Chase Daniel again reminds us he doesn’t mind competing

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Poor Chase Daniel, nobody ever pays attention to him in Philadelphia. So he’s just going to keep reminding us how there he is.

The other Eagles quarterback — not the big-money free agent and not the No. 2 overall pick in the draft — keeps coming to work, doing his job teaching the offense and not making waves. That’s not the same as being quiet.

For the second time this offseason, there was a subtle note of “Hey, I’m over here,” in his statements.

While most of the focus yesterday was on Sam Bradford’s awkward return and his relationship with Carson Wentz, veteran stable-pony Daniel said everything’s just fine with him.

“There’s a reason they brought me here. It wasn’t necessarily to just sit on the bench and not push people for starting jobs,” Daniel said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “But I think there’s a fine line there. I’m a professional. I’ve been in about every situation you could possibly be in. . . . So I have a clear view of what’s expected of me and the funny thing is I expect even more out of myself.”

While Bradford reacted to the trade-up to get Wentz by demanding a trade, Daniel just kept showing up for work. Of course, if Bradford weren’t around, he’d be the starter while Wentz learns to play in the offense Daniel’s practically helping teach. So when asked about Bradford’s protest over the deal for Wentz, Daniel was matter-of-fact.

“Everybody handles their business a little differently,” Daniel said. “My thought process was, ‘Hey, it’s awesome. They’re bringing a guy in.’ That’s the story of my career. I’ve always had to fight for everything I’ve had. Not saying that Sam hasn’t . . . just for me it was a welcome competition.”

There’s a genuine chance that Daniel’s just being genuine, and didn’t mean to suggest that he was happy to compete while Bradford wasn’t. But he’s also the same guy who sent out the “happy to be here” message while Bradford was staging his brief walk-out.

Daniel also has a chance to earn an extra $15 million for himself if he wins the starting job and keeps it, so he has economic interests here too.

But at a time when Bradford knows fans are killing him in Philadelphia, Daniel has once again made it clear he’s there for all the right reasons, and he’s happy to do so.

17 responses to “Chase Daniel again reminds us he doesn’t mind competing

  1. Chase is a great guy and a real pro! We loved him here in NOLA as Drew’s number 2. Wishing him all the best this season.

  2. Chase looks happy to be playing football as a back up or a starter and for the amount he earns. Sam hasnt even shown as much talent in his career as RG3 gets injured more than Robert and demands to be paid like a top QB despite never even coming close to servicable QB play for more than 5 weeks.

  3. 2 MIZZOU QBs could be starting for NFL teams this year.

    While its likely they both remain number 2s and that they won’t win much if they get in, I am excited for the possibilities as I am a huge fan of Chase and hope for the best with Blaine.

  4. Why even bother to have a coaching staff if you can just have the backup QB teach the offense to the rookie and vets? Great plan, Philly.

  5. So everybody’s happy for competition in Philly, huh?

    Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t translate into improved performance and/or wins.

  6. This guy gets to be done working in life by the age of 34 because he was smart enough and good enough to compete in practice. They don’t even get hit in practice.

    He’ll be doing triathlons until he’s 65 and Joe Montana gets sleepless nights in his gold jacket.

    Being a back-up QB as a world class athlete should be frustrating but when it is all said and done it might be the best job in the history of sports. Lots of gain, minimum pain. There is lots of life after football…

  7. ^^^^ Lots of $$$$ spent on 3 QBs… doesn’t make sense…

    I’d rather be the punter… You wouldn’t have to study the playbook by the light of the juke box!!!

  8. Of course he’s happy. 12 mil guaranteed and he won’t be on the game day active roster. Well done Howie!

  9. Had Chase started for Alex Smith a couple of years ago, there would have been substantially more than ZERO TD’s to wide receivers.

    Wish he was still here, he’s very confident and capable. Philly, you’re going to love this guy!

  10. If he doesn’t win the starting job hands down, he’ll end up inheriting it when Mr. Brittle breaks. Not to worry, though – that offensive line in Philly is going to be running the broken shutter blocking scheme all season long. See you on the turf, Philly QB’s!

  11. Once you take a serious analysis of your talent level and check your ego, being a backup QB is probably the best job in the world. Of course you want to be the starter and play, but once reality sets in, holding a clipboard and getting paid a lot isn’t such a bad gig.

  12. Chase Daniels has always been a class act – he is a superior QB to the $100 million starter and will give him every chance to fail. Chase will start the season on game one – the Philthydelphia football team has nothing to lose going with Daniels except face for having overpaid for that former jerk Ram player.

  13. silentbenstrikesback says:
    May 18, 2016 1:00 PM

    Had Chase started for Alex Smith a couple of years ago, there would have been substantially more than ZERO TD’s to wide receivers


    But would there have been 18 tds?

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