Patriots rookie Ted Karras embracing his inner Mongo

Ted Karras only pawn, in game of football.

Particularly since he plays for the Patriots, and specifically because he’s the great-nephew of former Lions star and actor Alex Karras.

The Patriots sixth-rounder laughed and said it wasn’t his great-uncle’s television role as the adoptive father of an adorable child in “Webster” that he remembered best.

“You know, I wasn’t a huge ‘Webster’ guy,” Karras said, via Mike Reiss of “I’m more of a ‘Blazing Saddles’ kind of guy. Or ‘Porky’s.'”

This immediately makes him one of our favorite rookies of the season, since there can be no argument that “Blazing Saddles” is the greatest American movie of all time (and I will drop a man like Rougned Odor who disagrees). Having an uncle who was “Mongo,” the horse-punching, steer-riding muscle of Hedley Lamarr only serves to make the young Karras an immediate cult favorite.

Of course, his uncle also had a long career with the Lions, and his grandfather and father also played in the league. And the Patriots seem encouraged with his prospects as well.

“I really like [him]. He’s a unique kid in a lot of ways,” veteran line coach Dante Scarnecchia said. “Unbelievable work ethic, really a good person, [and] very, very tough. Not as athletic as some, but he’s smart and always going to be in the right position. He can play center and guard, and we’re looking for him to help in any way he can.”

And as long as he avoids any stray candygrams, his future there could be bright.