Sam Bradford: “I just felt like I needed some time”


Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford says he stayed away from the team for two weeks because he needed to collect his thoughts after the Eagles traded up to the No. 2 overall pick to select its quarterback of the future, Carson Wentz.

“I just felt like I needed some time. I could have stayed here, could have continued to work here, but I’m not sure my head really would have been here those two weeks,” Bradford said today, in his first public comments since the drama created by his attempt to orchestrate a trade.

Bradford says he realizes that the starting job isn’t promised to him in perpetuity, but he had hoped when he signed a two-year contract in March that he could be the starter for years to come. That no longer appears likely, as Wentz is expected to be the future of the franchise.

“There’s no promises in this business,” Bradford said. “It wasn’t a long-term deal. It was a two-year deal. I was well aware of that. We talked about that. My goal was to play well for the next two years and create that stability that I talked about for pretty much my whole career. Philadelphia is the place I wanted to be. I wanted to play well for the next two years, create that stability, and then sign a longer-term deal and stay here for the rest of my career.”

Bradford is the Eagles’ starting quarterback right now, but he knows Wentz is likely to supplant him at some point.

“I’m not completely naive,” Bradford said. “If the organization made a move to No. 2, you realize that at some point, it’s not going to be my team.”

Bradford said he still believes Philadelphia is the best place for him. He appears to have come to that conclusion only because his attempt to get himself traded didn’t work. That makes Philadelphia the only place for him.

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  1. Poor little Sammy Bradford needed time in his safe space. I guess all those millions of dollars coaxed him out to play with the football again. His life is so rough.

  2. The guy is not only a human chandelier…he obviously isn’t very mentally tough. But he is very very wealthy. So there is that.

  3. Fair enough, he’s human, most people don’t respond correctly when they’re upset…..once he calmed down with the realization that no one else in the league would think about paying him 20 million over two yrs, guaranteed, let alone give up draft picks to do it, he came to his senses…..

  4. Bustford is a weak minded person. This pretty much means after every rep, throw, people raving about Wentz in practice he will be jealous. He sounds more like Fred0 Corleone. I wouldn’t want him as my leader.

  5. What a crybaby, you signed a 2 year deal, front office told you there would be a QB drafted before that, and then when they go to #2 to get their man. you just ignore your team for 2 weeks.

    I personally believed that Sam Bradford this year and possibly next year would be given a great chance to earn himself a long term contract elsewhere, if he delivered.

    Much like a certain Charger who ended up in New Orleans due to a certain kid being drafted at #4. – Sam should just have piped down, taken the opportunity and ran with it.

  6. Bradford’s a lot better than a lot of you know nothings think. He will find his way. I am sure. Still younger than Warner when he got his first shot. Just a snake bitten career so far.

  7. He is the one who turned down a 4 year contract last year because he wanted to be the highest paid QB in the league and now he’s moaning about wanting to be the Eagles QB for years to come.

    I am glad that he refused to sign the 4 year extension and i wish he hadn’t signed the 2 year extension. Bradford thought he was NFL royalty after being the last 1st overall pick to get the big contract and demanded to be treated as such.

  8. Awful, AWFUL attitude for your starting qb to have.

    Why don’t you play so well that wentz never sees the field? And act like you can. Needing time and demanding trade… window into your soul moments there. Sorry man, you lost me.

  9. If Bradford wins games the fan base will forget Wentz’s name. However, Sam knows the team lacks talent and has a coach of unknown capabilities installing a new system. Who can blame him?

  10. sammy sleeves will lead the team to the east title and a first round home playoff win , thus enabling the birds to trade him to cleveland and get their first round draft pick back . =)

  11. SAMantha. Grow a pair. You are nobody’s long term answer as you have been hurt too many times and missed too many games to be seriously considered an “answer”. Not to mention you’ve never won anything.
    Shut up.
    Man up.
    Rise up, and you just might get a little respect.
    Get over yourself.

  12. jvw1982 says:
    May 17, 2016 2:35 PM
    Fair enough, he’s human, most people don’t respond correctly when they’re upset…

    Yeah, that will no doubt be the prevailing attitude at The Linc, lmao. I can just see the understanding New Age Philly fans holding hands with him and singing Kumbaya followed by a nice group hug…

  13. Softer than mozzarella.

    Ironic thing is eagles and rams traded qbs. Fast forward, they both traded up this year to draft qbs.

  14. If he thinks anyone is buying that he’s crazy. Two weeks to think about what? If you know nothing is promised then its no surprise you will always have competition. Problem is he doesn’t have the constitution to deal with competition. Total freakin wuss.

