….

  6. @nhpats….you do know that Cam Newton is the reigning NFL MVP right….. If you don’t have haters .. Your doing something WRONG!

  7. As someone who isn’t a Panthers fan, I was very disappointed they didn’t do something stupid and sign Norman, not a young guy, to a long-term and big-money contract. Not signing him was an excellent move. Disappointing they didn’t make him their salary cap anchor like the Jets did with Revis.

  8. Hated to see Norman go but he was beginning to become a deva and that not what the Panthers needed. The little squabble with OBJ was a major distraction in which neither player improved the public’s perception of themselves. Hope he can learn from this experience.

  9. I think we will eventually be better off with the rookies. Bradberry has a lot of potential. And what do I like most about Worley and Sanchez? They were defensive backs in the Big 12 and are not addicted to Prozac, Lexapro or Paxil. If you can survive 3-4 years in a conference where every team averages 700 yards and 50 points a game as a DB and don’t need antidepressants, you’re a stud in my book.

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