  15. ……..The QB position is the LEADER of the team, yet Bradford demonstrates NONE of the traits to be a leader. That’s why we’ll ship him the SECOND a starting QB goes down in the NFL……

  16. Bradford OTA no-show. city freaks out.

    Cox and sproles OTA no-shows. Not a peep. Take as much time as you need guys.

    Strangest sports city in the world.

  17. Youknowimright says:
    May 17, 2016 3:25 PM
    Bradford OTA no-show. city freaks out.

    Cox and sproles OTA no-shows. Not a peep. Take as much time as you need guys.

    Strangest sports city in the world.

    Everyone gets why Coz is a no show. He’s looking for a new contract. It’s obviously completely different from Bradford’s situation. Come on, man.

  18. I cry for America when I think of my father and grandfather who were real men and how they handled their business.

    Bradford needs some time to work on his feelings while he counts all the ridiculous money that he has been given to not play very well.


  19. If Sam stays healthy longer than Romo he could get a trade to Dallas. He’d ditch the PA State income tax, have the next Adrian Peterson in the backfield, the league’s best O-Line, and superstars at tight end and wide receiver. The GM there might even have a competency edge on Howie.

  20. ” I needed to find myself”- as a girlfriend would say,when she wants to see other guys. Well, Sam I hope you found yourself.

  21. Bradford was tricked into signing a 22MM contract, that can actually pay considerably more. It’s not just 22 guaranteed.

    If he plays for the Eagles next year (or a team trades for him) his base is an additional 9MM (13 in total of which 4 is guaranteed) plus a 4MM roster bonus.

    Pay me 1MM and I’ll wear a diaper on parade.
    Pay me 1MM year for 2 years, and I’ll drink from a baby bottle too.

  22. The Eagle fans are the most brutal in the NFL so I can’t wait for the home game where Bradford throws 2 INT’s in a losing cause. This little hissy fit that Bradford pulled this spring will look calm compared to the epileptic rage of the Philly fan base.

  23. Not really. The guy is making 9 million. the big deal with Bradford was he was already making 18 million. What more does he need.

    Cox is already making 9 million and if he just shows up and plays he will get paid. What else does he need?

    And sproles is already making 5-6 million or something like that. So what else does he need right?

    Not really all that different. Read it slowly to understand what I wrote, but you know I am right. Come on, man.

  24. @Youknowimright says:
    May 17, 2016 3:25 PM

    Bradford OTA no-show. city freaks out.
    Cox and sproles OTA no-shows. Not a peep. Take as much time as you need guys.
    Strangest sports city in the world.
    You’re wrong on this one…start with the fact Sam walked out, which is a far cry from not showing up. Then add he demanded a trade. Where did you see that Cox and Sproles demanded trades?
    Lastly, dude just signed a 2 year deal, already received $11 million for signing his name and is about to get another $18 MM including remaining signing bonus. Meanwhile Cox is trying to get a new deal and doesn’t want to risk injury…and Sproles is old. Say what you will about Philly fans, but we don’t take kindly to whiny-ass players in any sport.

  25. Bradford made his bed now has to sleep in it. or, too bad Bradford can’t have a do-over. or, Bradford’s earlier statements and actions can only be reversed by Ws. or, Bradford should just cut his losses and shut up.

    jeez, given this guy’s lack of intestinal fortitude, I suspect he was hangin out with jonathan martin during his 2 wk hiatus.

  26. What a whiny little baby. If he came out and played lights out next season, he would probably be kept as the starter in 2017. If they didn’t keep him, somebody would sign him to be their starter. I doubt many coaches or GMs would want his defeatist mentality on their team now. I guess he knows or believes he can’t play better than Wentz.

  27. seatownballers says:May 17, 2016 3:00 PM

    Softer than mozzarella.

    Ironic thing is eagles and rams traded qbs. Fast forward, they both traded up this year to draft qbs.

    Lol. Guess that shows neither organization can evaluate the QB position very well.

  28. No doubt the guys in the room can hardly wait to follow this marshmallow to the ends of the earth. Every time he opens his pie hole, he makes things worse.

  29. “I just felt like I needed some time. ” translation: He finally realized no other team besides the Iggles are crazy enough to pay him that much money. His agent did him no favors.

  30. So his answer to the whole thing was a public pout. Not enough to take it as a sign/warning/omen to play up and put the stats in place to MAKE you the man in Philly. Instead just take the participation trophy for being there. His displayed leadership skill is just the trait I would want to lead a bunch of testosterone filled crazy guys onto the field.

  31. What a joke this guy has become. Your CHARACTER was tested. Guess how you scored? JUST AS WELL as you did playing football last year…

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